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Federal Communications Commission

Industrial / Business Licensing

Individuals or entities desiring to operate on frequencies listed in the Industrial/Business Pool are required to obtain a radio station license for these frequencies.

Below is some helpful information to aid you with the licensing process.

Licensing Process


Emission Designators

Designator Examples

Frequency coordinators.

Below 800 MHz Coordinators

800/900 mhz coordinators, radio service code, preparing to license.

Antenna Information

Shared Frequencies

Available Cities


  1. PPT

    temporary frequency assignment

  2. Temporary Assignment Vol. 5 by K.B. Winters & Evie Monroe Release Blitz 1/20/16

    temporary frequency assignment

  3. Temporary Assignment Vol. 3 by K.B. Winters & Evie Monroe Release Blitz 1/6/15

    temporary frequency assignment

  4. frequency assignment

    temporary frequency assignment

  5. Frequency Analysis

    temporary frequency assignment

  6. Frequency Assignment

    temporary frequency assignment


  1. Section 9.1 Frequency Distributions

  2. Frequency Distribution + Measure of Central Tendency (GROUPED)TAGALOG TUTORIAL

  3. Life is a Temporary Assignment

  4. Frequency assignment Meaning

  5. Lecture 16 Specifications of Frequency Response




    densities do not exceed assignment restrictions. (2) With concurrent operations in adjacent or overlapping geographic areas, to ensure composite pulse density restrictions are not exceeded. b. Individual units will deconflict operations to ensure compliance with frequency assignment restrictions. If local units are unable to deconflict, the

  2. FCC Frequency Assignment Databases

    FCC Frequency Assignment Databases The following is an index to radio assignment information extracted from the various licensing systems at the Commission and made available to the public via the Commissions Web site.

  3. UNCLASSIFIED Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Conference ...

    SAMPLE FREQUENCY ASSIGNMENT REQUEST – Type of Assignment: Temporary – Name of Assignment: Link 16 Mission Enhancement – Location of Operation (Include Military Bases, Restricted Areas, Warning Areas, Military Operating Areas, if applicable): Edwards AFB (200 nm around 345424N1175446W)

  4. Chapter 10 Procedures for the Review of ...

    authorization of radiation (with a temporary frequency assignment) in support of experimentation for systems that radiate into the environment and are subject to these procedures. Certification at Stage 2 may be requested for new technological concepts, modified operational equipment, or initial design models that can be used to determine

  5. Industrial / Business Licensing

    This frequency coordination process is intended to make more efficient use of the PLMR spectrum for the benefit of all members of the public. In general, applications for new frequency assignments, changes to existing facilities or operation at temporary locations must include a showing of frequency coordination (See CFR 47, Section 90.175).