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30 Inspiring Fourth Grade Art Projects for Creative Kids

Clay castles, giant waves, pizza pillows, and more!

Jill Staake

Fourth grade art students are ready for new challenges, like trying out perspective or exploring tessellations. These projects are all well within their abilities but will also encourage your students to push themselves to create cool new works of art they’ll be proud to take home and show off!

1. Go colorful with Fauve portraits

Collage of simple self-portraits done in bright colors (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Artists of the Fauve school believed in bright colors and bold lines, so their work really appeals to kids. Use bingo daubers to make the portraits, then oil pastels and liquid watercolors to create the colorful backgrounds.

Learn more: Cassie Stephens/Fourth Grade Fauve Art

2. Fold zig zag selfies

Accordion-folded paper with a regular portrait when viewed from one angle and a weird version from a second angle

Your fourth grade art students will be wowed by the illusion of this portrait project. They’ll create two different pictures of themselves on accordion-folded paper. When they unfold it, they’ll be able to see each portrait depending on the angle they look from.

Learn more: The Art Room at The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts

3. Blend snowy silhouettes

Painted nighttime winter scene with full moon and snowman and tree silhouettes (Fourth Grade Art)

Learn to blend tints and shades with these winter landscapes, featuring full moons and silhouettes of trees, snowmen, and other wintry objects.

Learn more: tinyartroom

4. Learn the parts of a landscape

Landscape drawings made with simple lines and bright colors

Teach your students terms like foreground, middle ground, and horizon as they create these patterned landscapes. They’ll also learn to use warm colors to make some elements pop and cool colors when they want something to recede into the background.

Learn more: Jamestown Elementary Art Blog

5. Sail mighty pirate ships

Collage of construction paper pirate ships with painted patterned backgrounds (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Students will have fun painting textured waves to back their fearsome construction paper pirate ships. Challenge them to personalize their sails with their own insignia too!

Learn more: Deep Space Sparkle

6. Add texture with glue

Butterfly made with glue lines on foil, colored in with markers

Aluminum foil makes a really cool canvas for art projects. Use school glue to “draw” insect art, then fill in the colors with Sharpies.

Learn more: Denette Fretz

7. Put your students in The Scream

Kid-drawn background resembling The Scream, with photo of kid pretending to scream in front (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Munch’s  The Scream is one of the most well-known pieces of art out there. Learn more about the original painting, then have kids paint their own backgrounds. Finish it off by taking “scream selfies” and pasting them on!

Learn more: Art With Mrs. Seitz

8. Make Dean Russo-inspired animals

Boldly drawn tiger head with a rainbow background (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Dean Russo’s vivid pet portraits have become incredibly popular, and they’re exactly the kind of style that appeals to kids. This is another fourth grade art lesson that’s perfect for using bingo daubers to make the bold outlines.

Learn more: Elements of the Art Room

9. Assemble colorful seahorses

Seahorse in pastel colors pasted on black construction paper

These dreamy seahorses are made using bleeding tissue paper to achieve the soft watercolor effect. When you glue them onto black construction paper, the colored panels practically seem to glow.

Learn more: The Crafty Classroom

10. Turn book pages into a seascape

Watercolor seascape painted on torn book pages with construction paper ships (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Collect some old textbooks and turn them into bounding ocean waves! Dab the torn pages with watercolors, then add boats of various sizes to create the illusion of depth.

Learn more: Mrs. Jackson’s Art Room

11. Try a toothpaste batik

Collage of animals on cloth made using toothpaste batik method (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

The traditional batik process involves wax, but this version uses a surprise substitute: toothpaste! Learn how it works at the link.

Learn more: Art is Basic

12. Sculpt figures from foil

Two figures sculpted from aluminum foil, with their shadows drawn below

Turn a box of aluminum foil into cool sculpted figures! After your students make their figures, have them draw and shade the shadows the figures make.

Learn more: Mrs. Knight’s Smartest Artists

13. Craft radial paper relief sculptures

Collage of colorful folded paper patterns (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Explore the concept of radial symmetry with this intriguing folded paper project. Visit the link below to learn some basic folds, but don’t be afraid to try out creative shapes of your own.

Learn more: Art With Mrs. Nguyen

14. Sew giant pizza pillows

Pizza slices made of fabric and covered with colorful toppings

Every kid loves pizza, so they’ll  love the chance to sew their own enormous pizza pillows! Choosing and designing the felt toppings will be their favorite part of this simple sewing project.

Learn more: Cassie Stephens/Fourth Grade Pillow Pizza

15. Mix paint for giant Hokusai waves

Large wave painted in shades of blues and green (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Japanese artist Hokusai is best known for his series of woodblock prints of Mount Fuji, including  The Great Wave off Kanagawa . Fourth grade art students will enjoy mixing acrylic paints to get the proper shades to recreate this iconic marine scene.

Learn more: Kim & Karen: 2 Soul Sisters

16. Draw Escher-inspired tessellations

Tessellated dogs bright colors with the image of a child's handing holding a pencil pasted on top

Get ready to see your students’ eyes widen when you show them M.C. Escher’s mind-bending illustrations. Then challenge them to create their own tessellations, which are repeating patterns that cover a page with no gaps or overlaps. It’s tricky, but oh-so-satisfying!

17. Put together free-fall foreshortening art

Art showing a student falling backward with the feet and hands large in the foreground (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Fourth grade art students are ready to tackle some more advanced concepts, like foreshortening an object to produce the illusion of distance. These free-falling portraits emphasize hands and feet, creating an interesting, foreshortened perspective.

Learn more:

18. Write typography self-portraits

Portrait of a fourth grade art student made using words

Make some time in your curriculum for graphic arts like typography. This self-portrait is a combination of poetry and art, and the results are truly special.

Learn more: Flying Crayons

19. Shade close-up dragon eyes

Close-up of a dragon eye made with watercolor resist and colored pencil

Your fourth grade art students will develop a whole bunch of new skills with this project, including shading, wet-on-wet watercolors, crayon resist, and more. Plus, those dragon eyes are simply mesmerizing!

Learn more: Art With Mrs. Kerbaugh

20. Cut out Dubuffet sculptures

Abstract paper sculpture in red, white, and blue

Dubuffet took great inspiration from watching kids create, eventually coining the term  art brut , sometimes called outsider art. After looking at some of his work, ask kids to use paper to make a free-flowing abstract sculpture of their own.

Learn more: The Art Room

21. Split and share circles

Four different patterned circles, split into quarters and reassembled (Fourth Grade Art Projects)

Collaborative art projects give kids a chance to work together and share their creativity. For this one, each student creates one Kandinsky-inspired circle and cuts it into four pieces. Then kids mix and match with each other to put together unique compositions.

Learn more: Kandinsky Inspired

22. Outline and paint 3D gems

Colorful 3-D gems outlined and filled in with paint

Use the magic of crystals and gems to inspire students for this watercolor project. Show them the basic steps, then let them compose their own valuable collections.

23. Dive deep for undersea sculptures

Collection of clay sculptures of rocks with sea stars and urchins (Fourth Grade Art)

Everything’s better under the sea, including these gorgeous clay sculptures. Use photos of tide pools to inspire fourth grade students to mold starfish, urchins, seaweeds, and more.

Learn more: Nic Hahn

24. Create a shape explosion

Collage of drawings of various shapes, exploding out from a central point (Fourth Grade Art)

Here’s another lesson in perspective, this one focusing on the vanishing point. For a personalized twist on this idea, have kids sketch the letters of their name instead of using shapes.

25. Float away with dandelion puffs

Collage of watercolor paintings with dandelion seed heads

One look at these paintings, and you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a sunny meadow on a warm summer’s day. Kids use the wet-on-wet technique to create those soft misty backgrounds.

Learn more: Art With Mrs. Fillmore

26. Snack on papier-mâché donuts

Six colorful donuts made from papier-mâché sitting on a silver tray

These donuts look yummy, but don’t be tempted to take a taste! Instead, drop by the post below for some donut art inspiration, then shape your own sweet treats from papier-mâché.

Learn more: Wow Art Project

27. Look down on birds-eye view snowmen

Drawing of a snowman, looking down from the top in a birds-eye view (Fourth Grade Art)

Viewed from the top, snowmen are just a series of concentric circles. Practice shading to add depth to each circle, then add a scarf, arms, and snowman features to finish it off.

28. Explore indigenous art with totem poles

Colorful construction paper totem poles showing a variety of animals

Make this art lesson meaningful by learning why and how some Native American tribes make totems. Then have each student choose an animal that’s important to them, and build your own class totem poles.

Learn more: Welcome to Art Class

29. Construct clay castles

Flat castle made of textured clay painted silver

Have some royal fun with these textured clay castles! Metallic glazes and glittering pennants make this a project that really shines.

Learn more: K-8 Art

30. Stitch and paint on burlap

Penguin and hot chocolate mug painted and stitched on burlap

Here’s a project that’s likely different from anything kids have tried before. First, paint a design on burlap. Then, stitch on some embellishments with colored thread. The results are unique and awesome!

Keep the creativity flowing with these 50 Creative Fourth Grade Writing Prompts .

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30 Inspiring Fourth Grade Art Projects For Creative Kids

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

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Arts Lessons

In this section are are visual and performing art lessons from kindergarten through high school. Many of the lessons can be integrated into core subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Science, or Social Studies. Opportunities for creativity are some of the building blocks of child development and concept acquisition. Lessons are categorized by grade for easy retrieval. These lessons were created by real teachers working in schools across the United States. If you would like to share a lesson plan for inclusion on, contact us .

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Arts arts lesson plans, art outside.

In this visual and performing arts lesson, students will explore their artistic skills while becoming more connected with nature. Students will look for fallen plants outside or in the garden and they will use them in the classroom to make art.

Bugs and Design

This lesson is designed to help students use their skills to analyze art elements and various principles of design.

Camouflage and Environment

Students will make butterflies of various colors and then they will experience the advantage that butterflies that are the same color as their environment have against predators.

Chinese New Year

This highly engaging Social Studies lesson on Chinese New Year is integrated with elements of performing arts (drama).  This lesson is appropriate for students in K-3, as it can be easily modified.

Chinese New Year - Fan Dance

A hands-on lesson which integrates Social Studies concepts with performing arts (dance). Students will delve into customs of Chinese New Year by exploring traditional artifacts and dance.

Chinese New Year - Lion Dance

This lesson is great for grades K-2.  It integrates Social Studies with elements of visual and performing arts as the children create a Chinese lion and a dance.

Christmas Around the World Part 1

This lesson combines Visual Arts with Social Studies. Students will read about how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world and draw a scene depicting that location.

Christmas Around the World Part 2

This lesson combines Music and Social Studies. Students will listen to and learn Christmas songs from around the world and analyze.

Fairy Tale Fun

In this performing arts lesson, students will rewrite a well-known fairy tale to include a great deal of dialogue and then act out that fairy tale (creation of props is optional as is taping the performance).

Flash Mob Fun

In this performing arts lesson, students will work together with a purpose to create and choreograph a dance for a flash mob to make an announcement for the school.

Foil Printing

In this visual arts lesson, students will create a print using paint on foil then add detail to the print.

Friendship - Accepting Differences

This lesson on "Friendship" integrates Social Studies standards along with Music, Dance, and Visual Arts. The lesson focuses on "accepting differences" and is great for grades K-2.

Friendship - Conflict Resolution

This lesson on Friendship  and Conflict Resolution integrates Social Studies content along with Visual and Performing Arts (Theater) content.  A highly interactive lesson that is great for kindergartners as well as first graders.

Kwanzaa Art

Students will discuss the 7 principals of Kwanzaa and then draw pictures of an example of each.

Making a Menorah

Students will make a beautiful vibrant menorah using art supplies while learning about the background.

Mini Diorama

This visual arts lesson will allow students to share some personal interests in the form of a diorama. Sample rubric included.

Musical Masterpiece

In this visual arts lesson, learners will express emotion through painting, as elicited by music.

Painter's Tape Art

This lesson will allow students to practice creating art by marking off what will not be painted. This requires planning prior to mixing the first color.

Paper Mache Zoo

In this visual arts lesson, students will create zoo animals (or any animals) using paper mache. The ‘zoo’ can be displayed in the classroom or in a localized area of the school.


This visual arts lesson will allow students to get creative while practicing with either photography or videography. Students will also have to consider perspective from things outside themselves. Rubric included.  

Shaving Syllables

In this visual arts lesson, students will use a unique medium to create letters, words, and pictures that are easily erased and altered.

Theater in Action

Students will write and perform a scene from the story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Upside Down Art

This lesson will allow students to practice creating art from a unique perspective while learning about Michelangelo.

Video Diary

In this performing arts lesson, students will work to create a short video diary to showcase the import parts of their life and edit the video into a 5 minute or less montage using EZVid or similar program.

Water Color Butterflies

In this visual arts lesson, students will create a tye-dyed or water color butterfly to show how colors mix.

Yarn Painting

This lesson will allow students to practice creating art using a unique medium, yarn.

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Experimenting with different media is an essential part of a broad art curriculum.  Many of my resources explore exciting media; the three featured below have been very popular.

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Complete Units of Work

These complete units of work are each an entire project. It’s wonderful to be able to teach new projects and to not have to spend hours and hours planning. There are many more complete art units on The Arty Teacher.

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Popular Resources

I never know what resources are going to be popular.  The selection below all have received great reviews!

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Art lesson plans for teaching portraits.

Most art teachers teach portrait lessons at some point in the year.  Students really seem to love this topic even though it’s really difficult.  Below are three best selling portrait resources.  Click an image to learn more, or click here to see all  art lesson plans about portraits.

art lessons 4th class

Art Lesson Plans for Teaching Colour Theory

Color theory is easy to teach with these resources to help you.  Every resource has the different spelling of ‘color’ and ‘colour’ to keep art teachers around the globe happy!  As well as the best selling resources below, there are more  color theory art resources  on The Arty Teacher.  This includes resources that help teach about harmonious, analogous and complementary colours.

art lessons 4th class

Engage Boys in Art Lessons

Art teachers have told me that boys have really engaged with the resources below. Of course, many girls would enjoy them too.

art lessons 4th class

Art Lesson Plans – Art Literacy

The Arty Teacher is particularly hot on literacy resources because art literacy is integral to most art curriculum’s.  On The Arty Teacher there are resources to do this through discussion, analysis and written tasks.  Click an image below or  browse Art Literacy resources .  You may be interested in art resources that incorporate  Blooms Taxonomy .

art lessons 4th class

Art Assessment Resources

We all have to spend a lot time marking and assessing art work.  Many of the art assessment resources on The Arty Teacher are designed to save you time.  Click the images below or here for all  Art Assessment Resources .

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Art Sub and Cover Lessons

The Arty Teacher prides itself in having helped hundreds of art teachers access sub/cover lessons when they need them the most.  You’ll find many of them will fit in with what you are teaching and will continue to teach your students the skills they need.  3 popular sub lessons are below or you can find lots of  art sub lessons  here.

art lessons 4th class

Zentangles worksheets really seems to engage students.  These three resources are all on the zentangle theme.  Click on the images below, or there are more  Zentangle Art Resources  on The Arty Teacher.

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45 Insanely Clever 4th Grade Art Projects

4th grade art projects

June 2, 2022 //  by  Kellie Tanner

Are you searching for art projects for your fourth grader that will stretch his imagination? As a fourth-grade teacher or parent, there are so many fun, inexpensive, and engaging art projects that fourth-graders will have a blast completing. A parent or teacher can oversee and enjoy these art projects that are sure to keep your fourth grader entertained!

1. 3-D Line Hand


Your fourth-grader will absolutely love this 3-D line hand project. Parents and teachers enjoy this activity too because it is very cost-friendly and not messy at all. The only items needed to complete this project are markers, black lines, white paper, and your hand. Watch this video to create your very own 3-D line hand.

Learn more:

2. Leaf Art

Try this leaf art project with your fourth-grader! Warm colors make it a great fall project! Kids get to have an adventure outside searching for the perfect leaves! Besides leaves, all you need are some colorful paints. This video should be helpful in completing the project.

3. Q-Tip Dot Art


Q-tips and a variety of paint colors make this an engaging art activity for fourth-grade students. Watch them as they create a masterpiece of colored dots! Watch this video to learn more about q-tip dot art.

4. Optical Art 


This optical art project will amaze your fourth-grader and allow him to express his creativity. First, draw it with pencil lines. If you look closely at the finished product, it will probably play tricks on your eyes. To learn more about this creation, watch this video.

5. Colored Pencil Peacock Feathers


Peacock feathers are beautiful; therefore, your fourth-grader is sure to have a blast learning to draw these beauties. This is an affordable project because the only supplies needed are colored pencils and paper. Take a look at this video to guide you.

6.  Tessellation Art

A tessellation is a pattern of geometric shapes that fit directly together and cover a surface so there are no gaps or overlaps.  This tedious and fun project will keep your fourth-grader engaged. Watch this video to learn how to complete this project.

Learn more: Carden Conejo

7. Pipe Cleaner Animals

Classroom art teachers and parents, get out the pipe cleaners and the googly eyes. Your fourth-grader will find much joy in creating these creative shapes. They may enjoy it so much that they create an entire zoo. Check out this video to learn how to create your own pipe cleaner animals .

Learn more: Minis Art and Craft Ideas

8. Salt Art 

This art activity includes watercolor, salt, and creativity. It allows your fourth-grader to create beautiful art pieces that are worthy of showing off to others. This entire design takes little time to complete. This video shows the entire process of making these beautiful art masterpieces.

Learn more: Bluefly Studio

9. Origami Dragon

Origami is a type of Japanese art. Provide a history lesson about origami art for your fourth-graders. They will have a blast folding paper to create an origami dragon. This project only requires a square piece of paper. Although it is small, it requires a large amount of concentration. Watch step-by-step directions here.

Learn more: Art for Kids Hub

10. Kindness Rocks Project

Teach your fourth-grader an act of kindness. These hand-painted rocks are a great way to brighten someone's day. This activity makes an art lesson meaningful because it allows your student to make something positive to share with others. Make sure you have several colors of acrylic paint. This short video will provide the steps.

Learn more: SourcePoint

11. Graffiti Name Art Lesson


What fourth-grader doesn't enjoy writing his name! This graffiti lesson plan will allow one to express his creativity while experimenting with bright colors. All one needs to complete this bold piece are markers, white paper, and this video.

12. Aquarium Drawing Project

If you cannot visit an aquarium, maybe you can draw one! This current lesson is one of the most awesome art projects ! Your fourth-grader will enjoy learning about the ocean and its creatures when completing this drawing activity. This great video will explain the steps as your student learns basic shapes .

Learn more: Hey Creative Mama

13. Paper Mache Donut Art Inspiration

These donuts look like tasty, sweet treats, but the eyes can be deceiving. These donuts are made with water, glue, colored paint, and paper mache' art paste instead of sugar, flour, and icing. Your fourth-grader will have a blast tricking others with these inedible pieces of art. Find out how to make these fun donuts here.

Learn more: Mrs. Jarvis

14. Thanksgiving Turkey Painting Project

Kids love animal paintings, and a Thanksgiving turkey painting project can be a lot of fun. Fourth-graders can learn how to paint with acrylics in this fun-filled and easy art lesson! Check out this video which is a fantastic art project tutorial.

Learn more: Createful Kids

15. Line Landscape


A 4th-grade class will enjoy creating this terrific landscape of lines. This dynamic design will allow your student to focus on details of objects and practice foreground, middle ground, and background design! This video will assist you during this drawing lesson.

16. Coffee Filter Flowers

This flowers art project will allow you to make coffee filter flowers and turn them into a beautiful bouquet. This coffee filter art activity can be the perfect gift for Mother's Day , teacher's appreciation, or birthdays. You can learn how to make these super cute flowers by viewing this video.

Learn more: Little Bins for Little Hands

17. Tissue Paper Art


In this video, your fourth-grader will learn how to make beautiful art with brightly-colored tissue paper. Watch as the wet paper bleeds across the paper to create vibrant backgrounds for your paintings. This is such a fun art technique that allows your student to choose their favorite color combinations!

18. Koi Fish Drawing

Your 4th-grade class can have lots of fun with this colorful koi fish drawing activity. Be creative and stay engaged as you follow along in the video with step-by-step directions. Make sure you have paper, colored markers, and a black Sharpie to create this drawing.

Learn more: Art with Mrs. Johnson

19. Golden Gate Bridge Drawing 

This great project will allow your fourth-grader to practice drawing beautiful scenery. Use a black Sharpie to draw the bridge. Once it is finished, you will be amazed at the beautiful masterpiece that has been created. View this video as it explains the materials and directions needed to complete this drawing.

Learn more: Leslie Autery

20. Mountain Camping Drawing

If your fourth-grader loves camping in the mountains, he will most definitely love creating this amazing drawing. This project allows one to express creativity and get in touch with the great outdoors. Learn how to create the drawing by watching this video.

Learn more: Toy Toons

21. Wassily Kandinsky Tree Art

These trees are full of color and so much fun to draw. If your fourth-grader loves a variety of color combinations as well as simple shapes, this art activity will keep him highly engaged. For directions on completing this abstract art activity, watch this brief video.

Learn more: Admire Design

22. Native American Inspired Bird

Inspired by Native American art, this bird is a fun drawing project for fourth graders. Once the project is finished, you will have a great masterpiece that exemplifies the style of the Native American culture . You can watch this video for step-by-step directions as well as a list of materials.

23. SpongeBob SquarePants Drawing

Most students enjoy learning how to draw SpongeBob SquarePants. This fourth-grade art lesson is a fun painting challenge for most. Enjoy the video as you learn how to create your very own SpongeBob SquarePants character!

24. Paper Weaving

Create this simple paper weaving project with two pieces of construction paper, scissors, and a ruler.  Fourth-graders usually enjoy expressing their creativity with this fun project as they put their favorite colors together. You can learn how to weave these pieces of colored construction papers together in this video.

Learn more: Crazy Art Class

25. Georgia O’Keefe Flowers

This beautiful flower art project is inspired by Georgia O'Keefe, an American artist. She is well known for her beautiful paintings of flowers. This amazing flower image is a great art project for fourth-graders. They also make excellent gifts. For the detailed art lesson plans, watch this video.

Learn more: Shelby Novell

26. Paper Butterflies

Enjoy making these cute and easy paper butterflies! Learn to make them by watching this video. This fun lesson idea involves very little cutting. These butterflies use basic origami folds and can be made in little time. This is a great summer or spring day art lesson.

Learn more: Red Ted Art

27. Moving Paper Fish


These paper fish are adorable, and they are so cute to make. These would be especially fun for your fourth-grader to complete as a summer day lesson. These only take a couple of sheets of colored paper and can be completed by watching this video of instructions.

28. Bat Silhouette

Enjoy a great day of art class as you make these adorable bat silhouettes. They are the perfect art activity for your fourth-grade art students to make at Halloween . They are enjoyable and super easy to make. All you need is some paper and bits of paint to create this fun project. Learn how here.

Learn more: Easy Peasy and Fun

29. Dandelion Painting

Who doesn't love making a wish when you blow on a dandelion! Your fourth-grader will have a blast creating these gorgeous dandelion masterpieces using unusual painting techniques. Dandelion puffs lines are fun to incorporate. View this video to learn how to create your own dandelion art piece.

Learn more: Sara Maria Art

30. Dragon's Eye

This art lesson will teach your fourth-grade art students how to draw close-up paintings of a dragon's eye. It will also teach the practice of creating value in the eye and the scales around your dragon's eye. Watch this video that provides details on how to create your own dragon's eye.

Learn more: Alyssa Manning

31. Wayne Thiebaud Cakes


Wayne Thiebaud is a contemporary artist. Your fourth-grade art students will learn how to draw a cake inspired by the famous artwork of Wayne Thiebaud. These drawings will stretch the creative mind of your student and allow him to experiment with a variety of colors. Learn how to draw one of these cakes by watching this video.

32. Hot Air Balloon 

Hot air balloons come in a variety of colors. Your fourth grader will enjoy creating his own hot air balloon and sharing it with others. This is a fun and inexpensive art project to complete and can be learned through viewing this video.

33. Jackson Pollock Abstract Art

During this abstract artwork activity, your fourth-grader will learn how to create Jackson Pollock abstract paintings. This design is so exciting yet it can be very messy. Your fourth-grader will love using lots of colored paint! Make sure you have an extra paper towel handy! Watch this video to learn more about creating this fun, messy piece.

Learn more: Kristen Hennessey

34. Winter Trees with a Folk Art Style


With this project, students will explore different folk art styles, and they’ll apply these styles and techniques to winter tree silhouettes. It’s a great way to get fourth graders thinking about how different styles can be used to depict the same natural wonder.

Learn more: Deep Space Sparkle

35. Birds and Texture Techniques


Students will learn about the influential artists and bird-watcher John James Audubon while also learning about texture. They will have the chance to draw and texture several different birds to apply a wide range of techniques.

Learn more: Artful Artsy Amy

36. Mondrian and Fractions

This project combines 4th grade art with math. It helps students to visualize fractions while also introducing them to important modern art. Students use primary colors and dark lines to show divisions of a whole, and their math teacher will thank you!

Learn more: North Carolina Museum of Art

37. Papel Picado


This craft features the traditional paper decorations used in Mexico. Students can learn more about symmetry, chisel work, and cultural traditions through this activity. You can also use the papel picado to decorate the classroom throughout the year!

38. Cubist Superheroes


This project teaches kids about the cubist movement and the work of Pablo Picasso. Students can either choose their favorite superhero, or they can make up an entirely new hero from their imaginations!

39. Mixed Pattern Weaving


This lesson combines math and art since it encourages kids to express math patterns in a woven piece. The loom is a sturdy piece of cardboard, and the yarn should be varied in color, weight, and texture. Check out the presentation resources for a full math and art lesson.

Learn more: Art with Mrs. Nguyen

40. Collaborative Deep-Sea Mural


This project is a big undertaking, but the final product is a huge mural that can cover the whole classroom wall! Simply start with a big blue background, and give students free rein to make sea creatures and flora to add to the backdrop. The final product can include input from kids in many different classes, which makes it a great way to encourage camaraderie throughout the whole fourth grade!

41. Self Portrait with Text


This digital art project helps students reflect on who they are and who they want to be. You will need some cameras and other devices to complete the project. The finished product is a poignant reflection piece that students can revisit over the years.

42. Inventions Galore!


This project uses found and upcycled materials from around the art classroom, such as boxes and trays. Students build an invention to meet a need that they see in their daily lives. Of course, it doesn’t have to work, but it should at least appear functional!

Learn more: Crayola

43. Parade Balloon with Jeff Koons


In this project, kids get a chance to go big with color and form. They’ll learn about contemporary artist Jeff Koons and they’ll design and decorate their own parade balloon. You can even display the final products with a parade around the school!

44. Marketing Images with Rockwell

This lesson focuses on the power of images and words in advertising and explores the works of American artists Norman Rockwell. Students can also bring these ideas into a persuasive/creative writing task.

Learn more: Arts Integration

45. Hippo Mask

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This project combines biology and art, and it helps students practice focusing on the details of form and shape. The 3D medium also provides a new way to look at and think about animal faces. You can stick with hippos, or you can offer a variety of nature magazines in the classroom and let students make other animal masks, too.

Closing Thoughts

Art activities are an important part of educating your fourth-grader. Whether you are the classroom teacher or a parent, you want him to be able to think critically and creatively. Art education is an excellent way to increase your child's critical thinking and creativity skills. You want to incorporate activities that allow him to be creative and stretch his imagination. You never know, you might be developing the next great artist!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do fourth graders learn in art, what is taught in 3rd-grade art.

Third-grade art curriculum includes fundamental concepts and skills which are applied in innovative ways. Lines and show figures are used within various drawings and sculptures. Students are exposed to the elements of scale, horizon, overlapping, shape, and texture. Students are also required to visualize and write in response to art.

How do you structure an art lesson?

To structure an effective art lesson for fourth-graders, the art teacher must introduce the subject, pass out materials and supplies, review previously learned material, present the assignment, allow students time for task completion, evaluate the projects, and discuss what was learned.

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