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monday.com is an award-winning work and project management platform that helps teams of all sizes plan, prioritize, manage, and execute their work more effectively. The platform offers solutions for a wide range of use-cases such... Read more about monday.com

4.59 ( 3678 reviews )

46 recommendations


FrontRunners 2023

After 40 years of digital project tools, a true automation system is finally here. Sorry for the wait. Moovila automates mundane tasks, optimizes resource management, and monitors risk 24/7 so you can prioritize delivering value o... Read more about Moovila

4.64 ( 39 reviews )

24 recommendations


BigTime is an online time and billing solution designed to serve professional service firms like accounting, engineering, government contracting, legal and IT services. The integrated solution offers features like time and expense... Read more about BigTime

4.58 ( 601 reviews )

21 recommendations


Scoro is a cloud-based professional services solution for small to midsize companies in advertising, consulting, IT and other industries. The solution provides a control hub that displays pending tasks, account information, key pe... Read more about Scoro

4.59 ( 208 reviews )

17 recommendations


Workzone is a project management solution that offers document management, project collaboration, customizable reporting, resource and task management and time tracking. The software is cloud-based and offers automated emailed rep... Read more about Workzone

4.74 ( 187 reviews )

16 recommendations


Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in real-time. Smartsheet features include a range of project management to... Read more about Smartsheet

4.49 ( 2800 reviews )

11 recommendations

Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a collaborative work management solution that addresses the challenges of disconnected teams, siloed tools, and the relentless pace of enterprise work. Workfront includes capabilities to capture and plan, assign... Read more about Adobe Workfront

4.35 ( 1268 reviews )

9 recommendations


Workamajig is a cloud-based HTML5 project management solution designed for creative ad agencies and in-house advertising teams of all sizes. Key features include opportunity tracking, project management, time tracking, resource ma... Read more about Workamajig

3.74 ( 302 reviews )

6 recommendations


Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Here's why Quickbase i... Read more about Quickbase

4.45 ( 262 reviews )


Replicon's advanced timesheet functionality lets businesses track valuable information including check-ins/outs, task progress, and billable/non-billable hours. The invoice module allows users to build custom invoices, examine pay... Read more about Replicon

4.51 ( 443 reviews )

2 recommendations



FunctionFox is a cloud-based time tracking and project management application, offering timesheets and estimates, as well as scheduling, task assignment, and reporting. FunctionFox’s capabilities are suited for the billing a... Read more about FunctionFox

4.54 ( 182 reviews )


Coda is a comprehensive solution that combines documents, spreadsheets, and building tools into a single platform. With this tool, project managers can track OKRs while also brainstorming with their teams. Coda includes built-in t... Read more about Coda

4.64 ( 84 reviews )


Kintone is a cloud-based, customizable workflow management platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. The key features of the solution include compliance management, approval process control, forms management, event monitoring... Read more about kintone

4.68 ( 138 reviews )

1 recommendations


Trello is a visual collaboration tool for planning tasks and projects. While commonly used by agile software development teams, the solution is also used in other departments such as marketing, sales, support and HR. The web-based... Read more about Trello

4.50 ( 22704 reviews )


Basecamp is an efficient collaboration tool used by thousands of teams across the globe. Teams use Basecamp to keep track of assignments, work together on documents, plan projects, chat, and more. Basecamp is opinionated. It's b... Read more about Basecamp

4.34 ( 14100 reviews )


Jira Software is a business process management tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create project r... Read more about Jira

4.42 ( 13000 reviews )


Asana helps teams orchestrate their work at scale—from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana, teams are more confident, move faster, and accomplish more with less—no matter where they are located or how many different d... Read more about Asana

4.47 ( 11923 reviews )

Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams

Evernote is a web-based project management tool that offers project collaboration, scheduling and task management functionalities within a suite. This solution is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Evernote allows ... Read more about Evernote Teams

4.42 ( 7915 reviews )


Clinical research data, loan applications, blueprints, and videos: It’s all content. And it’s your organization’s most valuable asset, no matter your industry. Box gives you a a single, secure platform for managing the entire cont... Read more about Box

4.39 ( 5159 reviews )


ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolb... Read more about ClickUp

4.66 ( 3562 reviews )

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Microsoft To Do


Task management software is a type of project management software that allows users to manage, share and track project tasks. This guide will help prospective buyers in the market for a new task management solution understand this type of software and make a more informed purchase decision.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is Task Management Software? What Type of Buyer Are You? Common Functionality Key Benefits of Task Management Software Market Trends to Understand

What Is Task Management Software?

Task management software tends to have fewer features than standard project management platforms . That’s because it is intended to be used by entire teams, not just by managers or “power users.” The focus of task management tools is strictly execution-oriented, centered on organizing and managing tasks. Thus, these solutions tend to be limited when it comes to budgeting or cost-estimating capabilities.

Task management solutions are used by individuals or a groups to collaborate with each other and accomplish shared goals. Various aspects of a task, such as the status, timelines, priority, update notifications and resource allocation, are handled by the software. It automates tasks and enables team members to plan and schedule multiple tasks according to the set deadlines.

asana to-do list

To-do list in Asana

What Type of Buyer Are You?

While most task management systems can generally be used in a variety of different workplaces, some systems are better suited to particular industries. For example, a software firm will likely want task management software that is optimized for an agile development methodology , such as Trello , while a construction firm will likely need an industry-specific system that offers greater project management functionality.

Also, the size of your organization and team plays an important role when selecting the right task management solution. Here are the few features you should consider depending on your buyer type:

Freelancer: These individuals use a task management solution to boost their productivity and ensure that deadlines are not missed. Key features, such as notifications, to-do-lists and mobile support, are essential for them. They generally don’t require more sophisticated features, such as document version management, collaboration and file rights management.

SMBs: These organizations need a task management solution to manage a project and make sure that everyone is assigned responsibilities. Collaboration is their key requirement. Since multiple people often work on a single project, they need a collaborative workspace where team members can communicate and share files with each other in real time.

Common Functionalities of Task Management Software

Here are some tools you can find in most task management applications:

To-do lists. Every task management application will offer to-do lists in some form. These display the tasks that need to be completed by an individual or by a team and are typically organized by project.

Audit trails. Many task management tools feature audit trails, which allow users to see a task’s entire history and any modifications that have been made to it.

Mobile support. Most task management systems offer mobile support for smart devices—typically in the form of an app that syncs a user’s information and tasks to their device.

Integrations. Some task management applications can integrate with email clients, such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, or cloud storage services, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Document control. Some task management solutions allow users to share documents directly through the application.

File sync and sharing. Some task management solutions offer version management and control features that provides access to the latest versions of documents. Also, past versions of documents are stored for future reference or to handle accidental data modification.

Task planning and scheduling. Task management solutions enable people to create team projects and assign them the responsibility for task completion within the stipulated timeline.

Notifications. Automatic notifications are sent to individuals or a team as soon as something happens. They can be about task completion, deletion or new feature of the tool. Also, these notifications can be customized with various options and triggers.

task management codepen

Producteev’s dashboard (showing to-do list and task)

Key Benefits of Task Management Software

Improved employee productivity: Task management software clearly assign duties and responsibilities of a task to all the team members along with a deadline. This enables employees to focus on their tasks and ensure that they’re completed on time. It also helps with task and time tracking, which allows team managers to know the exact task status at any given point.

Satisfied customers: Users can allow customers to access their task management solution to enable clear communication between them. Also, you can control the access to some features and offer customers as much visibility about the project as is mandated. This feature also ensures that customers and project managers are at the same level of awareness and lets them resolve issues in real time.

Simplified project management: The tool enables task managers to create subtasks within tasks by simply adding a checklist feature. This feature helps them easily manage their task and strike off each subtask upon completion. Also, filters allow them to view the status of multiple tasks based on the people, status, project, due date and priority.

Market Trends to Understand

Scalability: Most task management tools are priced under a monthly subscription based on the number of users who will need to access the system. If you expect your team to grow significantly in the near term, you should consider how much more the software could cost.

Open-source solution: There are also many free or open-source task management applications. While these can be a good solution for smaller teams, it is important to keep in mind that such software often offers no guarantee of support or regular updates. There can also be security concerns with free or open-source task management applications—something to consider if your team is sharing sensitive files.

Flexibility: With organizations operating across multiple geographies, it becomes necessary that people can access the solution anytime and from anywhere. The solution should also offer standard user functions across all devices including tablets, smartphones, desktops and laptops. They should be able to receive SMS and email notifications about pending tasks or about approaching deadline.

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