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Shaw Business Advanced technology. Flexible solutions.

Rely on for effective connectivity solutions – leveraging Shaw Business' highly advanced technology, flexible packages and affordable prices. Call us at to find the right products and best offer for your business needs.

Exclusive offer for Shaw Business services

Enjoy unlimited long distance in Canada & to the U.S when you order 2 or more Business Phone lines and Business Internet 25. We've also included Shaw Business WiFi to keep your customers and staff connected without affecting your primary Business Internet connection. * Call for details.


With various packages and download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, there's a plan and a price for every size of business. †

Our simplest Internet solution is built for basic occasional usage needs. Adequate for email and minimal web surfing.

This starter package will cover basic Internet needs, including emails and light web surfing for a small number of users.

This plan includes a fast, reliable connection that's ideal for small business use, from emails and web surfing to cloud-based applications.

Built for small and medium businesses, this plan offers ultra-fast connectivity for heavy everyday Internet use – at an affordable price. Great for hosted email, multimedia, VPN, remote access and online meetings.

Providing high performance Internet for medium and large businesses, this plan offers incredible speeds for heavy and constant use.

Providing a symmetrical data connection with equal upload and download speeds, the Shaw Commercial Gateway gives you plenty of bandwidth with no data limits.

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The Shaw Fiber Gateway connects your business to Shaw's industry-leading Internet backbone while providing the reassurance of Service Level Agreements.

The Shaw Network Gateway provides a symmetrical connection with a Service Level Agreement. The ultra-fast connection helps you avoid congestion.

Offering a reliable connection for credit and debit card payments, POS gives you the confidence of smooth transactions at an affordable price.


Ensure your data gets where you need it to go on one of North America's largest fiber-optic networks with two diverse paths that maximize capabilities and redundancy.

With Shaw Business VPLS services, companies with more than one location can merge onto one connection to lower costs and increase productivity.

Designed for companies requiring "Point-to-Point" or "Hub and Spoke" connectivity, is optimized for connecting regional offices to a single head office and/or data centre.

Shaw's Private Line service is designed to deliver secure, point-to-point transmissions over our fiber-based network and meet the most robust communication requirements.

Built for large companies, wholesalers, Internet and wireless providers, this service is ideal for high bandwidth, low latency and mission critical applications.


Put your communication needs in the reliable hands of Shaw's phone network. Plans are tailored to suit your unique business needs.

With a low monthly rate, this is a highly cost-effective solution for a secondary business line to operate a fax or POS machine.

Built for small businesses, this feature-rich plan gives you the flexibility and functionality you need to run your business.

The perfect phone plan for small businesses that rely on daily long distance calling.

A sophisticated and highly scalable solution to support multiple phone lines, giving you the flexibility to easily add or remove phone lines without on-site equipment.

Designed for medium to large enterprises, PRI is a robust phone solution that allows organizations to consolidate their voice lines in order to cut costs.

An enhanced communication platform, SIP offers cost-effective IP data connectivity to run your local, long distance and private voice traffic.


Take care of your entertainment needs with extensive programming, the clearest picture and the sharpest sound.

Create an engaging environment for staff and clientèle by accessing the TV content most relevant to any professional setting.

A variety of high-quality content - delivering entertainment/infotainment to your clientèle to create a pleasant ambiance in your establishment.

Become the ultimate destination for the crowd by showing them the content they want and more.

The ultimate programming, with no compromises, that takes your customer's and staff's experience to the next level at any place of business.

Terms and conditions apply. Regular rates and offers shown do not include tax and are subject to change. Not all Shaw services are available in all regions. Installation fees apply. Rental equipment must be returned to Shaw if any of your services are canceled. You may not resell any Shaw Services. TV programming varies by market. HD hardware is required for HD Programming. Other conditions may apply. All Shaw services are subject to our Joint Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available www.shaw.ca . For conditions for all fiber services contact Shaw Business.

† Availability of Shaw Business Internet service may vary by region, speeds featured under Business Internet plans 5, 20, 30, 60, 100 are based on optimal conditions.

‡ Shaw to Shaw Calling is limited to calls made from and to Shaw Home Phone and Shaw Business Phone plans. For any other long-distance calls, charges apply.

◊ Not available for calls made in and to NWT area code 867, Hawaii area code 808, and Alaska area code 907. Shaw reserves the right to terminate enrollment.

** International calling that exceeds 1000 minutes will be billed at the rate of $0.05-per-minute for the 50 international countries identified on www.shaw.ca . International long-distance calls to mobile/cellular/specialty numbers, including international services such as premium services, international pages services, international audio-to-text-messaging services and non-geographic or satellite phone numbers are not included in the 1000 minutes.

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Cisco Meraki


From hybrid workforces to smarter workspaces, bring together technology and touchpoints to deliver exceptional experiences.

shaw business wifi plans

Hybrid Workforce

Enable teams with superior performance no matter the environment.

shaw business wifi plans

Remote Workforce

Enable your workforce with the tools for success.

shaw business wifi plans

Safe Environments

Protect and securely connect what matters most, regardless of location.

shaw business wifi plans

Smart Spaces

From contact tracing to footpath optimization, create the office of the future.


Deliver exceptional experiences to people, places, and things with best-in-class Meraki technologies.

The cloud-first foundation for your entire network.

Meraki Dashboard

Monitor, manage, and optimize your network.

Converge networking and security stacks.

Access Products

shaw business wifi plans

Mobile Device Management

Security and IOT Products

shaw business wifi plans

Security and SD-WAN

Hybrid Cloud

Unified SASE

shaw business wifi plans

Cellular Gateways

shaw business wifi plans

Smart Cameras

shaw business wifi plans


Think beyond endpoint devices to all the people, places, and things connecting with the web.


shaw business wifi plans

Financial Services

shaw business wifi plans


shaw business wifi plans

Primary Education

shaw business wifi plans

Higher Education

shaw business wifi plans

Small Business

shaw business wifi plans


Physical Security

Learn best practices, explore innovative solutions, and connect with others across the Meraki community.

shaw business wifi plans

Customer Stories

shaw business wifi plans


shaw business wifi plans

Product Catalog

shaw business wifi plans

Resource Library

shaw business wifi plans


shaw business wifi plans

App Marketplace

shaw business wifi plans

Developer Hub

shaw business wifi plans

Shaw Business – SmartWiFi

Enabling businesses to quickly benefit from advanced wi-fi through managed service.

Wireless WAN Icon

Founded in 1966, Shaw Communications is a diversified telecommunications company serving Western Canada with broadband Internet, WiFi , video, and digital phone services as well as wireless services through its recent acquisition of WIND Mobile. Through its subsidiary Shaw Business, the company owns and operates a national fibre-optic backbone network providing data networking, video, voice, and Internet services to companies of all sizes.

As a trusted advisor for small and medium sized Canadian businesses (SMBs), Shaw Business wanted to make WiFi and network security more affordable and manageable for such companies. “Small and medium sized growing companies can have limited budgets and IT resources,” said Ron McKenzie, Senior Vice President, Business. “We believe providing WiFi can be more than just connectivity—it can be a powerful customer retention and marketing tool, a competitive advantage, and a fundamental characteristic of a forward-thinking business.”

Meraki’s cloud-based model was attractive to us for its faster deployment, simple and flexible management tools, powerful analytics, and real-time updates.

Ron McKenzie

Senior Vice President, Shaw Business As a result, Shaw Business partnered with Meraki to create SmartWiFi to fulfil the wireless requirements of small- and medium-sized businesses as well as offer them intelligence to help grow their business. “We were impressed with the feature set Meraki would bring to SmartWiFi,” said McKenzie. “Meraki’s cloud-based model was attractive to us for its faster deployment, simple and flexible management tools, powerful analytics, and real-time updates.”

Meraki’s cloud-managed architecture with zero-touch provisioning is ideally suited to providing service providers an unrivalled time to market for innovative new services. “It was clear to us that Cisco Meraki’s technology was the ideal fit for Shaw to use when building SmartWiFi,” said McKenzie. Thousands of SmartWiFi customer deployments can be managed remotely by Shaw using just a web browser—the Meraki dashboard. The dashboard provides a highly intuitive user interface that is devoid of any command lines, allowing Shaw to minimize sales and NOC training requirements as well as to accelerate proof-of-concept testing. Furthermore, Meraki’s straightforward hardware plus licensing model means that for every order of SmartWiFi Shaw receives, only two SKUs are required for the bill of materials: a Meraki wireless access point and its corresponding license.

SmartWiFi provides small- and medium-sized businesses with fast, reliable, and secure WiFi, which until now was achievable only by large-scale enterprises. “With SmartWiFi, SMBs can spend less time and money managing their WiFi and focus on their core competency while growing their business,” said McKenzie. “SmartWiFi provides SMBs three secure wireless networks through one Internet connection for staff, guests, and Shaw Go WiFi access, which is a major benefit for business owners.”

Shaw Go WiFi is Canada’s largest WiFi network with hundreds of thousands of users and over 75,000 locations. Shaw Go WiFi customers are able to locate access locations by searching an online directory. By choosing SmartWiFi, small businesses are automatically added as a Shaw Go WiFi network and are able to reach thousands of potentially new customers.

In addition to delivering enterprise-grade WiFi to small businesses, SmartWiFi provides powerful information about the devices connecting to their network, as well as insight into customer behaviour to make more informed decisions to improve productivity and enhance customer experience. “Gathering usage data from devices and using the included analytics engine returns value to the business in the form of actionable information that can allow the business owner to make better decisions that better suit their customers,” said McKenzie. “For example, the dashboard has allowed business owners to easily identify the most popular mobile devices on their network and consequently tailor their offers to be better displayed on these devices.”

Shaw provides SmartWiFi customers access to this information in a user-friendly format at no additional cost or increased complexity through an online portal. SmartWiFi customers are provided ‘monitor-only’ rights to their business’ dashboard that is the same view Shaw NOC staff would see, but with a streamlined configuration view. Business owners can manage basic wireless settings for staff and guest networks such as SSID name, encryption, and splash page for easy self-service. Moreover Shaw was able to customize the monitor-only view of the dashboard further with Shaw Business branding and with the standard Meraki support number replaced by the SmartWiFi helpdesk telephone number.

“We have a simple three-tier pricing model so SMBs have a plan that fits their needs for download and upload speeds, data allowances, and number of connected devices,” said McKenzie. SmartWiFi packages are inclusive of an Internet connection, meaning SMBs have a consolidated flat-rate monthly cost from a single provider, three fully managed wireless networks, and access to support services.

Meraki allows Shaw to get customer sites live with SmartWiFi in remarkably short order. Once an order for SmartWiFi is received, a Shaw technician is dispatched to the customer location to perform a survey to determine how many APs are needed. No configuration of the access point itself is required. While the technician is on site, Shaw NOC staff create a new network by cloning settings from a master network in their multi-tenanted Meraki dashboard and adding the required number of Meraki wireless access points. This entire process is complete in a matter of minutes and with a few simple mouse-clicks. The Meraki APs now simply need to be plugged in, at which point the APs tunnel a secure connection to the cloud and download their configuration settings to start broadcasting the three SSIDs.

Meraki allows Shaw to provide SmartWiFi customers with outstanding customer service, with most support cases resolved in real-time. For troubleshooting tasks that would typically require a network technician to be called on site, such as packet captures, Shaw NOC staff are able to work through these issues remotely via the dashboard. “We want Shaw Business to be an extension of our customers’ IT department,” explained McKenzie. “If they need support, Shaw Business will be there online or over the phone to resolve issues and ensure SmartWiFi is delivering value to their business.”

SmartWiFi has proven to be a great success for Shaw Business in a short period of time, having already amassed a large number of happy customers. The IT manager of one particular architecture firm that has implemented SmartWiFi said their employees and guests are thrilled with the speed and robustness of the network. “We’ve had many customers tell us how much value SmartWiFi has brought to their businesses,” said McKenzie. “They’re happy with the quality of the WiFi and how easy it is to manage, and they are excited by the wealth of business insight they receive about device usage and the user habits that the analytics provide.”

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