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20 High School Welding Project Ideas

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Whether you are a high schooler yourself or a teacher looking for interesting projects for your welding technology classes, you’ll find many interesting and unique ideas in this article.

Many teenagers get their first welding experience in high school, sometimes even in junior high. Metal fabrication classes are typically more interesting for students, but the selection of welding projects matters a lot. So, let’s see some interesting projects ranging from scrap metal welding to more complex metal fabrication but with a focus on basic skills.

High School Welding Projects Ideas

1. a standard steel cube.

This is a very basic project providing the elemental TIG welding experience. It’s perfect for an absolute beginner student that has just joined a welding department. There is no wrong way to weld it – you can only learn from it. What makes this project interesting is the need to weld a uniform shape without too much warping and distortion.

See the Project Here

2. Phone Stand From Scrap Metal

There is no teenager today without a smartphone. So it’s a good idea for a welding instructor to have their students make this simple phone stand. They’ll use it every day and it will show them that welding is an applied technology on a simple example.

3. Making a Welder’s Third Hand

Most welders use this helpful tool in their shop, and most people make it themselves. It makes a good project for high school welding program students because they can use it for the duration of the program. This small project teaches self-reliance in the welding trade. If you don’t have a tool, you can make it, if you have the necessary welding skill.

4. Welding an infinity Cube From Square Tubing

While this project looks intimidating, it’s easy to make, especially if you divide the welding process into multiple classes. It teaches patience and corner welding. Students love welding projects like these, and they’ll have something interesting to remember their welding program by. Additionally, they’ll show it to their friends and family, who’ll be stunned by their skills, further strengthening the students’ love for the trade.

5. Simple Industrial Pencil Holder

Making a small industrial pencil holder like this requires just the essential welding skill and a few square steel tubes. It’s a perfect project for high schoolers just entering technical education. It can be welded with a gas metal arc welding process because it doesn’t require a precise finish. Alternatively, you can instruct students to try TIG welding it and compare the results.

6. Welding Table


Creating a welding table is an excellent group project for high school welders. It’s unrealistic for a single welding student to make it themselves unless they are really motivated. But if everyone participates, they’ll learn the value of teamwork and create a table they can all work on for the rest of the welding program. Afterward, you can decide who gets to keep it; maybe it can be a motivation besides the grade.

7. Welding a Sign From Rebar


Rebar is an excellent metal for welding technology and metal fabrication classes. It’s easy to shape and doesn’t require many welding skills to join rebar. Welding a sign can also be a group project. Maybe the students can weld the school’s or their town’s name.

8. Welding Table Torch Holder

This is a useful high school welding project focusing on plasma cutting and metal shaping. It’s relatively simple to make and remains as an item the welding student will use even after they graduate from the program.

9. TIG Weld a Pyramind

Instead of just running horizontal beads, which can get boring after a while, have your students weld pyramids. After the initial shape is completed, running flat beads will give the pyramids a beautiful look while making the learning process more fun.

10. Welding Art Portraits

If you have a particularly artistic student, giving them a task to “paint” with the TIG arc instead of a paintbrush may attract their attention. This project on Instructables was done by a grateful student who “painted” their instructors on metal sheets as a parting gift. It’s an excellent inspiration for high schoolers who are in the age of trying new things and learning as they go.

11. TIG Welding a Polygonal Steel Vase


This is a project for a motivated high school welding technology student. It takes quite a lot of measuring, cutting, and welding, but the end result is fascinating, as will be their career if they successfully complete this project.

12. Welding a Chipping Hammer

Every welder needs a chipping hammer to peel off the slag. It’s an awesome beginner project because you can’t really go wrong with it. Plus, you can always upgrade your hammer by making a better one as your skills grow.

13. Creating a Welding Electrodes Storage Container

Making a rods container is an interesting welding project your students can use throughout their careers. Also, since it’s made of metal, it’ll be a reminder of their classes even years in the future.

14. Christmas Tree Star

This is a rather challenging project meant for high school students with previous welding experience. Welding pipes at steep angles is difficult, especially if the resulting joint needs a sharp tip like with the star.

15. Making a Rebar Clamp

Clamps are essential for the successful welding of complex parts. Making one from rebar is an excellent learning opportunity covering welding, metal shaping, and grinding.

16. Welding an Outdoor Bench

This welding project by Lincoln Electric is excellent as a group activity. It is relatively simple to make, requiring welding hollow steel tubes only. You can donate it to the school grounds after it’s complete, and it can stay as a testimony of the successful generation of welding students.

17. Horseshoe Cowboy Candle Holder

If you are looking for a fun little project involving welding, grinding, and metal bending, this might be it. It’s perfect for a metal fabrication class where a multi-disciplinary approach is taken, and the focus is not on welding alone.

18. Welding a Functional Guitar From Steel

If you have students that are a part of a band or the school’s music faculty, this could be a perfect group project. It takes much planning and work, but everything is possible with a helpful welding instructor.

19. Making a Hammer From Rebar

This very basic project requires little to no previous welding skills, but it leaves a great sense of accomplishment. It requires many welds, which don’t need to be perfect, making it a great project to motivate the students.

20. Welding a Metal Rug

Requiring nothing but scrap metal tubing cut at short lengths, it’s a cheap, practical high school welding project. It’s perfect for laying first tack welds by teenagers because it’s useful and allows for a lot of creative freedom.

Wrapping Up

If you are a teenager yourself, reading this article, make sure that you are welding with the appropriate personal protective equipment, in the presence of an adult, and with their permission. Welding is a fantastic trade, but it’s also hazardous. Welding fumes can be life-threatening if you are welding certain metals that the inexperienced welder can’t detect.

Arc flash can damage the eyesight permanently, while burns resulting from the molten metal spatter can leave scars. So, if you are not experienced, don’t do anything on your own.

If you are a welding instructor, we hope you’ve found some exciting project ideas in this article to inspire a new generation of welders!

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school welding projects

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Jeff Grill hails from Long Island, a 118 mile stretch of land that starts just off the coast of Manhattan and stretches deep into the Atlantic ocean. He has always been interested in welding from an early age and has the cuts and bruises to prove it as he set out to work with a variety of metals.

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20 High School Welding Projects To Try Today (With Videos)

Last Updated on Jan 31 2023

welded metal frame

Whether you’re in high school or are just a novice at welding, we’ve compiled a list of relatively simple projects that you should be able to tackle even with limited access to equipment. In fact, many of these barely requires more than a welder and grinder. Whether you have a little or a lot of equipment, take a look at these 20 projects.

The 20 High School Welding Projects Are:

Teenagers get a bad rap for using their phones too much, while the truth is that people of all ages are addicted. But if you use your phone, you might as well have something to rest it on! This little phone stand is made from pieces of angle iron that are notched according to the dimensions of your phone. Then bolts are added for the feet as well as the back so that it can rest tilted. It’s easy to make and shouldn’t take that long either.

Who doesn’t need a good storage container? This is great not only for your shop but could even be used as a part of a desk organizer. This box is made from plate that is welded together. The lid is also a piece of plate attached to the box with a hinge made from threaded rod and nuts. The latch itself is made of a piece of thinner plate and a bent nail. This is a great project to practice your welding.

Every welder needs a slag hammer. Even if you are only welding MIG and TIG right now, there will come a time when you need to chip some slag or knock off some dross from torch cutting. Half the battle with this project will be grinding down your piece of plate and using your metal file to achieve the desired surface of your hammer head. After you’ve completed that, it will be easier to weld the chain to the head as well as tacking the chain links together, so they don’t move.

This little vise will come in handy for any woodworking project you might have. It’s made of a piece of plate for the base, two pieces of tube on the plate, and a bolt that passes through one piece of tube steel as the clamp itself. The jaws are made of wood, so they’re easy to replace and great for working with softer material. Probably the most difficult part of the project is tapping the end of the bolt.

This fire pit is made from an old lawn roller and some pieces of tube steel for the legs. Even though this project has a specific type of cylinder, any cylinder or drum will do as long as it’s made of metal. The top of the roller is cut off, notched, and bent outward so that you can form a lid that will fit over the top. A plasma cutter is used to make several holes in the side of the cylinder for aeration. The tubing is notched so that they can interlock, and they are welded to the side to hold up the cylinder.

This little hexagonal planter is something you could hang in your living room to grow herbs or succulents. The design is pretty straightforward. It would serve you well to ensure that your layout of parts to cut is accurate before you start cutting.

Once you’ve got all your pieces, tack them up along the main hexagonal plate and weld them out. Ensure you’ve welded the bottom completely because you don’t want dirty water dripping all over your wall. Once you’ve finished welding, you can create a small hole with a drill on the backside of the planter so you can hang it.

Welding is just as much comfort as it is technique. Processes such as TIG welding require you to have dexterity, accuracy, and stability to make good welds. Having something to lean against is tremendously helpful. This armrest is made of a piece of pipe attached to another piece of vertical pipe welded to a baseplate. The armrest can slide up and down along the vertical pipe and is tightened in place by a bolt on the arm.

You can never have enough clamps or useful jigs. Keeping things square is essential when performing fit-ups. You can make the perfect jig with just a few small welds on pieces of angle and flat bar. All you have to do is clamp the workpiece to the angle. The most important aspect of this project is not necessarily the dimensions you cut your material but the angle at which you miter and tack them together.

You might be wondering why exactly this one makes our list. It looks awfully complicated, doesn’t it? The truth is that it’s not terribly complicated, just very time-consuming. If you’re in a metal shop class or taking a class at a community college, you probably have access to a lot of the equipment shown in the video.

The main body of the grill is made from a large piece of bent sheet metal and capped off on either end by two other pieces. The grate is made from round bar. You’ll notice the fabricator does his due diligence in ensuring that the grate stays flat and makes the proper adjustments after distortion. You don’t want anything sliding off your grill!

Getting organized isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s best just to start small, and this case is no different. Build this simple pencil holder from varied lengths of smaller square tubing which are then welded to a small piece of plate. It’ll spice up your desk and give it that rustic look, or maybe you need somewhere to put your soapstone in the shop. Either way, there’s no real reason not to build this since it’ll only take a few minutes.

This is an excellent project for beginner welders. If you’re tired of welding tee joints and butt welds, this will be a nice change of pace. The welds are entirely outside corner joints. They are trickier because it is easy to blow through the material, so it tests your technique and knowledge of machine settings.

Once you weld up the cubes, you will have a cool set of decorative dice. Just be sure to drill the holes before you weld, or you will trap gas and heat inside the cube leading to distortion.

The first step is to take a piece of thin flat bar and bend it around a radius of the desired circle size. Once you’ve bent it, weld it together at the ends; this will become the outer rim of the stool. Fill the circle entirely with varying-sized hexagonal nuts (you can use the same size if you wish). Tack all the nuts together and to the flat bar as well. The legs made of round bar are then fit up in a fixture at an outward angle and secured with cross braces on all four sides.

Cut out one side of a small piece of tube steel and drill a hole in an adjacent side for a piece of threaded rod. This rod then goes through a nut into the hole. The nut is welded in place, and at the outside end of the rod, a wingnut is welded. A small gusset-type plate is welded on the backside of the tube. A piece of pipe, which is the holder itself, is welded to the gusset. The pipe is capped off on one end by a washer. This not only allows post-flow gas to escape but also for the wire to stick out if necessary.

If you have old horseshoes lying around then you’re in luck, especially if you like the rustic aesthetic. Butt up the toe ends of three horseshoes together and tack them together. Then place a piece of pipe that fits nicely in the center of the horseshoes and tack it to the horseshoes. You can either weld the end cap on the top of the pipe before or after. We recommend before to avoid spatter on your horseshoes.

If you’re looking at this video and wondering how bending the round bar into hooks is easy, hang on a second. Before you start building this coatrack, check out a quick tutorial here on making a simple rod bender.

The design for the coatrack in this video is optional. You could leave it square on the corners and simply buff off the sharp edges or make the design from the video. The big issue is to ensure that your hooks are bent enough so that they won’t let any coats slip off. When you drill your holes, ensure they are just 1/16 inches wider in diameter than your fasteners.

This would make a nice little decoration for your desk or a thoughtful gift for a bike enthusiast friend. The wheels are two hexagonal nuts connected by a bolt. Two Allen wrenches are tacked on either side of one nut for the handles. The video shows it being welded with Stick. If that’s all you’ve got, then it’s okay, but it will be easier if you have a MIG or TIG welder handy. These are small parts, after all.

Sometimes when you are trying to fit up two pieces of plate side-by-side as a but joint, it’s hard to get the plates to come together flush and even. One is either higher than the other because of an uneven surface, or the material was just plain warped when it came out of the mill.

Either way, this little tool helps remedy some of that. It is small, so don’t expect miracles. For what it is, just a tiny piece of angle with a little clamp, it gets the job done!

The legs of this espalier are built from pieces of angle iron which are then welded to pieces of plate. This becomes the support for the entire structure. The posts are pieces of tube steel, and the cross beams are flat bar. The whole structure is then mounted to the wall with brackets formed from parts of flat bar that are bent and drilled. This project is especially suited to beginners because there is a high tolerance for precise measurements.

Bend a piece of shorter diameter round bar around a radius so that it fits somewhat close (but not tight) around your gas cylinder. Then tack two to four pieces (the video shows four) of the same thickness round bar to the formed piece of round bar. These will become your hooks.

Once you are satisfied with the fit, bend your hooks with pliers or a rod bender. It shouldn’t be too difficult if your diameter is on the shorter side. This hook will treat you well and keep your helmet secure on your bottle cart.

This list needs more cowbell! The hardest part about this project for a novice will be cutting the pieces to the proper shape. Just be sure that they’re symmetrical and you’ll be okay. The clapper itself is made of a nut that hangs by a piece of wire (even welding wire from your MIG machine will work here).  The round bar works as the handle after you’ve bent it.

We can’t vouch for the safety of all of the practices you’ve seen in these videos. Some people are using cutoff wheels without gloves and eye protection . The goal of these videos is to get you to understand the basic principles of fabrication. For best safety practices, always consult your equipment user manuals and use personal protective equipment.

Featured Image Credit: seeshooteatrepeat, Shutterstock

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Aaron is a Pacific Northwest native. He worked in landscaping from a young age which eventually led him to start his own small-scale business. He then turned his attention to welding. He has worked as a welder and fitter on Portland and Tacoma waterfronts building railcars, bridges, and marine structures. Bringing together the theoretical aspects of fabrication with the nitty-gritty is something he's enthusiastic about. In his free time, he enjoys coffee, playing guitar, and playing cribbage with his wife. He is currently a graduate student in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Welding can Mend the Soul

The 10 Best Welding Projects for High Schoolers

While you may think that they should start teaching kids at an earlier age, many high schools have a welding program to help the kids start learning trades as they get older. High school students are more capable of understanding the ins and outs of the more labor-intensive projects. Since many times they do start teaching kids about Middle School age how to weld, high schoolers typically have more of an understanding of the process. Once you have gone over the safety precautions and the basic weld techniques, you will want to give projects to them that will challenge their knowledge and approve upon their skills.

These welding projects will allow them to see how the welds improve as they do certain things and make sure that they are using the correct welding equipment and electrodes. If you’re going to teach kids, it would be important to teach them all the different techniques and types of welding. However, arc welding tends to be a little easier for them to pick up so I would start with that one and move on to the others as your budget allows. Having said that, I have compiled a list of 10 projects that should help guide your student’s creativity and understanding of the process. Take a look at the list and see if any of them give you any ideas for your next training class.

Before Starting

There are a few things that you need before getting started. First, you will want to gather the materials that you will need. Most of the time the price for the material will vary from area to area so you will need to check your local retailer. If you want to use scrap metal to build the unit, you can typically get the metal for about $0.40 per pound at a local scrap metal yard. You can modify the design of most of these projects so that you can use scrap metal. This will just depend on what you are looking for.

Once you have the material you need, you will want to make sure you have the tools that you need. Here is a list of the tools that will be needed for all of the projects.

There may be other special tools or considerations that you need before starting some of the projects. These extra items will be listed with the project. You also want to make sure that you have a well-ventilated area to work on your project.

1) Welding Table

school welding projects

Beginning to intermediate

While this is a bigger project, it consists mostly of tee joints, corner joints, and spot welds. The main difficulty in this project is its’ size.

Additional Tools/Space Needed

Materials needed.

Skills Needed

Arc welding, basic engineering, and design

Why You Should Choose This Project

This piece will give your students a place to weld and a sense of accomplishment because they get to use something that they made. Although it is bulky, it is a useful piece that is relatively easy to put together. Having said that, the skills needed to weld this project are only the basics so once you have completed their training, this is a good task that will allow them to continue on with the learning. 

2) Tray Table

For this tray table, I have chosen a simplistic design that is 2 19.5 x 29.5 in frames with 4 39.5 in legs separating them in whatever configuration you would like. You can top this table with a piece of sheet metal or wood if you would like. Although simplistic in design, if done correctly, this can be a stylish and unique piece.

While this is a bigger project, it consists mostly of Tee Joints, corner joints, and spot welds. The main difficulty in this project is its’ size.

With a project like this, it can be put together in multiple different configurations. This will allow the student a little more leeway in the design of the unit. Plus, this being a functional piece, it will be more important for them to learn to produce a smooth weld. If you choose to use wood on the top, this will give you an opportunity to teach your students about how to incorporate wood and metal pieces. However, if you decide to have them build a metal tray, they will want to make sure that the welds are nice and smooth so that the piece is as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You can make the piece as nice or as rustic as possible so that it will fit in with any decor.

3) Fire Pit

Our Firepit by danielfarrell, on Flickr

While this is a fairly simple project, it is a large project. Cutting the triangular pieces of metal in half so that you can use the wider bottom piece of the triangle to build the bottom in a square configuration and use the top half of the triangle to build the inside of a fire pit. This will require cutting it in precise angles to get the look that you’re wanting. Once welded, the piece should look like an angle piece of metal up bending down into the pit. This design is for a square fire pit but if you are looking for something different you can change it up as much as you would like.

While this is a bigger project, it consists mostly of Tee Joints, corner joints, and spot welds. The main difficulty in this project is its size.

Straight edge and chalk, hammer, tape measure, and heat proof paint if wanted

The angles on this project have to be very precise to get the pieces to meet so that they can be welded together. You can change the angles depending upon the look that you’re wanting to achieve. This will allow the students to make slight changes in the design to make their firepit either taller or shorter. Having said that, this project will have long, even welds that need to be smooth in order to achieve a good aesthetic. If you do decide to have them paint the piece, make sure they use heat proof paint so that it will not peel.

4)  Tree Jewelry Holder

This artistically unique piece is created by joining two quarter-inch metal dowels that have been welded together to a plate so that they look like a tree. You will bend the unwelded upper part out to create the major branches. Welding one or two other pieces on to create more large branches for the smaller dowels. Then take the 8th-inch dowels and randomly place them around the larger limbs to create a tree looking structure. Make sure to keep the limbs level or pointed up so that the jewelry will not slide off. This, of course, is only one design for the piece there are many others out there that can be substituted that will give you a different look depending on the decor that it will be fitting in with.

Even though this is not a large project, it does consist of quite a few accurate welds and will test their ability to produce smooth joint

Materials Needed 

While the welds in this project are not terribly long, they need to be more accurate to produce an aesthetically pleasing piece. This will teach your students better accuracy and control and also give them more leeway when it comes to the design of the piece. The fact that this project is as customizable as it is, helps to create a wonderful project to get the kids interested with.

5) Tool Tote Tray

Every worker needs a good tool tote so this is a good project for a beginner. A simple design, this tote uses 2-inch sidewalls that are welded to a base to create sides of the box. The 4-inch wide pieces become the end caps. Cut from the top of the weld in the corner up to the middle of the end cab. This will turn it into a triangle at the top. Then weld the 1-inch steel tube between the two peaks from one end to the other to create a handle. This makes a simple tool tote that is rather strong and useful.

This is a  smaller project, but it requires a few long straight welds which can pose a problem if the student is not ready. I would say that this project is somewhere between beginner and intermediate.

This is a good project to test a student’s accuracy with because there are several long welds that must be performed. It is not as important with this piece to make sure the welds are clean, however, it will make the piece look more aesthetically pleasing. Having said that, this is also a useful piece once they get it finished. This and the workbench make good first projects so that the student will have them to use for the other projects.

6) Steel Washer Bowl

school welding projects

The difficulty with this piece lies in the design and making sure that washers touch in the appropriate places.

While this is a small project that helps teach the student about using templates to produce the desired shape, it will also help with their welding skills because it requires a certain amount of precision to make sure the washers are connected well and will not come apart. Once finished, this can make an aesthetically pleasing piece that can be used in any setting.  Plus, it allows the student to customize and create your own designs that they can use to build the bowl with and if they like the outcome they are more likely to continue on with welding throughout life.

7) 5×7 Metal Picture Frames

Pivoting Picture Frame by HousingWorksPhotos, on Flickr

With this project, cut your angle on each end of the inch and a half plate so that you get a sunken look to the picture frame. This will typically be about a 40-degree angle. Then weld the angle iron together to create a slot that the 5 x 7-inch photograph can fit into and tack that to the back of the angled plate that you have welded together. Drill a hole about halfway down the 5-inch span of the half inch angle iron on both ends.

Weld the two 3.5 inch square metal tubing pieces to the 7-inch square metal tubing creating a long u- shape. Drill holes in the center part of the upper inches of the square metal tubing. Run a small bolt through the hole and into the hole that you drilled on the angle iron you can weld this or use a nut to secure it. Once you have done this, it creates a pivot point for the tubing so that it can be moved out and used as a stand for the piece. This piece can be made to look like whatever you would like depending on the type of material used so you can make this piece as nice as you would like.

This small project requires precision welding and angle cutting in order to get the picture frame to look correct. This project would fall somewhere between beginner and intermediate. d

Tools/Space Needed

This project will allow your student to adjust the angle to change the depth of the window. You can use different size plates and different styles of welding to create a unique piece. The welds need to be smooth and precise so that the piece has a nice aesthetic to it. This will help your student with their welding technique.

8) Keychain Holder

For this type of keychain holder, we’ve chosen a simple design. Take the 3, 3.5-inch metal dowels and heat them with a blowtorch using a pair of pliers to bend the end over and create a hook shape. Weld these 3 dowels to the metal plate one about an inch from each end and one in the middle. This project can be highly modified depending upon how many keys you’re looking to hold. If you need more than three sets of keys, you can always double the size of the plate and add three more dowels.

This is a small piece that requires smooth welds so it would fit more towards the beginner portion of the skill level.

blowtorch, drill, clamp, and pliers

While the welds are fairly straightforward, your student will need to shape the hooks before assembly begins. This may be a simple project, but it is a useful one once it is together. You can also modify the design of key holder depending upon the look that you’re wanting. You can even mount the plates on a piece of wood that will give the project a nice rustic look or make it as fancy as you wish.

9) Metal Pencil Holder

A simple design, this pencil holder uses 4, ½ inch square tubes welded to a metal plate to create functionality. Simply align all four tubes from largest to smallest and you should have about a half an inch clearance on all sides. While this is a useful piece, it can be modified and made fancier so that is aesthetically pleasing as well. there are also other fancier designs that can be found so that the unit will fit on any desk. You can even mount the plate on some wood as a nice addition to the piece. 

While this is a useful item, it is not a difficult build. The design of the unit can be changed depending upon the skill level of the student.

This project will help students learn the basics of design and assembly. The welds are smaller and tend to be a tad easier than the normal. Having said that, if they wish, they can modify the design and make it more their own. By doing this, it will allow them to express themselves as well. Once they have mastered arc welding if your budget allows move on to the more advanced types of welding like TIG or MIG.

10) Firewood Rack

To start this unit, you’re going to join two of the 40 inches 1.5-inch metal tubing pieces together with one of the 17 inches 1.5-inch square metal tubing pieces. Do this twice and stand them up with the adjoining bar at the top. Join both of the 40-inch sections together with 2 of the 20 inches 1.5-inch metal tubing pieces one at about one inch off the floor and one at about 8 inches off the floor.

Once you have both sides done, you will weld the two remaining 17-inch pieces from one 20 inches 1.5-inch square tubing to the other creating a crossbar. This will effectively create two shelves, one for wood and one underneath it for newspapers. You will take the two 8 inch pieces of 1-inch metal tubing and weld them to the two 15 inch pieces of 1-inch metal tubing. This will effectively create two L’s that can be welded to the outside of the frame to hold kindling. While this is the normal configuration and size, you can customize many parts of this project to make it nicer or change the size. You can even add more cross members so you can have more shelves.

While this is a larger piece, it is a relatively simple assembly. It is very customizable an adjustable depending upon what the student would like to do with it.

This is a slightly more advanced build that will test their knowledge of design and material. The welds need to be smooth and aesthetically pleasing so that the unit will look good and be functional as well.

In Conclusion

While writing this article, I came across many different projects that would be suitable for high schoolers. If none of these are what you’re looking for, do some research and see what you can come up with. However, I can tell you that these projects are some of the easier that I found. I arranged the difficulty so that they wouldn’t all be easy builds and it would test their skill with the welder. Having said that, let’s teach our kids safety first and then add the welding in on top of that. I hope that you enjoy reading this article as much as I have written it, so let’s find a project and get started.

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These welding projects won't only impress your shop teacher, but your friends and family too!

High school shop class can be a fun or terrifying experience for many high school students. Seeing a finished product after a semester of hard work is all worth it.

We might be a little bias but high school welding projects are way more fun than any high school history or math class ever was.

But, if you’re not sure what to do in the shop and don’t know where to start, we've got some great ideas for you to get started.

Most high school welding instructors will provide you with the basics and a few project ideas to get started. Depending on your class size, some shop teachers even let students venture out on their own and create their own projects.

If you are ready to go beyond the classroom and practice welding at home after school? Here is our favorite low-priced welder we recommend for beginners and high school students.

As a reminder, don't forget about welding safety. Even if other students are engaging in risky behaviors, don't it's not worth losing your eyesight or inhaling harmful fumes.

Note: the below welding ideas were created by student welders and professional welders alike. So don't get discouraged if your project doesn't turn out perfectly the first time.

3D Soccer Ball

school welding projects

Each kit includes everything you need to weld a complete soccer ball. The kit doesn't really come with great instructions, but you are there to learn the process of thinking through a project anyway. It's really not that difficult as there are really only two shapes you'll be welding.  Either way, this is a great display piece, or gift for any sports fan.

Each kit comes with 20 hexagons and 12 Pentagons. They are CNC Laser Cut before being cleaned and ready to weld right from the box.

View Project Details

Aluminum cube kit.

school welding projects

Weld Metals Online offers a variety of welding kits at affordable prices. These kits include everything you need to build a cube. They are easy to use and can be built quickly. Cubes are great tools for testing your fit-ups, tack welds, and outside corners.

You will find that they make excellent projects for the classroom or home shop. If you want the ready to go kit, you can get them from Weld Metals Online. But if on a budget just head over to your local hardware store. All you need is a total of 6 squares.

Jack O Lantern 3D Puzzle

school welding projects

This welding project makes carving pumpkins look like child's play. Perfect for any Fall project. This holiday themed welding project is actually a bit “deceiving”

At first glance you get a simple pumpkin. But flip it around and you have an “evil” pumpkin. Spooky eh.

This project comes from Weld Metals online kits. It's a pretty basic kit, so don't expect much other than the metals, but it will be a fun puzzle for you to solve.

You'll be ready to weld out of the box with everything you need.  Show the neighborhood your pumpkin skills or make a great decoration piece that can go just about anywhere!

Approximate assembled dimensions are 12″ x 13″ x 7″

Star Christmas Tree Topper

school welding projects

Homemade holiday decorations are all the rage. Instead of spending big money at the local Hobby Lobby, build a timeless Christmas tree topper on your own. While simple project, it's also bringing in some interesting engineering feats to the equation. Creating a star may not be all that difficult, but creating a Christmas tree topper that balances perfteclty on the tip top of your tree. We'll that makes the project even more fun.

Check out the kit from Weld Metals Online here. Each 11 piece kit features laser cut 1″ OD tubing with a 0.065″ wall available in Aluminum or Mild steel.

Approximate dimensions:   13″ tall by 10″ wide

school welding projects

Paul Via wanted a large clock to hang on the fireplace chimney in his home. He decided a 30-inch diameter wall clock project would be a great way to give a welding project a go. Via used 1/4-inch round mild steel rods for the inner and outer circles and 5/16-inch rounds for the numbers. The clock was finished with semi-gloss black paint and a single “C” cell battery powers the mechanism.

Fish Artwork

Charles Buster fabricated this trout mobile as an artwork donation to a silent auction fundraiser for a family in the small town where he lives. You don't have to donate your artwork, but this is a fun welding project for any fishing enthusiast.

He welded washers together to form each fish; 5/8-inch washers on the large fish, 5/16-inch on the middle-sized fish, and 1/4-inch on the smallest fish.

To make it all come together, Charles used various colors of spray paint for the finishing touch.

Flexible Shelf

school welding projects

Created by Leners based on a shelf design called Chuck by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn.

It's a wall-mounted shelf with a combination of steel bar and plywood. Let's be real, it's not going to store much, and it's functionality is well debatable. But it sure does look cool.

Perfect for putting a slim shelf in an entry way or narrow hallway.

Yard Cup Holders

school welding projects

Need an accent piece for your firepit? How about a cupholder?

DIY welding projects making yard cup holders created with a Hobart Welder

Combination of steel rod and horseshoe, (horseshoe welding projects are great for beginners as low cost) great for the outside party to hold your cup. Also, the video tutorial for beginners to create the cup holders makes it easy to follow along for beginners.

American Flag

DIY welding projects making American Flag created by Hobarts Welding Products.

This project is going to require a few unique parts they don't necessarily go over in the video. But it's still worth a mention. Hobart does a great job of providing step-by-step instructions. (With the exception of the stars section)

This project will only take you a day or two assuming you have the parts already so it's perfect for any beginner high school student or just a fun easy decor project for your home or garage.

Welded Coffee Table Frame

school welding projects

Here is a great project. That will is great for a beginner, but the finished product should make you look like a pro.

Includes a video tutorial of this welded furniture project for making a coffee table with a detailed plan using a combination of steel bar and wood.

Good for home decor, make it look classy with a gloss finish or rustic with a unique piece of wood.

Aluminum Boat Shop Project

school welding projects

This might be a little extreme for the average high school student. But this boat was created in an Advanced High School metal class.

Todd Rightmire, Career and Technical Education Director at Mt. Baker High School in Deming built in his Advance Metal Class.

The boat is made with 5086 aluminum (1/8” and 3/8”) on the stern. Students used the school’s Lincoln Electric MIG welder .  They also used the Lincoln Precision TIG® 225 welder with a thumb-controlled torch.

It was built for Northwest Washington Fair and won as Grand Champion. This may not work as an individual project, but maybe a great class project.

Just make sure you have enough aluminum and space to build if you plan to build the full size boat.

Steel Cube Box

school welding projects

A 4X4-inch steel cube used as a practice kit for newbie welders is an excellent way to improve their skills. This kind of project helps the novice to exercise their skills, and the design helps to make perfect cube steel so they will no longer need to cut steel and form it into a cube.

DIY Steel Chair for Outdoor Cushions

school welding projects

You can have this DIY steel chair and it is a great idea project for welders and can be set up in your house with this unique project.

This chair is ideal for use as outdoor furniture for family gatherings or any other occasion.

Simply weld the frame to fit the cushion style of your choice.

Camping Stove

school welding projects

Now we are talking about a DIY storm kettle that can be used for survival and camping.

This kettle unique design that you don't need to find a fireplace to place it in because it's all in one. It's simple to use and comes in handy when camping.

Paper Towel Holder

school welding projects

This is the first time I've seen a paper towel holder like this!

The horseshoe pattern on the base is unexpected; I had no idea a horseshoe could be utilized as a towel holder, and its unusual design makes it a nice home decor item.

What is included in a school welding shop? Most high school welding shops include basic welding equipment such as mig and tig welders. High schools with a high interest in welding may also include plasma cutters and other robotic welding equipment. Due to the high costs of equipment for a welding class high school welding shops are often restricted by the schools budget.

What type of welding is done for high school student welding projects? Most high school welding will focus on the basics of mig welding. But this may vary depending on the instructors experience and welding education.

Virtual reality welding in welding schools? Some high schools have begun to implement virtual reality welding in their curriculum. While most AR systems are primarily seen at dedicated welding technician schools they are becoming more popular.

Still haven't found a project you love? Reach out to your welding teachers or a professional welder in your area they will likely have a few more welding projects they have seen in past semesters that they can recommend.

Ready to graduate from your high school course to a full welding school. Check out our top tips for going to welding school here.

Or if you are more of a self-paced learner here are a few of our favorite welding books.

About The Author

Kyle Wicker

Kyle Wicker

Kyle is a DIY welder that loves a good welding project. From creating a custom railing for his new home or fixing an old part. Kyle loves just about any DIY, welding, or woodworking challenge to come his way.

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Project Name: 3D Soccer Ball

Project Category: HS, Easy, Kit

View Complete Project Plans or Details here. (source)

Project Name: Aluminum Cube Kit

Project Category: HS, Kit

Project Name: Jack O Lantern 3D Puzzle

Project Category: HS, Decor

Project Name: Star Christmas Tree Topper

Project Category: HS, Easy, Decor, Kits

Project Name: Wall Clock

Project Category: HS, Easy, Decor

Project Name: Fish Artwork

Project Name: Flexible Shelf

Project Name: Yard Cup Holders

Project Category: HS, Easy, firepit

Project Name: American Flag

Project Name: Welded Coffee Table Frame

Project Category: HS, furniture

Project Name: Aluminum Boat Shop Project

Project Category: HS

school welding projects

Project Name: Steel Cube Box

Project Category: HS, Kits

Project Name: DIY Steel Chair for Outdoor Cushions

Project Category: HS, sell, furniture

Project Name: Camping Stove

Project Category: HS, grill

Project Name: Paper Towel Holder

10 Welding Projects for High School Students

Welding teachers at local high schools have a real challenge: to both teach the fundamentals of welding while providing new and exciting welding projects that capture the interests of students and keep them on task. Since welding is a very practical profession, it’s good to move from scrap metal to real projects as soon as possible. However, teachers always need new welding project ideas if they’re going to keep up with all of the students coming through their shops.

This month we’ve got you covered with 10 different kinds of welding projects for high school students or any other beginner welder.

Infinity Cube

Repair Household or Personal Items

While it creates more work for an instructor, simply asking students what they want to work on may be a good place to start or to plan a major end of year project. Some students may have items at home that need to be repaired. Others may have a hobby or special interest that they never connected with welding, from music to hunting.

There’s a good chance that some high school students would even love to work on a car to make some modifications, such as adding a new bumper or putting some custom racks on the back of a truck. Provided it’s a safe project that has the permission of the students’ parents, many welding students may be extremely motivated to learn how to do their own maintenance work on cars.

Gifts for Family Members

Around the holidays you can encourage students to make gifts for their family and friends. Book ends are one of the most common early welding projects, but students can make anything from a candlestick to a tool rack for their parents.

More ambitious students can explore technical art welding if they want something that is more customized to their parents’ interests, or they could read on for additional ideas. However, for the beginning welding student, it’s always a good idea to begin with a small win by working on a project they can start and finish quickly.

Furniture Welding Projects

Tables, desks, coffee tables, and wine racks are just a few of the many furniture welding projects that you can work on with students. Best yet, this projects generally call for similar materials and plans, so you can adapt each project to be roughly uniform, making for an easier instruction time, while still allowing students to work on projects that fit their needs or interests.

If you can partner with the school’s wood shop, you’ll be able to add custom-designed table tops to these projects and add another skill for each student.

City and Town Welding Projects

Welding students may be especially motivated to work on welding projects for their school, town, or city. By working on public projects, they’ll be able to show friends and family what they can create in the welding shop, adding an element of pride to their accomplishments. A custom sign project can also become a source of side income as students earn a reputation for their work.

In towns and cities with limited budgets, students can work on public projects that will be educational for them and beneficial to the community. For instance, as bikes take on a greater importance in cities, there will be a high demand for bike stands.

Music Welding Projects

You may not expect music to have many connections with welding, but guitar stands, speaker stands, microphone holders, and music stands can all be welded together. If a musician needs a custom-designed set up, welders can provide the exact lay out necessary.

If a music director at a high school has broken equipment, welders may be able to either repair it or fashion new equipment for them.

Yard Welding Projects

Backyard welding projects are especially ideal for beginners since they’re extremely practical and they have a wider margin for error than a piece of furniture that’s in the living room. A charcoal grill or fire pit have tons of examples online and don’t require significant welding experience. Smaller projects such as a plant stand or bench can still provide unique challenges for young welders.

Seemingly advanced projects such as welding an ornamental gate can be broken down into simple steps and only become “advanced” in terms of purchasing materials or bending metal for certain designs.

Hunting Welding Projects

Hunters are sorely in need of a variety of items that can be made in a welding shop. For instance, custom gun racks or gear bins can be fabricated or modified by students who already enjoy hunting.

Even a simple deer stand can be welded together in part or in whole at a high school welding shop. For hunters who need to get off the ground, a simple stand is a great place to start.

Farm Equipment

While farm projects won’t interest every student, there’s a good chance that some schools will have students who are interested in farming as a profession. If so, then they’ll need to learn how to weld machinery, gates, and equipment for their farms such as a sheep feeder. Encourage these students to visit a farm to see what needs to be replaced and to base their project on what they find.

Shelving Welding Projects

Shelves are a simple project that you can work on for home, work, or school, but welders can make particularly durable shelves that will be useful in a wide variety of applications. There are most likely plenty of staff members at your school who could use a new storage system in their rooms or closets, and a welding class can be a part of the solution.

Welding Shop Projects

It may go without saying that you could build a welding table, welder cart, or tool rack with your welding class, but when you’ve got a class full of students, you can also ask them what they think their welding shop needs. Students can work on welding projects that will make their shop more functional and user-friendly. Or perhaps they saw something online that they’d like to build for themselves.

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Tulsa Welding School

6 Small Welding Projects for Beginners

diy welding project

TWS is a Great Training Option for Everyone

Learn more about how we can prepare you to advance your career.

Looking for ways to practice your newly learned welding skills?

Put your metal-fusing know-how to work with these 6 small welding projects. With short supply lists and construction times, these projects are simple but fun.

Even better, some of these items could make great gifts for mom, dad or that special someone in your life on upcoming holidays or birthdays.

1.  Scrap Metal Doorbell

This is the perfect project for repurposing old argon cylinders. Just make sure the small cylinder you use never contained flammable gas and there’s no pressure in it anymore.

Besides the cylinder, you’ll need a steel rod and plate, a drill and bits and an angle grinder with cutting and flap discs.

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You are giving your express written consent for Tulsa Welding School to contact you regarding our educational programs and services using email, telephone or text including our use of automated technology for calls or texts to any wireless number you provide. This consent is not required to purchase goods or services and you may always call us directly at (855) 237-7711 .

Gift Idea: Rustic and exceptionally loud, this bell would make a fitting gift for friends with a country-style home or your grandparents.

Photo: Scrap Metal Doorbell

2.  Industrial Pencil Holder

All you’ll need is a square tube, 12-gauge steel sheet and spray paint. The main tools, besides your welding machine , will be files, a hacksaw and a bench vise.

Gift Idea: If you can manage to part with this cool industrial pencil holder, it could be a good gift for new friends you’ve met in welding school.

Photo: Industrial Pencil Holder

3.  Scrap Metal Box

Practice your MIG welding skills by making a scrap metal box. The supply list is super short: 1/8” steel from any scrap yard.

Of course, you can choose a different size depending on how big of a box you want to make.

Here are the tools you need for this project:

Gift Idea: Give this shiny metal container to anyone who could use some help getting organized.

Photo: Scrap Metal Box

4.  Metal Heart

We couldn’t think of a more sentimental way to recycle an old bike chain. Besides the used chain, the welding tools you’ll need are pliers and a hammer or chain cutter.

Simply cut the chain, fashion it into a heart shape and weld together the pieces. You can make any size, from a small pendant for a necklace to an ornament to hang on the wall.

Gift Idea: Surprise your sweetheart with this homemade chain heart on Valentine’s Day.

Photo: Metal Heart

5.  Welded Picture Frame

Picture frames make excellent gifts because they’re so easy to customize. Grab some metal tubing and wrenches to make it robust. Or, cut and weld together gauge steel into a traditional flat frame.

Gift Idea: Parent’s love photos of their kids—at any age. Send one next Father’s or Mother’s Day with a personalized frame and show off your new welding skills at the same time.

Photo: Welder Picture Frame

Photo: Welded Picture Frame

6.  Horseshoe Dutch Oven Holder

To try this western-themed welding project, all you’ll need are 3 horseshoes, a tin of enamel and 3 steel rods.

The welding for this Dutch oven stand is pretty straightforward:

Gift Idea: Wrap this lucky holder up for friends who love camping or simply love cooking with a Dutch oven.

Advanced Welding Projects

Welding projects like these provide an opportunity to take your skills out of the lab before you’re working in the field. They can be fun, easy ways to make homemade gifts.

As you advance in your welding training, you may want to take on bigger projects to help spruce up your house or yard. When you’re ready, try these 5 challenging welding projects .

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Student Welding Projects and Ideas For Teachers:

I've been wanting present some student welding projects so that other teachers and students could view them and discuss ideas with one anther. On my welding projects page one teacher from Indiana posted a request.

'Welding Teacher seeking ideas: I am a high school welding teacher and thought I would make a post and see what types of project ideas I would get from all you welders or fellow teachers out there reading.

Quite a few other teachers and a few students chimed in. Some left their name, others did not. Below are all of the best project ideas for students, and below that is a section where you can present your ideas for other welding teachers . So lets get started.

Nail Scorpion by Matt:

metal scorpion

I just finished building a scorpion student welding project from scrap nails. Image Source .

Hope you enjoy this project!

Golf Ball Catapult:

I am a welding instructor in Louisiana. Next year I am going to have my students build mini catapults to launch golf balls. They will be graded on distance and design. I think this will spike their interest.

Welding Tool Education:

The first thing or word of advice would be to teach your students on what each welding tool used in the real world for welding represents. This would be the basic learning techniques for student welding projects. Teach students for them to be precise in their work they perform and not to face the real world with the "whatever technique". The reason I mention this is because one day I walked into a high school welding shop where students were preparing a piece of metal plate to be cut. One of the students was using a 2 x 4 pieces of lumber trying to square off what he was going to cut. Unfortunately the teacher was in the office phone at the time. So, I took the initiative to stop the student and instructed him what tool to use making it easier before cutting. My words to this students were "Learn the trait you are striving for by utilizing the right or proper tools, the right calibration of heat for torch cutting and last but not least the correct welding temperatures depending on the thickness of the metals to be welded." Also, maybe come up with simple student welding projects that might be raffled to generate money for the welding club and throw in a party for the students at the end of the year. Just an idea!

Square Tubing Outdoor Fireplaces:

We make outdoor fire places out of square tube 20X28X14. These are easy and have lots of welds on light weight tubing. I also have made saw horses which have been very successful.

Bryan, Welding Instructor in Kansas.

Coat Racks:

For my first year student welding projects include something they can take home with them. I let them take something home such as a coat rack. I had them make them out of horseshoes which is a way to get them the 'fever'. The cool thing is they can design it, and there is so many ways you can make a coat rack.

By Alabama instructor.

Golf Cart Roll Cage:

You should get old golf cart and make roll cage. They will learn bending and welding this way and it's fun. Fun student welding projects increase their likelihood of learning more.

Saw Horses:

I think the best student welding projects for beginners are stuff that is useful and simple. Like a tool box to hold their tools. Maybe two metal saw horses to lay some thing across as a portable welding table.

These are things that will come in handy for the rest of their lives even if they do not become welder as a job. I believe it is best to start at the beginning.Torch welding and brazing, arc, mig, and tig. Good luck to you teacher and your classes. Mike from Kansas.

Teaching About Weld Decay:

I think the most suitable and valuable student welding project is teaching how weld decay in stainless steel causes and their remedies. This project will help you and your student to get some good knowledge of welding metallurgy and process. Basically Weld decay is a stress corrosion cracking (Weld Metal and HAZ) in Stainless steel after welding due to improper grade of filler metal and specifications of base metal use. Mostly Noubium is added for prevention of weld decay in stainless steel.

by: Mobeen Jawaid

Best Student Welding Project For 13 Year Old Kids:

One of the best welding activities for year 9 (western Australia) students is a metal dice. cut 1.2 or 1.6mm ms plate into 50mm strips and students mark out the 6 sides, drill the holes with about 8mm drill and cut out the sides on bench sheers. then fusion the dice together. great project and after touch up with a file or grinder, a coat of paint looks great! I have made a jig up to tack it together, bit of 50mm angle iron about 100mm long with a couple of clamps lets the kids get a perfect 90 on each join.

By: Phil, Western Australia.

Student Welding Projects For 16 to 18 Year Old Kids:

Tree made of rods:.

For Christmas I made a tree using rods and a stable using nails. It was fun and easy and my daughters loved it! I've also made a knight with armor and a few name plates (those never get old). Now I'm working on a firefly and a fish. Promise the kids will love it all!

By WelderLady.

Jack Stands:

My students choose between a pair of jack stands 2 1/2" and 2" pipe, a bench vice using square tubing, or a 2 wheeled dolly (handtruck) 1/2" Pipe, or they can choose to design their own.

These student welding projects include different shapes and sizes of metal,bending, shaping, drilling, grinders, and various hand tools.

Many have chosen to build coffee and end tables using plasma cut designs integrated.

My students are generally 14 and 15 year olds. Some also look at home decore websites and get ideas (their mothers love the gifts).

Stash Boxes:

I have my grade 9 students make welding logs to be used as locking stash boxes, flower pots, or miscellaneous object holders.

Hope this helps, I am also having problems finding good projects.

I was teaching my kids SMAW welding by having him weld his name and other pictures and artwork designs onto some sheet metal. He enjoyed it because he could actually use them as paperweights or hang them on the wall in his room. Afterwards he got to use a grinder to finish the steel. He also enjoyed making some parts for his friends. He was the envy of all of the neighborhood kids.

By Danimal.

How about a go-cart and then put it up for action to support the weld program. You can probable get the motor donated. Of course everyone is going to want a turn.Good luck and Hats off to an honest days work.

Have them build metal catapults out of rebar and bungee chords and have a competitions to see who can launch a golf ball the farthest.

I have an idea for your students. Why not have them build smoker or grills?

By W.K. Maynard.

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Life Size Figure Sculpture

Life Size Figure Sculpture

by cfreeman8 in Metalworking

Industrial Coffee Table From Reclaimed Metal

Industrial Coffee Table From Reclaimed Metal

by kurt_rooks in Metalworking

Welding Clamp for Thin Materials

Welding Clamp for Thin Materials

Rotating Turbine Fire Pit Cover

Rotating Turbine Fire Pit Cover

by treii28 in Metalworking

My MIG Cart

My MIG Cart


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    school welding projects

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    school welding projects


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