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2022 New York Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Plan Information

Learn more about our 2022 Oxford 1 New York Small Business (1-100) Health Options Program (SHOP) product offerings. The sections below provide an overview of our plan options. For more details on how to enroll, please contact your broker or call Oxford Client Services at 1-888-201-4216 , Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Searching for a Doctor, Hospital or Pharmacy

All 2022 New York small business (1-100) SHOP plan designs provide access to the Oxford Metro Network®. The Oxford Metro Network allows enrolled members to receive care from 46,461 physicians and 83 hospitals in New York, as well as to more than 18,506 physicians and 69 hospitals in New Jersey 2 . Click the link below to search for a network doctor or hospital.

Oxford Metro Network plans offer pharmacy access through the Standard Select Pharmacy Network, which allows access to select pharmacies, in an effort to help further manage costs. This network of participating retail pharmacies includes major chains, mass merchants and supermarkets. Prescriptions cannot be filled at out-of-network (nonparticipating) pharmacies. To search for a Standard Select Pharmacy Network pharmacy, please click the link below. You can confirm network participation of pharmacy if Standard Select with Walgreens® is listed.

2022 Oxford New York Small Group (1-100) SHOP Summaries of Benefits & Coverage

Below are samples of Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs) for Oxford New York Small Group (1-100) SHOP plan designs. Please note these are representative samples of information. We reserve the right to correct any typographical errors. Please contact your broker or call Oxford Client Services at 1-888-201-4216 , Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. to confirm the most current information and plan specific details. 

Platinum SBCs

Silver SBCs

Bronze SBCs



FREE HR Hotline

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FREE Employee Handbook Template

FREE Employee Human Resource Portal

Asset 3-8.png


Click on a plan to read more!

Asset 5-8.png

Oxford is considered the premier provider of New York small business insurance plans. Great service and a superior doctor network has made Oxford the choice for health insurance for ¾ of NY employers.  Oxford offers three great networks - Freedom, Liberty and Metro. (Oxford is now aka United Healthcare)

​To search the MD network click link -  Oxford Doctor Search 

See Q1 2022 Rates of Oxford New York Small Group

See Q2 2022 Rates of Oxford New York Small Group

See Q3 2022 Rates of Oxford New York Small Group

See Q4 2022 Rates of Oxford New York Small Group

The Freedom plan is the largest MD network in NY. The Liberty network is more affordable and offers a cost saving insurance alternative. The Metro network is smaller and much lower cost. The Freedom and Liberty networks provide your employees national coverage through United Healthcare’s Choice Plus Network. Oxford provides health insurance options throughout the state, including in Downstate New York, the five boroughs, Long Island, Westchester, and the mid-to-upstate regions through Ulster and Sullivan county. Oxford has new participation requirements for Non-HMO plans. The rule states that 60% of the employees must participate after valid waivers. Liberty HMO plans will continue to have no participation requirements.

You can mix and match some Oxford plans to accommodate highly compensated employees with a buy-up option while still offering an affordable plan to the rank and file. If you think Oxford Health Insurance plans are right for your small business, we are happy to talk about the benefits and costs for your business.

EPO, PPO, HMO and HSA plans are available.  


Click here to read more!


Aetna Health runs a close 2nd to Oxford in quality service and network size. Aetna Health insurance plans are available throughout all counties of New York State. Just as Oxford - Aetna requires 60% enrollment of full- time employees after valid waivers.

​To search the MD network click link -  Aetna Doctor Search 

​For 2021 - Aetna Saving Plus plans.  These plans will have reduced rates and compete directly with the Oxford Metro plan.

Aetna’s Savings Plus Plans are a great choice for new ventures or businesses wishing to provide benefits for the first time. If you are new small business owner seeking guidance for your small business health insurance options, we can tell you more about the health insurance costs and benefits that Aetna Health Insurance provides.

​Employees are eligible to use the Aetna national network (special rules apply)

  See Aetna Downstate Q3 rates here.

NEW plans for 2021 include the traditional national EPO and PPO network. This is again the largest network of providers in NY State. Empire will also have plans with the more limited Blue Access network. Empire will be available for businesses located in Queens, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (manhattan), Richmond (Staten Island), the Bronx, Nasssau, Suffolk, Westchester, Putnam, and Orange counties of New York State. All plans can be used nationally. All plans do not require referrals. Our licensed insurance consultant can guide you through the benefits, prices and structure of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.

See Empire BC 1stQ 2021 NYC

To search the MD network click link - Empire Doctor Search 


Are you looking for an affordable health insurance plan for your small business? Emblem HMO plans are among the lowest cost plans available in New York City. Emblem Prime plans are available in Queens, Nassau, Richmond, New York, Kings, the Bronx, Westchester and Rockland Counties.

EmblemHealth Prime plans utilize the Tristate Network. Emblem Prime in New York, ConnectiCare for Connecticut and Qualcare in New Jersey. EmblemHealth Select Care and Millennium Networks are for the area encompassing New York City, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

EmblemHealth continues to offer small business HMO plans with no participation requirements.

EmblemHealth is a great way for employers to save money and still provide a strong benefit plan. If you are looking to offer your employees a strong benefits plan at an affordable rate for your company, ask us about EmblemHealth. Effective August 1, 2020 Emblem POS plans now include national coverage using the FirstHealth Network. ​

See Emblem Group Rates 1st Q 2022 ​

To search the MD network click link - EmblemHealth Doctor Search - https://www.emblemhealth.com/Find-a-Doctor

OSCAR was created to give you: Health Plans that are easy to understand and health care that actually feels good to use. OSCAR plans are simple – Copays for routine care so you get access to doctors on day one. Great doctors with real availability (Virtual Visits you can do from home). Oscar uses the LI Health Network Hospital system, Mount Sinai Hospital system and Montefiore hospital. Plus, OSCAR offers rewards for walking with Step Tracking on the OSCAR app. OSCAR provides World-class care: Great hospitals, great doctors. ​

You don’t need a referral to the specialist you want. You can talk to a Doctor from anywhere and get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy. Free and available 24/7 on the OSCAR app. Oscar is part of the Healthpass Private Exchange. 

Oscar Circle Plus Downstate Q3 Rates.


HealthPass is a private insurance exchange, offering members and businesses in the New York Metropolitan area EPO, HMO and POS plan solutions for their healthcare needs. Carriers available are Oxford, EmblemHealth, OSCAR and HealthFirst.

A well-rounded menu of options is offered through Oxford, Emblem, Oscar or HealthFirst, with choices including health, dental, vision, life and disability coverage. You and your employees benefit from the state of the art technology and extensive support provided by the HealthPass team.

HealthPass helps you support your employees to make their own health insurance decisions. You set a defined contribution amount and each employee chooses the plan that is right for their family's medical needs and budget. Through HealthPass' partner carriers (oxford, HealthFirst, Oscar and Emblem), HealthPass members are afforded greater access to doctors and hospitals than any individual insurer network of providers.

With over 700,000 providers collectively participating in HealthPass networks, there is a greater opportunity for employees to choose a plan that covers their most important doctors and hospitals in the area they live and work in. Only one enrollment form, one bill and one customer service line to answer all of your questions. HealthPass takes the burden off employers by handling COBRA administration and providing a confidential advocacy resources to help employees with the questions you don’t need or want to be involved in – resolving claims, scheduling appointments or handling complex issues.

By utilizing the HealthPass choice model employers can better predict their health costs and employees get to select coverage that is right for them - a win- win for everyone!

As a hardworking small business owner, you need a healthcare company that understands your employees the way you do. With over 20 years in New York and more than one million members and growing, Healthfirst is here for you and your employees with top-rated health plans that fit New Yorkers of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels.

HealthFirst Insurance rates can be as much as 1/3 lower than comparable plans from Aetna, Oxford, United Helathcare, or EmblemHealth in the downstate counties of Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, Nassau, Suffolk or the Bronx.


​Comprehensive benefits that include dental and vision coverage, 24/7 telemedicine access, acupuncture, exercise rewards, and even more to help members get active and stay healthy

Members have access to a broad network of providers and dozens of industry-leading hospitals

Member service offered in the many languages

Community locations throughout New York City and Long Island, where members can ask questions about their coverage and learn about community events


Acupuncture and gym subsidy plans

If you’re a small business owner with 1-100 employees and need healthcare coverage for your business, find out now how Healthfirst can help.

See Healthfirst Pro Plans Q1 2022 here

See Healthfirst Pro Plus Plans Q1 2022 here

See Healthfirst Pro Q3 2021 EPO here

See Healthfirst Pro Plus Q3 2021 EPO here

Asset 10-8.png

The New York Health Alliance is the ultimate employee benefits marketplace for Business Owners — bringing consumer choice benefits to the Small Business market as well as the Individual market within the state of New York. The NYHA offers plans and products from competing health insurers: CareConnect, MVP Health Care and Oscar.

In addition to our health care partners, the NYHA also offers plans and products from competing ancillary insurers: Colonial Voluntary, ShelterPoint and Guardian Life. These partners can provide products such as dental, vision, term life, LTD, STD, AD&D, DBL, Medical Bridge, HRA / HSA Admin, COBRA Administration, Payroll Service, making the New York Health Alliance the ultimate employee benefit market place.

With the NYHA, your employees choose from a full menu of Health & Ancillary benefit plans, which include: EPO, PPO, and High Deductible type plans. Employees fill out a universal enrollment form showing all available plan options, and the employer receives one simple bill.

Select! Don’t Settle!

Cigna offers group insurance coverage to employers with 51 or more full-time employees, as well as administrative services for self-funded plans with as few as 25 full-time employees in most states. If you think your small business would benefit from group insurance coverage with Cigna, let us know and NY Small Health can help you get started.

Asset 4-8.png

UnitedHealthcare is the number one health insurance company in the country with an excellent local and national network. Plans are available in all counties in upstate New York. Downstate New York counties are serviced by Oxford Health Plans [UnitedHealthcare company]. UnitedHealthcare offers three plans in downstate NY as part of the North Shore LIJ CareConnect network.

To search the MD network click link –  UnitedHealthcare Doctor Search 

Capital District Physicians Health Plan offers PPO, EPO, HMO plans as well as high-deductible health plans [HSA and HRA]. Rates are among the lowest available in the Eastern/Central Capital region of New York State. CDPHP is the highest rated health insurance company in New York State.The high-deductible plans offered [HAS/HRA] are the lowest cost health plans available anywhere in New York. CDPHP offers options when designing your health plans, allowing you to sign on to a plan that is right for your organization. The EPO options offer good value with low rates.

CDPHP Health Plans [EPO/PPO] require a minimum of 50% enrollment of all full-time employees. HMO plans have no participation requirements. No referrals are needed. National network access is available through the FirstHealth National network for claims arising outside of New York State.

To search the MD network click link –  CDPHP Doctor Search

Asset 15-8.png

MVP is available in most counties North of New York City. EPO, PPO and high-deductible [HSA/HRA] plans are available through MVP Health Care. MVP currently has no minimum enrollment requirements. Groups of two or more employees or groups as few as one employee can enroll. Additionally, you can enroll out of area employees without restriction utilizing the Cigna national network.

 To search the MD network click link -  MVP doctor search

Univera Healthcare is a subsidiary of Excellus Blue Cross. Univera is primarily a Buffalo region (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, and Wyoming counties) health insurance provider. Univera offers EPO, PPO and High deductible [HAS/HRA] health plans. Univera requires 75% participation after valid waivers. Univera also offers individual plans in these regions.

 To search the MD network click link - Univera Healthcare Doctor Search

Asset 3-8.png

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield – Excellus offers PPO and high-deductible [HSA/HRA] in the Utica, Syracuse and Rochester regions. Excellus require 75% participation after valid waivers. Excellus also offers individual plans in these areas.

 To search the MD network click link -  Excellus Blue Cross Doctor Search 

We are happy to answer any of your questions at NY Small Health.

Oxford Health Plans Small Business Health Insurance

Oxford Health Plans small business health insurance is perfect when a large network and employee choice really matters. This allows for multiple plans to be offered side by side, giving employers the option to provide multiple price points for their employees to choose from and in turn increasing employee’s satisfaction with their health insurance plans.

2023 Oxford ALL Networks Fact Sheet 2023 New York Oxford Networks Participating Hospitals

There are 3 provider networks to choose from: Oxford Freedom Network Oxford Liberty Network Oxford Metro Network   – Combined, these three networks provide the largest provider network options available of all carriers. Prices range from low to high depending on the network chosen. Oxford offers plans with and without referrals. All plans require 60% enrolled after valid other coverage waivers. No other carrier can be written alongside Oxford. MGMT carve-outs allowed.

To receive a quote on Small Business Health Insurance plans or request rates,  click here to schedule a free consult with us.

Oxford Affordable Small Business Health Plans

NATIONAL NETWORK ACCESS  - With Oxford  Freedom Network you get national network access when traveling outside of the tri-state area thru United Healthcare’s Choice Plus network. Starting September 1, 2022, the Liberty Network offers Out-of Area coverage through United Healthcare’s Core Network.

MULTIPLE NETWORKS - Oxford offers three distinct networks to choose from. Freedom Network is the largest network available, Liberty Network is slightly smaller and the Metro Network has the lowest price point as there are fewer providers to choose from, helping to save employees money.

OFFER UP TO 3 PLANS FOR EMPLOYEE CHOICE - Oxford allows 3 or more plans to be offered side by side depending on group size. Having the ability to offer multiple networks and metal tier plans side by side allows employees a choice to choose the plan that best fits their individual needs.

TOP-NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE - Oxford continually excels at their customer service for both employees and benefit administrators alike. Short to no hold times to speak to a representative, quick resolutions for billing and claim issues, and US based member services department make it easy to work with Oxford when an infrequent issue arises.

For additional small business health insurance information visit our Group Health Main page

Still have questions? Visit our Group Health FAQ

Click Here for  United Healthcare/Oxford Provider Search - When selecting plan, choose Liberty, Metro or Freedom network depending on plan you are choosing.  Starting September 1, 2022, for those searching providers in the Liberty Network for Out-of Area  coverage  click here and scroll down and choose the Core Network.

For "Owner Only" eligibility requirements,  click here.

FREE Oxford Small Group Health Quote

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Professional Group Plans

Oxford/UHC 2022 Rate Filings

Posted on June 10, 2021

See below from Oxford/UHC

In compliance with the New York Prior Approval law, UnitedHealthcare is mailing notices this month about its rate filings (requested rates) to impacted New York small business certificate and policy holders with renewal dates in 2022.

Notices will be sent to the following policy and certificate holders:

The initial notice informs customers and subscribers (certificate and policy holders) of a community-rated product (e.g., individual subscribers, small groups, small group subscribers) about a health insurance company’s application with the New York State Department of Financial Services for a rate adjustment. Impacted groups and subscribers will be sent a second notice with the approved rate adjustment 60 days prior to their 2022 renewal dates.

Please familiarize yourself with these notices should your customers have questions.

More information More information is available in the form of a narrative summary and a numerical summary. Impacted groups can view the summaries at: • Oxford small groups: uhceservices.com > Tools & Resources > Federal & State Notices > Oxford – New York • UnitedHealthcare small groups: uhc.com > Legal > Required State Notices > New York

Subscribers can view the summaries on their member website:

• myuhc.com > Legal > Required State Notices > New York More information also can be found on the New York Department of Financial Services’ website .

If you have questions, please contact your sales representative.

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Professional Group Plans

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Millennium Medical Solutions Inc.

2022 NY Small Group Health Plans

by Admin. | Nov 1, 2021

2022 NYC Small Group Health Plans

Reward your employees with great health insurance and group benefits. See the latest affordable plans for small businesses offering coverage with nationally ranked doctors in New York – plus perks that employees love.

Empire 2022, ​ 1. empire blue cross blue shield.

Empire Blue Cross 2022

Additionally, all 3 networks, Empire EPO/PPO, Blue Access, Empire Connections will offer access to the national BlueCard PPO program. As a result of Empire Blue Cross’s participation in the  BlueCard PPO program  members enjoy an unparalleled national access network to 96% of hospitals and 93% of doctors across the country. This national program will be on 18 of the 28 plans below.

  Read More

Emblem 2022.

mblemHealth, formerly GHI and HIP, has recapitalized and reloaded dynamic plan offerings for 2022. They have had stable 3 years of single-digit increases. Emblem has added a new 3rd network, Millennium Network, to its stellar lineup of Hip Prime and Select Care Network. The discounts vary between 8% and 15% discount

1. Prime Network : Largest Emblem Network. – newly expanded 123,000 Providers Tristate.

oxford small group plans 2022

CT  – The ConnectiCare HMO Network has 17,000 primary care providers and specialists, and 33 hospitals in all eight counties in the State of Connecticut.

NJ  – The QualCare HMO Network includes 26,000 primary care providers and specialists, and 76 hospitals in all 21 counties across the State of New Jersey.

2. Select Care Network – Balance between cost/size – 51,000 Providers. 28 Counties NY Only. 

                                              read more, healthfirst 2022.

Healthfirst Non-profit Insuring NYC

        3.    2022 Healthfirst Plans

Healthfirst has released affordable new 2022 plans for NY small businesses and not a moment too soon. The only non-profit Health Insurer owned by hospitals has kept market low rates with a modest  4.1% INCREASE for 2022 . By integrating a Hospital/Provider medical approach Healthfirst has been successfully delivering value for the 5 boroughs.

oxford small group plans 2022

Value-Based Care Model

All Metal Levels will be included for all size groups including 1-99 market. Referrals are NOT needed to visit a Specialist MD but one must select a Primary Care Physician on the enrollment form.

Oxford Metro 2022

5.    2022 oxford metro network ny.

Oxford Metro and Garden State Combined

The NY network has grown to approx. 13,000 Primary Care Providers, 32,000 Specialists, and 85 hospitals.  Furthermore, the  Oxford Garden State  network has been added as well onto the Metro Network.  The Garden State network alone has access to 19,000 physicians and 67 hospitals.

All Metal Levels will be included for all size groups including 1-99 & 100+. The new Oxford Metro plan will be limited to NY and NJ Garden State Network Providers. Referrals will be needed to see Specialists.  Importantly, most NY Hospitals will be participating with the EXCEPTION of NYU Health System, North Shore LIJ Health System (NorthWell Health), and Maimonides Medical Center. In addition, certain key medical IPA Groups such as Caremount, formerly Mt Kisko Medical Group,  are NOT in the network.

With over three decades of combined experience working with all of the major insurance companies, we put business owners in the driver’s seat to buy a company policy on their terms and their budget. Most business owners enjoy the transparency and the peace of mind of an affordable group health insurance policy that’s aligned with their needs and the needs of their employees.

We offer group health insurance and more for your small business or even insurance planning for your personal needs. Just scroll up and click the insurance image for more information.

Please contact us TODAY or  schedule a demo   for a customized analysis for your group-specific needs at [email protected] or Call (855) 667-4621.

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Group Health Insurance NY for small business

Oxford Health Plans Review

What would our New York Best health Insurance Companies list be without a review of Oxford Health Plans? Oxford is one of the leading providers of small group health insurance in the eastern United States.

Oxford Health Plans operates business in the Northeast and is owned by its parent company UnitedHealthcare. In 2004, Oxford and UnitedHealth Group merged to form one of the largest health insurance companies in the United States. UnitedHealthCare has been ranked by Fortune Magazine seven years in a row as one of the world’s most admired companies in the insurance and managed care sector.

Oxford Health Plans: History

Oxford health plans review

The company founders wanted to bring an efficient alternative to traditional health insurance and change the delivery of health care to patients. They sought to develop new ways to deliver cost-effective care to patients with chronic health conditions by introducing the Health Maintenance Organization – HMO’s – to health care professionals.

The HMO concept was widely popular across the United States but not on the east coast region. At the time, the new company faced a difficult, up hill battle by trying to convince doctors and hospitals to embrace the new managed care concept.

In 1987, the company’s first full year in business, Oxford generated more than $5 million in annual premium making it one of the fastest growing managed care companies on the east coast. In less than 10 years, Oxford would be grossing nearly $2 billion in annual revenues creating one of the largest health care providers in the eastern region.

Oxford Group Health Plans

The company primarily provides medical insurance to employer groups with less than 100 employees located in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Oxford gives its members access to one of the largest networks of doctors and hospitals in the United States.

Oxford health plans quote

Oxford offers (HMO) plans POS plans, PPO and EPO plans, as well as provides dental insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid plans. In 2016 the company withdrew their individual health plans from the Government and state exchanges as well as the consumer marketplace.

Oxford Metro Network

Let’s begin with Oxford’s newest network – The Metro Network. This network was introduced to small businesses in 2016. Since it is relatively new, it has the smallest participation of doctors and hospitals.  Metro is the lowest-priced Oxford plan of all three network options available in the New York service area.

As of 2019, the Metro Network boasts about 50,000 enrolled members and serves in the following areas:

58%: 5 Boroughs – Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island 28%: Nassau/Suffolk 14%: Westchester County

The Metro does not offer National coverage whereas, Liberty and Freedom are accepted Nationwide. Metro plans also require doctor referrals from the Primary Care Physician (PCP).

The Liberty Network

The next step up from the Metro Network is the Liberty Network. It is estimated that Liberty plans have the second largest network of health care providers compared to the Freedom Network. Liberty HMO plans do not have employee participation requirements so these plans are a good fit for a business with only a few employees. A small business with only 2 employees could qualify for the HMO plan provided there is at least 1 employee on payroll.

The Liberty PPO and EPO plans require a 60% minimum employee participation to enroll in these plans. EPO and PPO plans have national coverage through the Unitedhealthcare Choice Plus network.

Oxford Freedom Network

The Freedom Plan has the largest network of participation of doctors and hospitals in the eastern region. It also has National coverage through the Unitedhealthcare Choice Plus network. Freedom plans have the best health care coverage options but they are also the most expensive health plans Oxford has to offer. This network is good for a small business that wants to offer the most comprehensive coverage to its employees and is willing to pay more for highest level of coverage.

Oxford Health Plans – Pros

Oxford makes our list of one of our top health plan providers in New York because it is one of the most widely accepted health coverage in the tristate area. The company offers over 100 health plans within their 3 networks; The Freedom Network, Liberty Network and the new Metro Network.

Within Oxford’s 3 networks, they offer several different health plan designs to fit just about any small business. The plans which are available are; EPO Plans (Exclusive Provider Organization) PPO Plans (Preferred Provider Organization), HMO Plans (Health Maintenance Organization) and HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts).

All plans provide coverage to a vast network of doctors and hospitals in the New York region. Downstate coverage areas include: The 5 boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Upstate coverage includes Westchester, Duchess, Orange and Sullivan Counties. The Freedom and Liberty networks provide national coverage through the Unitedhealthcare Choice Plus network. In short, if you are looking for a health plan with one of the best networks of coverage, Oxford is tough to beat.

Oxford Health Plans – Cons

Most people have a love, hate relationship with insurance companies. While some people love their health insurance plan, others actually despise it. Those that hate their health plan file complaints against the insurance company about not getting reimbursed or approved for some medical procedures or not getting certain medications authorized.

Much of the negativity surrounding any insurance company including Oxford, comes from people not understanding how their insurance plan works. However, there are probably many legitimate complaints about the company not covering certain procedures or being slow to reimburse medical expenses.

If you are having trouble getting through to Oxford about coverage or reimbursement concerns, try this: Call Oxford’s Customer Service at: 800-666-1353. Press 1, say “something else”, then “benefits,” to be put through immediately to the Provider’s Service Department. Compliments of gethuman.com

Another downside to Oxford health plans is they have some of the most expensive health plans in the region. I guess when you are one of top providers of health care, you can charge just about anything you want.

However, some small businesses are willing to pay more to offer their employees Oxford’s better health plan coverage along with their extensive network of providers. If price is a concern for your small business, CareConnect offers health plans that are about 20% cheaper than Oxford.

Closing Thoughts

Oxford Health Plans is one of the most premier providers of health insurance in the New York Tri-State area. If your company insures more than 5 employees, Oxford will allow you to offer up to 3 health plans, as long as one plan includes a Health Savings Account (HSA). For more information or a free group health plan quote call: 914-633-1717.

Address: 189 Route 100 Somers, NY 10589 Email: [email protected] Phone: 800-234-3702 Local: 914-633-1717

We are your new york group health insurance experts servicing the greater New York area. We are located at 189 Route 100, Somers, NY 10589, Tel. 800-234-3702. Call for expert advice and quotes for your small business group health insurance needs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Brewster, Bronx, Long Island, White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle , Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco , Harrison and other communities in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties. We provide friendly group benefits service with our top-trained insurance consultants. Our staff can assist you with group health insurance, group dental, group life insurance, group disability and voluntary benefits for your New York small business. Call us today for all your group insurance needs!

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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