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Top ten computer science education research papers recognized

SIGCSE Symposium highlights research that has shaped the field

Association for Computing Machinery

As a capstone to its 50th annual SIGCSE Technical Symposium, leaders of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) are celebrating the ideas that have shaped the field by recognizing a select group of publications with a "Top Ten Symposium Papers of All Time Award." The top ten papers were chosen from among the best papers that were presented at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium over the last 49 years.

As part of the Top Ten announcement today in Minneapolis, the coauthors of each top paper will receive a plaque, free conference registration for one co-author to accept the award and up to a total of $2,000 that can be used toward travel for all authors of the top ranked paper.

"In 1969, the year of our first SIGCSE symposium, computing education was a niche specialty" explains SIGCSE Board Chair Amber Settle of DePaul University, of Chicago, USA. "Today, it is an essential skill students need to prepare for the workforce. Computing has become one of the most popular majors in higher education, and more and more students are being introduced to computing in K-12 settings. The Top Ten Symposium Papers of All Time Award will emphasize the outstanding research that underpins and informs how students of all ages learn computing. We also believe that highlighting excellent research will inspire others to enter the computing education field and make their own contributions."

The Top Ten Symposium Papers are:

Computing educators are often baffled by the misconceptions that their CS1 students hold. We need to understand these misconceptions more clearly in order to help students form correct conceptions. This paper describes one stage in the development of a concept inventory for Computing Fundamentals: investigation of student misconceptions in a series of core CS1 topics previously identified as both important and difficult. Formal interviews with students revealed four distinct themes, each containing many interesting misconceptions.

Pair programming is a practice in which two programmers work collaboratively at one computer, on the same design, algorithm, or code. Prior research indicates that pair programmers produce higher quality code in essentially half the time taken by solo programmers. The authors organized an experiment to assess the efficacy of pair programming in an introductory Computer Science course. Their results indicate that pair programming creates a laboratory environment conducive to more advanced, active learning than traditional labs; students and lab instructors report labs to be more productive and less frustrating.

During a year-long study, the authors examined the experiences of undergraduate women studying computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, with a specific eye toward understanding the influences and processes whereby they attach themselves to or detach themselves from the field. This report, midway through the two-year project, recaps the goals and methods of the study, reports on their progress and preliminary conclusions, and sketches their plans for the final year and the future beyond this particular project.

Peer Instruction (PI) is a student-centric pedagogy in which students move from the role of passive listeners to active participants in the classroom. This paper adds to this body of knowledge by examining outcomes from seven introductory programming instructors: three novices to PI and four with a range of PI experience. Through common measurements of student perceptions, the authors provide evidence that introductory computing instructors can successfully implement PI in their classrooms.

Schneider describes the crucial goals of any introductory programming course while leaving to the reader the design of a specific course to meet these goals. This paper presents ten essential objectives of an initial programming course in Computer Science, regardless of who is teaching or where it is being taught. Schneider attempts to provide an in-depth, philosophical framework for the course called CSI -- Computer Programming I -- as described by the ACM Curriculum Committee on Computer Science.

Constructivism is a theory of learning which claims that students construct knowledge rather than merely receive and store knowledge transmitted by the teacher. Constructivism has been extremely influential in science and mathematics education, but not in computer science education (CSE). This paper surveys constructivism in the context of CSE, and shows how the theory can supply a theoretical basis for debating issues and evaluating proposals.

Introductory computer science students have relied on a trial and error approach to fixing errors and debugging for too long. Moving to a reflection in action strategy can help students become more successful. Traditional programming assignments are usually assessed in a way that ignores the skills needed for reflection in action, but software testing promotes the hypothesis-forming and experimental validation that are central to this mode of learning. By changing the way assignments are assessed--where students are responsible for demonstrating correctness through testing, and then assessed on how well they achieve this goal--it is possible to reinforce desired skills. Automated feedback can also play a valuable role in encouraging students while also showing them where they can improve.

Gries argues that an introductory course (and its successor) in programming should be concerned with three aspects of programming: 1. How to solve problems, 2. How to describe an algorithmic solution to a problem, and 3. How to verify that an algorithm is correct. In this paper he discusses mainly the first two aspects. He notes that the third is just as important, but if the first two are carried out in a systematic fashion, the third is much easier than commonly supposed.

This study was conducted to determine factors that promote success in an introductory college computer science course. The model included twelve possible predictive factors including math background, attribution for success/failure (luck, effort, difficulty of task, and ability), domain specific self-efficacy, encouragement, comfort level in the course, work style preference, previous programming experience, previous non-programming computer experience, and gender. Subjects included 105 students enrolled in a CS1 introductory computer science course at a midwestern university. The study revealed three predictive factors in the following order of importance: comfort level, math, and attribution to luck for success/failure.

An objects-first strategy for teaching introductory computer science courses is receiving increased attention from CS educators. In this paper, the authors discuss the challenge of the objects-first strategy and present a new approach that attempts to meet this challenge. The approach is centered on the visualization of objects and their behaviors using a 3D animation environment. Statistical data as well as informal observations are summarized to show evidence of student performance as a result of this approach. A comparison is made of the pedagogical aspects of this new approach with that of other relevant work.

Annual Best Paper Award Announced

Today SIGCSE officers also announced the inauguration of an annual SIGCSE Test of Time Award. The first award will be presented at the 2020 SIGCSE Symposium and recognize research publications that have had wide-ranging impact on the field.

The Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM SIGCSE) is a community of approximately 2,600 people who, in addition to their specialization within computing, have a strong interest in quality computing education. SIGCSE provides a forum for educators to discuss the problems concerned with the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and courses, as well as syllabi, laboratories, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy.

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society, uniting computing educators, researchers and professionals to inspire dialogue, share resources and address the field's challenges. ACM strengthens the computing profession's collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. ACM supports the professional growth of its members by providing opportunities for life-long learning, career development, and professional networking.

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of news releases posted to EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the EurekAlert system.

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50+ Best Topics for Research in Computer Science

What is computer science.

Computer science is the study of the design, implementation, and maintenance of software systems. It is a rapidly growing field that is constantly evolving, and computer science graduates are in high demand.

How To Choose Computer Science Research Topics? 

There is no one answer to this question since it depends on your individual interests and goals. However, here are five general tips to keep in mind when choosing a research topic in computer science: 

Interesting Computer Science Research Topics

Top Technology Research Paper Topics

Research Paper Topics in Computer Science 

Computer Science Engineering Research Topics

Computer Science Research Paper Topics For High School 

Controversial Topics in Computer Science

Latest Research Topics in Computer Science

Research Topics in Computer Science for Undergraduate Students

Quick and Easy Computer Science Research Paper Topics

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research topics in computer science education

Computer Science

Research Research Areas

Research areas represent the major research activities in the Department of Computer Science. Faculty and students have developed new ideas to achieve results in all aspects of the nine areas of research.

Choose a research area below to learn more:

More in this section

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Contact Info

Samir Khuller Chair and Professor Phone: 847-491-2748 Email Samir

224 Research Topics on Technology & Computer Science

Are you new to the world of technology? Do you need topics related to technology to write about? No worries, experts are here to help! In this article, we offer you a multitude of creative and interesting technology topics from various research areas, including information technology and computer science. So, let’s start!

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👋 Introduction

⚙ Artificial Intelligence

💉 biotechnology, 📡 communications and media.

🔋 Energy & Power Technologies

🍗 food technology, 😷 medical devices & diagnostics, 💊 pharmaceutical technologies.

✋ Conclusion

🔍 references, 🔝 top 10 technology topics.

Is it a good thing that technologies and computer science are developing so fast? No one knows for sure. There are too many different opinions, and some of them are quite radical! However, we know that technologies have changed our world once and forever. Computer science affects every single area of people’s lives.

Arthur clarke quote.

Just think about Netflix . Can you imagine that 23 years ago it didn’t exist? How did people live without it? Well, in 2023, the entertainment field has gone so far that you can travel anywhere while sitting in your room. All you would have to do is just order a VR (virtual reality) headset. Moreover, personal computers give an unlimited flow of information, which has changed the entire education system.

Every day, technologies become smarter and smaller. A smartphone in your pocket may be as powerful as your laptop. No doubt, the development of computer science builds our future. It is hard to count how many research areas in technologies and computer science are there. But it is not hard to name the most important of them.

Artificial intelligence tops the charts, of course. However, engineering and biotechnology are not far behind. Communications and media are developing super fast as well. The research is also done in areas that make our lives better and more comfortable. The list of them includes transport, food and energy, medical, and pharmaceutical areas.

So check out our list of 204 most relevant computer science research topics below. Maybe one of them will inspire you to do revolutionary research!

💾 Top 10 Computer Science Research Topics

💡 technologies & computer science: research ideas.

Many people probably picture robots from the movie “I, Robot” when they hear about artificial intelligence. However, it is far from the truth.

AI is meant to be as close to a rational way of thinking as possible. It uses binary logic (just like computers) to help solve problems in many areas. Applied AI is only aimed at one task. A generalized AI branch is looking into a human-like machine that can learn to do anything.

Robotic hand pressing keyboard laptop.

Applied AI already helps researchers in quantum physics and medicine. You deal with AI every day when online shops suggest some items based on your previous purchases. Siri and self-driving cars are also examples of applied AI.

Generalized AI is supposed to be a copy of multitasking human intelligence. However, it is still in the stage of development. Computer technology has yet to reach the level necessary for its creation.

One of the latest trends in this area is improving healthcare management. It is done through the digitalization of all the information in hospitals and even helping diagnose the patients.

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Also, privacy issues and facial recognition technologies are being researched. For example, some governments collect biometric data to reduce and even predict crime.

Research Topics on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Since AI development is exceptionally relevant nowadays, it would be smart to invest your time and effort into researching it. Here are some ideas on artificial intelligence research topics that you can look into:

Biotechnology uses living organisms to modify different products. Even the simple thing as baking bread is a process of biotechnology. However, nowadays, this area went as far as changing the organisms’ DNA. Genetics and biochemistry are also a part of the biotechnology area.

The development of this area allows people to cure diseases with the help of new medicines. In agriculture, more and more research is done on biological treatment and modifying plants. Biotechnology is even involved in the production of our groceries, household chemicals, and textiles.

Trends in biotechnology.

There are many exciting trends in biotechnology now that carry the potential of changing our world! For example, scientists are working on creating personalized drugs. This is feasible once they apply computer science to analyze people’s DNA.

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Also, thanks to using new technologies, doctors can collect exact data and provide the patients with correct diagnosis and treatment. Now, you don’t even need to leave your place to get a doctor’s check-up. Just use telehealth!

Data management is developing in the biotechnology area as well. Thanks to that, doctors and scientists can store and access a tremendous amount of information.

The most exciting is the fact that new technology enables specialists to assess genetic information to treat and prevent illnesses! It may solve the problem of some diseases that were considered untreatable before.

Research Topics on Biotechnology

You can use the following examples of research questions on biotechnology for presentation or even a PhD paper! Here is a wide range of topics on biotechnology and its relation to agriculture, nanotechnology, and many more:

One of the first areas that technologies affected was communications and media. People from the last century couldn’t have imagined how easy it would be to get connected with anyone! Internet connection starts appearing even in the most remote places.

Nowadays, media is used not only for social interaction but for business development and educational purposes as well. You can now start an entirely online business or use special tools to promote the existing one. Also, many leading universities offer online degrees.

In communications and media, AI has been playing the role of enhancement recently. The technology helps create personalized content for always demanding consumers.

Developing media also create numerous job opportunities. For instance, recently, an influencer has become a trending career. Influencers always use the most relevant communication tools available. At the moment, live videos and podcasting are on the top.

Now, you just need to reach your smartphone to access all the opportunities mentioned above! You can apply for a college, find a job, or reach out to all your followers online. It is hard to imagine how far communication and media can go…

Communications and Media Technology Research Topics

There are quite a few simple yet exciting ideas for media and communications technology research topics. Hopefully, you will find THE ONE amongst these Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research proposal topics:

💻 Computer Science & Engineering

If you have ever wondered how computers work, you better ask a professional in computer science and engineering. This major combines two different, yet interconnected, worlds of machines.

Computer science takes care of the computer’s brain. It usually includes areas of study, such as programming languages and algorithms. Scientists also recognize three paradigms in terms of the computer science field.

For the rationalist paradigm, computer science is a part of math. The technocratic paradigm is focused on software engineering, while the scientific one is all about natural sciences. Interestingly enough, the latter can also be found in the area of artificial intelligence!

Stephen Hawking quote.

On the other hand, computer engineering maintains a computer’s body – hardware and software. It relies quite heavily on electrical engineering. And only the combination of computer science and engineering gives a full understanding of the machine.

If talking about trends and innovations, artificial intelligence development is probably the main one in the area of computer science technology. Big data is the field that has been extremely popular in recent years.

Cybersecurity is and will be one of the leading research fields in our Information Age. The latest trend in computer science and engineering is also virtual reality.

Computer Science Research Topics

If you want to find a good idea for your thesis or you are just preparing for a speech, check out this list of research topics in computer science and engineering:

Without energy, no technological progress is possible. Scientists are continually working on improving energy and power technologies. Recently, efforts have been aimed at three main areas.

Developing new batteries and fuel types helps create less expensive ways of storing energy. For example, fuel cells can be used for passenger buses. They need to be connected to a source of fuel to work. However, it guarantees the constant production of electricity as long as they have fuel.

One of the potential trends of the next years is hydrogen energy storage. This method is still in the stage of development. It would allow the use of hydrogen instead of electricity.

Trends in energy technologies.

A smart grid is another area that uses information technology for the most efficient use of energy. For instance, the first-generation smart grid tracks the movement of electric energy on the go and sends the information back. It is a great way to correct the consumption of energy in real-time. More development is also done on the issue of electricity generation. It aims at technologies that can produce power from the sources that haven’t been used. The trends in this area include second-generation biofuels and photovoltaic glass.

Energy Technologies Research Topics

Since humanity cannot be using fossil fuels forever, the research in the area of energy can be extremely fruitful. The following list of energy and power technology research paper topics can give you an idea of where to dig:

The way we get our food has changed drastically with the technological development. Manufacturers look for ways to feed 7.5 billion people more efficiently. And the demand is growing every year. Now technology is not only used for packaging, but for producing and processing food as well.

Introducing robots into the process of manufacturing brings multiple benefits to the producer. Not only do they make it more cost-efficient, but they also reduce safety problems.

Surprisingly enough, you can print food on the 3D printer now! This technology is applied to produce soft food for people who can’t chew. NASA decided to use it for fun as well and printed a pizza!

Drones now help farmers to keep an eye on crops from above. It helps them see the full picture and analyze the current state of the fields. For example, a drone can spot a starting disease and save the crop.

The newest eco trends push companies to become more environmentally aware. They use technologies to create safer packaging. The issue of food waste is also getting more and more relevant. Consumers want to know that nothing is wasted. Thanks to the new technologies, the excess food is now used more wisely.

Food Technology Research Topics

If you are looking for qualitative research topics about technology in the food industry, here is a list of ideas you don’t want to miss:

Healthy food plastic bags.

Why does the life expectancy of people get higher and higher every year? One of the main aspects of it is the promotion of innovation in the medical area. For example, the development of equipment helps medical professionals to save many lives.

Thanks to information technology, the work is much more structured now in the medical area. The hospitals use tablets and the method of electronic medical records. It helps them to access and share the data more efficiently.

If talking about medical devices, emerging technologies save more lives than ever! For instance, operations done by robots are getting more and more popular. Don’t worry! Doctors are still in charge; they just control the robots from the other room. It allows operations to be less invasive and precise.

Moreover, science not only helps treat diseases but also prevent them! The medical research aims for the development of vaccines against deadly illnesses like malaria.

Some of the projects even sound more like crazy ideas from the future. But it is all happening right now! Scientists are working on the creation of artificial organs and the best robotic prosthetics.

All the technologies mentioned above are critical for successful healthcare management.

Medical Technology Research Topics

If you feel like saving lives is the purpose of your life, then technological research topics in the medical area are for you! These topics would also suit for your research paper:

In the past years, technologies have been drastically changing the pharmaceutical industry. Now, a lot of processes are optimized with the help of information technology. The ways of prescribing and distributing medications are much more efficient today. Moreover, the production of medicines itself has changed.

For instance, electronic prior authorization is now applied by more than half of the pharmacies. It makes the process of acquiring prior authorization much faster and easier.

The high price of medicines is the number one reason why patients stop using prescriptions. Real-time pharmacy benefit may be the solution! It is a system that gives another perspective for the prescribers. While working with individual patients, they will be able to consider multiple factors with the help of data provided.

The pharmaceutical industry also adopts some new technologies to compete on the international level. They apply advanced data analytics to optimize their work.

Companies try to reduce the cost and boost the effectiveness of the medicines. That is why they look into technologies that help avoid failures in the final clinical trials.

The constant research in the area of pharma is paying off. New specialty drugs and therapies arrive to treat chronic diseases. However, there are still enough opportunities for development.

Pharmaceutical Technologies Research Topics

Following the latest trends in the pharmaceutical area, this list offers a wide range of creative research topics on pharmaceutical technologies:

🚈 Transportation Technologies

We used to be focused on making transportation more convenient. However, nowadays, the focus is slowly switching to ecological issues.

It doesn’t mean that vehicles can’t be comfortable at the same time. That is why the development of electric and self-driving cars is on the peak.

Transportation technologies also address the issues of safety and traffic jams. There are quite many solutions suggested. However, it would be hard for big cities to switch to the other systems fast.

One of the solutions is using shared vehicle phone applications. It allows reducing the number of private cars on the roads. On the other hand, if more people start preferring private vehicles, it may cause even more traffic issues.

Transportation technologies.

The most innovative cities even start looking for more eco-friendly solutions for public transport. Buses are being replaced by electric ones. At the same time, the latest trend is using private electric vehicles such as scooters and bikes.

So that people use public transport more, it should be more accessible and comfortable. That is why the payment systems are also being updated. Now, all you would need is to download an app and buy a ticket in one click!

Transportation Technologies Research Topics

Here you can find the best information technology research topics related to transportation technologies:

All in all, this article is a compilation of the 204 most interesting research topics on technology and computer science. It is a perfect source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in doing research in this area.

We have divided the topics by specific areas, which makes it easier for you to find your favorite one. There are 20 topics in each category, along with a short explanation of the most recent trends in the area.

You can choose one topic from artificial intelligence research topics and start working on it right away! There is also a wide selection of questions on biotechnology and engineering that are waiting to be answered.

Since media and communications are present in our everyday life and develop very fast, you should look into this area. But if you want to make a real change, you can’t miss on researching medical and pharmaceutical, food and energy, and transportation areas.

Of course, you are welcome to customize the topic you choose! The more creativity, the better! Maybe your research has the power to change something! Good luck, and have fun!

This might be interesting for you:

Thank you very for the best topics of research across all science and art projects. The best thing that I am interested to is computer forensics and security specifically for IT students.

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Computer science focuses on creating programs and applications, while information technology focuses on using computer systems and networks. What computer science jobs are there. It includes software developers, web developers, software engineers, and data scientists.

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research topics in computer science education

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Computer Science Research Topics

Computer science touches nearly every area of our lives. With new advancements in technology, the computer science field is constantly evolving, giving rise to new computer science research topics. These topics attempt to answer various computer science research questions and how they affect the tech industry and the larger world.

Computer science research topics can be divided into several categories, such as artificial intelligence, big data and data science, human-computer interaction, security and privacy, and software engineering. If you are a student or researcher looking for computer research paper topics. In that case, this article provides some suggestions on examples of computer science research topics and questions.

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What Makes a Strong Computer Science Research Topic?

A strong computer science topic is clear, well-defined, and easy to understand. It should also reflect the research’s purpose, scope, or aim. In addition, a strong computer science research topic is devoid of abbreviations that are not generally known, though, it can include industry terms that are currently and generally accepted.

Tips for Choosing a Computer Science Research Topic

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic is the subject matter that a researcher chooses to investigate. You may also refer to it as the title of a research paper. It summarizes the scope of the research and captures the researcher’s approach to the research question. Hence, it may be broad or more specific. For example, a broad topic may read, Data Protection and Blockchain, while a more specific variant can read, Potential Strategies to Privacy Issues on the Blockchain.

On the other hand, a research question is the fundamental starting point for any research project. It typically reflects various real-world problems and, sometimes, theoretical computer science challenges. As such, it must be clear, concise, and answerable.

How to Create Strong Computer Science Research Questions

To create substantial computer science research questions, one must first understand the topic at hand. Furthermore, the research question should generate new knowledge and contribute to the advancement of the field. It could be something that has not been answered before or is only partially answered. It is also essential to consider the feasibility of answering the question.

Top 10 Computer Science Research Paper Topics

1. battery life and energy storage for 5g equipment.

The 5G network is an upcoming cellular network with much higher data rates and capacity than the current 4G network. According to research published in the European Scientific Institute Journal, one of the main concerns with the 5G network is the high energy consumption of the 5G-enabled devices . Hence, this research on this topic can highlight the challenges and proffer unique solutions to make more energy-efficient designs.

2. The Influence of Extraction Methods on Big Data Mining

Data mining has drawn the scientific community’s attention, especially with the explosive rise of big data. Many research results prove that the extraction methods used have a significant effect on the outcome of the data mining process. However, a topic like this analyzes algorithms. It suggests strategies and efficient algorithms that may help understand the challenge or lead the way to find a solution.

3. Integration of 5G with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

According to the International Finance Corporation, 5G and AI technologies are defining emerging markets and our world. Through different technologies, this research aims to find novel ways to integrate these powerful tools to produce excellent results. Subjects like this often spark great discoveries that pioneer new levels of research and innovation. A breakthrough can influence advanced educational technology, virtual reality, metaverse, and medical imaging.

4. Leveraging Asynchronous FPGAs for Crypto Acceleration

To support the growing cryptocurrency industry, there is a need to create new ways to accelerate transaction processing. This project aims to use asynchronous Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to accelerate cryptocurrency transaction processing. It explores how various distributed computing technologies can influence mining cryptocurrencies faster with FPGAs and generally enjoy faster transactions.

5. Cyber Security Future Technologies

Cyber security is a trending topic among businesses and individuals, especially as many work teams are going remote. Research like this can stretch the length and breadth of the cyber security and cloud security industries and project innovations depending on the researcher’s preferences. Another angle is to analyze existing or emerging solutions and present discoveries that can aid future research.

6. Exploring the Boundaries Between Art, Media, and Information Technology

The field of computers and media is a vast and complex one that intersects in many ways. They create images or animations using design technology like algorithmic mechanism design, design thinking, design theory, digital fabrication systems, and electronic design automation. This paper aims to define how both fields exist independently and symbiotically.

7. Evolution of Future Wireless Networks Using Cognitive Radio Networks

This research project aims to study how cognitive radio technology can drive evolution in future wireless networks. It will analyze the performance of cognitive radio-based wireless networks in different scenarios and measure its impact on spectral efficiency and network capacity. The research project will involve the development of a simulation model for studying the performance of cognitive radios in different scenarios.

8. The Role of Quantum Computing and Machine Learning in Advancing Medical Predictive Systems

In a paper titled Exploring Quantum Computing Use Cases for Healthcare , experts at IBM highlighted precision medicine and diagnostics to benefit from quantum computing. Using biomedical imaging, machine learning, computational biology, and data-intensive computing systems, researchers can create more accurate disease progression prediction, disease severity classification systems, and 3D Image reconstruction systems vital for treating chronic diseases.

9. Implementing Privacy and Security in Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are prone to attacks, and that has been a big concern for both individual users and organizations. According to the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency CISA, cyber security specialists are working to find reliable methods of securing wireless networks . This research aims to develop a secure and privacy-preserving communication framework for wireless communication and social networks.

10. Exploring the Challenges and Potentials of Biometric Systems Using Computational Techniques

Much discussion surrounds biometric systems and the potential for misuse and privacy concerns. When exploring how biometric systems can be effectively used, issues such as verification time and cost, hygiene, data bias, and cultural acceptance must be weighed. The paper may take a critical study into the various challenges using computational tools and predict possible solutions.

Other Examples of Computer Science Research Topics & Questions

Computer research topics.

Computer Research Questions

Choosing the Right Computer Science Research Topic

Computer science research is a vast field, and it can be challenging to choose the right topic. There are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision. Choose a topic that you are interested in. This will make it easier to stay motivated and produce high-quality research for your computer science degree .

Select a topic that is relevant to your field of study. This will help you to develop specialized knowledge in the area. Choose a topic that has potential for future research. This will ensure that your research is relevant and up-to-date. Typically, coding bootcamps provide a framework that streamlines students’ projects to a specific field, doing their search for a creative solution more effortless.

Computer Science Research Topics FAQ

To start a computer science research project, you should look at what other content is out there. Complete a literature review to know the available findings surrounding your idea. Design your research and ensure that you have the necessary skills and resources to complete the project.

The first step to conducting computer science research is to conceptualize the idea and review existing knowledge about that subject. You will design your research and collect data through surveys or experiments. Analyze your data and build a prototype or graphical model. You will also write a report and present it to a recognized body for review and publication.

You can find computer science research jobs on the job boards of many universities. Many universities have job boards on their websites that list open positions in research and academia. Also, many Slack and GitHub channels for computer scientists provide regular updates on available projects.

There are several hot topics and questions in AI that you can build your research on. Below are some AI research questions you may consider for your research paper.

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research topics in computer science education


List of Computer Science Education Project Topics and Materials

List of Computer Science Education Project Topics and Materials PDF Download for (NCE and PGD) College of Education Final Year Students.

Thesis and Dissertation Topics, Proposal Topics, Presentations, Journals, Seminar Topics, Research Papers, and Project Reports can also be gotten from this page.

All Project Materials for the Computer Science Education Department Listed on this Research Page have their Complete work Written from Chapters 1 to 5 which are: Title Page and the Case Study, Table Of Contents, Abstract, the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Research Questions, Objectives of the Study, Research Hypothesis, Signification of the Study, the Scope of the Study, the Definition Of Terms, Organization of the Study, Literature Review (Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Framework), Research Methodology, Sources of Data Collection, the Population of the Study, Sampling and Sampling Distribution, Validation of Research Instrument, Method of Data Analysis, Data Analysis, Introduction, Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography/Citations and Questionnaire (Appendix).

The Topics below are for Nigerian Students, Ghanaian Students, and International Students. Countries like (Kenya, Liberia, Cameroon, United States, Uk, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, India e.t.c).

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The Influence of Ict on Workflow and Communication Among Clinical Workforce in Selected Hospital in Anambra State

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Computer Awareness and Academic Attainment of Secondary School Students in Kaura Local Government Area in Kaduna State

Internet of things and its challenges for usability in nigeria, effects of ict on teaching and learning process in the 21st century, influence of class size and availability of resources on students’ academic achievement in computer science in junior secondary school in ibadan south west lga, effectiveness of information communication technology in teaching and learning economics in ethiope east local government area of delta state, the role of the internet in distance learning education, design and implementation of anti-fraud payment system in e-commerce sector, digital marketing as an effective tool in achieving business expansion in covid-19 era, development of an improved hidden markov model based fuzzy time series forecasting model using genetic algorithm.

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Enhancing Prediction Accuracy Of A Multi-Criteria Recommender System Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Business educators’ rating of techniques for improving the teaching of information and communication technology in tertiary institutions in anambra state, approach to a simulation virtual machine: object oriented implementation of cdevs and pdevs, applying deep learning methods for short text analysis in disease control, a model view controller based platform for the modeling and simulation of the hoist scheduling problem, comparison of academic performance of students in computer science in the tertiary institution from 2016-2019, evaluate the use of computer in teaching and learning of basic technology at the secondary school in orumba south local government area of anambra state, computer animation for nursery pupils (a case study of lizbey model school), computer aided learning of basic science subjects. (a case study of ss1 class), automated examination time table to generate package (a case study of computer science department, kwara state polytechnic, ilorin), a model of an online student admission system for federal unity colleges.

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research topics in computer science education

Latest Topics for Pursuing Research in Technology and Computer science 2018-2020

Here are some of the topics in computer technology and computer science that you can consider. Hot topics include 1) Data Warehousing, 2) Internet of Things (IoT), 3) Big data, 4) cloud computing, 5) semantic web, 6) MANET, 7) machine learning, 8) Artificial Intelligence, 9) data mining, 10) image processing, 11) bioinformatics, 12) quantum computing, and so on.

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Research areas

Architectures, Compiler Optimization, and Embedded Systems

Architectures, Compiler Optimization, and Embedded Systems

Faculty:  Pen-Chung Yew ,  Antonia Zhai

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

  Faculty:  Daniel Boley ,  Ravi Janardan ,  George Karypis ,  Dan Knights ,  Rui Kuang ,  Vipin Kumar ,  Chad L. Myers ,  Catherine Qi Zhao

Data Mining

Data Mining, Databases, and Geographical Information Systems

Faculty:  Daniel Boley ,  Yao-Yi Chiang ,  George Karypis ,  Vipin Kumar ,  Mohamed F. Mokbel ,  Shashi Shekhar ,  Jaideep Srivastava ,  Catherine Qi Zhao

Graphics and Visualization

Graphics and Immersive Computing

Faculty:  Stephen Guy ,  Victoria Interrante ,  Daniel F. Keefe ,  Evan Suma Rosenberg

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

Faculty:  Daniel Boley ,  George Karypis ,  Vipin Kumar ,  Yousef Saad ,  Ju Sun ,  Jon Weissman

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Faculty: Stevie Chancellor ,  Joseph Konstan ,  Loren Terveen ,  Svetlana Yarosh

Networks, Distributed Systems, and Security

Networks, Distributed Systems, and Security

Faculty:  Abhishek Chandra ,  David Hung-Chang Du ,  Nick Hopper ,  Volkan Isler ,  Kangjie Lu ,  Feng Qian ,  Jaideep Srivastava ,  Anand Tripathi ,  Jon Weissman ,  Zhi-Li Zhang

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Faculty:  Maria Gini ,  Stephen Guy ,  Volkan Isler ,  Dongyeop Kang ,  Hyun Soo Park ,  Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos ,  Junaed Sattar ,  Paul Schrater , Ju Sun , Catherine Qi Zhao

Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Software Engineering and Programming Languages

Faculty:  Kuen-Bang Hou Favonia ,  Mats Heimdahl ,  Mattia Fazzini ,  Stephen McCamant ,  Gopalan Nadathur ,  Eric Van Wyk

Theoretical Foundations

Theoretical Foundations

Faculty:  Daniel Boley ,  Kuen-Bang Hou Favonia ,  Nick Hopper ,  Ravi Janardan ,  George Karypis ,  Vipin Kumar ,  Gopalan Nadathur ,  Yousef Saad ,  Ju Sun ,  Eric Van Wyk

Project Topics and Materials


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research topics in computer science education

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