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Welcome to research publishers, your partner in research publishers.

Research Publishers is a globally acclaimed Research Publishers consultancy providing quality, expedition, and renowned expertise in the publishing of academic and corporate research. We help students, researchers, academicians, and corporations to publish their research endeavors in internationally reputed, indexed and peer-reviewed journals.

With our PhD qualified Consultant Editors TM , Research Publishers harnesses its +15 years of experience in the research publication industry, to provide you with assistance throughout the research publication process. Our publishing solutions provide you with the desired expertise and promptness to enable your significant contribution to the research community to be timely published, indexed and disseminated.

research paper publication consultancy

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Guaranteed publications.

Yes, we commit to guaranteed publications in our flag-ship journals. We encourage researchers to submit in our guaranteed publications program and enable their research to be published. Our Consultant Editors TM will edit, proofread and peer-review your manuscript and guarantee your research to be publishable. Our journals are Scopus indexed, archived, and are integrated with Altmetrics to provide you with dissemination statistics.

research paper publication consultancy

Affiliated Journals

Research Publishers is affiliated with top-ranking journals in research publishing. Our published authors have made us proud by providing us with globally contributing research and shown great commitment to research publishers.

research paper publication consultancy

Our Services

Research Publishers has enabled many researchers, from reputed universities, institutes, and corporations, to publish their research. With our trademark services, we focus on ensuring that your published research meets global standards in research publishing dictated by international regulatory bodies, particularly, Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). (*Committee on Publication Ethics) -->

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Research Assistance

Research Publishers offers students, researchers, and academicians professional help in framework development, editing, proofreading, and structuring of their research manuscripts.

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Research Review

To enable researchers to expedite, validate and pass the peer-review process, our Consultant Editors TM offer a stringent technical review of your manuscript before it is submitted to the international research community for approval.

scholarly journals

Publication Consultancy

If you are uncertain about publishing your research in an appropriate journal, our Consultant Editors TM will provide you with assistance in finding and publishing in a reputed journal according to your discipline.

Want to publish

Your own research articles.

Research Publishers can get you published in PubMed & Scopus indexed journals

Our Commitment

Our reputation is centered on our commitment. Research Publishers’s customer-oriented commitments are the best in the publishing industry and we uphold them at every cost.

Our commitments ensure that our endeavors are targeted to serve the research community by providing them adept resources, guaranteeing publications, promptness, and stringent quality control.

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Professtional Quality

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Success factors.

of the researchers got promoted to their desired positions with our help

researchers availed our help and got published in reputed journals

of researchers opted to publish in our flagship journals

of researchers considered our services to be driving force for their publishing needs

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research paper publication consultancy


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Satisfied Clients

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Natasha Elbert

Coo | johnson inc.

Dealing with the professional editing team at Research Publishers has been a pleasure. They successfully published my research in a Scopus indexed journal and provided me with positive feedback on how to further make my research visible. I am indebted to their expertise and recommend them to everyone.

marketing research consultant

Mark Gabrial

Director | henry & company.

Research Publishers know what they are talking about! I provided them with a very hard to tackle research and they competently completed and got it published in an Elsevier journal. I am very impressed! They certainly are highly recommendable.

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Enago Consult

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research paper publication consultancy

What is Enago Consult?

Elevate your manuscripts and research to the next level with personalized and professional help from experienced consultants. Enago Consult is the industry’s first live, one-on-one video consultation and mentorship service. A dedicated consultant that you choose works with you to help get your research evaluated and published successfully. Our experts also provide mentorship for young researchers, offering advice and answering all types of questions on research and publishing. Enago Consult has over 50 experts specializing in more than 17 disciplines. These experts have an average of more than 20 years of experience. Do you have questions in your research or publication journey? Enago Consult has the answers.

How it Works

Step 01   choose your expert.

Visit ' Our Experts ' page and choose from over 50 consultants with experience in a variety of fields. Consultants are available in five languages, and you can check their qualifications, educational and career backgrounds, award history and published articles before you choose one. The ‘filter’ option allows you to easily pick the topic that you need help with.

research paper publication consultancy

STEP 02   Choose the consultation

There are three types of consultation services available: 30-minute consultation, 60-minute consultation, and Peer Review consultation. The Peer Review consultation is the perfect option if you want to discuss your paper with an expert. Submit your dissertation in advance for a 30-minute review, and then have a 30-minute consultation to receive feedback.

research paper publication consultancy

STEP 03   Make a booking

Click the ‘Book Now’ button to choose the date and time that suits you best. You will receive a confirmation message to the email address that you enter. It’s that simple! To make the most of your time with the expert, please prepare questions in advance. If you are booking the Peer Review consultation, please email your paper to us three days before the session.

research paper publication consultancy

Having trouble choosing the right expert?

Tell us about your requirements and what you hope to achieve. our team will hand-pick the right consultant for you..

Submit Your Details

Our Promise


You will receive personalized support from a dedicated contact to ensure you have the best experience.


With our large pool of experts, we can match you with the perfect consultant in 48 hours.


We only work with hand-picked consultants who are top of their field. Less than 50% of applicants meet our demanding criteria.

Take a look at the questions that were asked in recent consultations.

research paper publication consultancy

View Experts

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

research paper publication consultancy

Our Network of Consultants

Book publishing experts, ethics experts, grant recipients, journal editors, manuscript experts, patent holders, peer reviewers, published in high impact journals, research advisors.

research paper publication consultancy

Ph.D Consultants

Journal Publications

PhD Consultants provide support to write and publish your articles in reputed and standard journals internationally. We have assisted many scholars and researchers from various departments like Accounting, Commerce, Management, Engineering, Education, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, History Social Works Law and many more to publish their articles. PhD Consultants team mainly focus on non – paid journals with speedy publication support. Our experts will provide papers with 100% originality, quality and confidentiality

We provide guidance to the academic researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing the works in a peer – reviewed journal. As these papers must meet the highest level of scientific rigor, represent original research and add to previously conducted studies and with required formatting styles, we will assure you to guide in all these areas to make your journal published. We guide the graduates of doctoral programs to publish their approved dissertation research.

We can help the new researchers by providing comprehensive support throughout their academic research process such as topic development, literature review, methodological specification, data analysis and interpretation and publication plan with manuscript revision.

PhD Consultants provide guidance to scholars who wish to publish their qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods of studies each year.

research paper publication consultancy

Our Specialties in Journal Publication:

Publication Plan:  

Scholars who are new to academic publications always seek out for a help in developing long term plan to publish their doctoral research. Main journals are always within their discipline yet it can be a challenge to develop a concrete plan to publish and target the publications. So our team of experts with several years of experience will provide you the consultancy to prepare a clear set of goals and target journals and to begin your publishing work. There are three main steps to develop your publication plan.

Once you agree to get our guidance in paper writing and journal publication, our subject expert will analyze your dissertation thoroughly part by part – the problem statement, research questions and hypotheses, literature review, methodology, data analysis, results and discussion. Then they will suggest you the topics or threads which can be published and a list of sources where your work may be able to be published.  Later they will short list two or three prospective publications to target as selecting an appropriate journal is the first key step.

Next our experts will search, identify and gather the articles from more recent volumes and issues that resemble yours. Then they conduct a thorough rhetorical analysis so that they will be able to identify the audience and knowledge that has to be provided in your article.

Finally we will present you all the findings and consult with you on which area we have to prepare article for your publication as we might have arrived at so many topics for publication from your area of thesis itself.

Manuscript Revision

PhD Consultants will offer you a high level editing service that would tailor your paper to meet the requirements of your targeted journal. The essential trimming and editing to suite to the publication will be done by our experts and fully drafted article will be now ready for the submission. We will provide you review and revision until it is published.

PhD Consultants can guide the scholars who have a target journal already in mind to shape their dissertation into an actual manuscript for submission. We will do comprehensive revision and update your dissertation suitable to write the journal from it and publish the same. Our experienced team will help you to overcome major reasons for manuscript rejection. PhD Consultants will provide you the comprehensive manuscript which meets the aggressive publication guidelines.

Our method of research paper publication in journals is as follows:

There may be many service providers offering you attractive discounts and referral bonus, but we offer you the best Paper/Article /Journal publication guidance which will be worth the charges you are going to pay to the experts. Our Paper/Article/ Journal publication service is extremely secure as we use high level encryption standards to make sure that our customers are safe. We never share your personal information to anyone including the experts who are assigned to guide you in your course work writing.

PhD Consultants – Paper/Article / Journal publication guidance

We can help you to know more about the Paper/Article/ Journal publication guidance and procedure for topic selection for your PhD.

Please mail to [email protected] or call or whatsapp to 8304870611/311/8072813647.

Research Institute


  Paper publication is one of our leading services for publication of research papers. We support for research professors, academicians, industry consultants, emeritus professors, and students for extensive dissemination of knowledge throughout the globe. Research institute is an open access, peer reviewed and double blinded referred with fast track publishing. We invite papers in original research papers, survey paper or extended version of already published papers in international conferences and journals. Research papers for publication selected through peer review to ensure quality, readability and relevance. Our top experts help you choosing the right topic in current research area and provide professional proof reading and editing services. We assist you in developing a perfect journal article for publishing.



   Authors can be submitted your paper through our web site. We invites papers in the following areas like image processing, signal processing data mining, mobile computing, cloud computing, mobile cloud computing, networking, sensor networks, adhoc networks, and so on. We can’t limit our areas as we can publish your paper with any research areas. But all the research papers that conform to our submission guidelines will be evaluated and peer reviewed based on originality, clarity, novelty, and relevance to research areas. Publishing your papers in high level journals takes following steps. Authors are requested to go through our following steps before submitting their papers.

Guidelines for author:

Research institute invites the following papers:


You have to submit your manuscript as well as copy right form to our institute.


   When publish your research paper in international journals, this section is necessary for PhD students. Here we have provided some guidelines for publication of papers,


 First step is to when preparing your paper; you have to decide your area of interest, then you should know the current trends of your interested area. If You have to update yourself,  by referring recent technology in your selected field.

You can proceed by using the following ways,

If you have completed the above mentioned steps successfully, then you are ready to write a paper.


  Read all the previous papers in your concentration area. Your reference papers should completely relevant to your research area. You can spend a lot of time for referring existing papers.


   Before writing a paper, ask your guide or professor what the most useful journals and conferences proceedings are in your field


  One of the major difficulties in journal paper is to understand the terms and languages. The easiest way to find a difficulty is, read papers in more than once. It can be useful for understanding the papers.


 write the following:.


     Identifying the problems of your research area and you has to know the clear knowledge of the present activity of your research. Analysis the random thoughts of your field, it will be helpful for your research


  Don’t fix any ambitious topics; instead of identify a realistic problem. For example, if your domain is image processing means, you can choose Matlab. MATLAB is a convenient tool for handling the image processing projects. In, Matlab files are available in online, so we can easily access the matlab


Essence of your work can be analyzed by using the following points,.


 In general, paper has seven sections with maximum of four pages. They are

 As a part of your research paper publication,

         Title and abstract is the key elements for your research because the abstract is read by many reviewers. Your abstract summarize the overall design, hypothesis and findings of the study. Generally, four lines is more sufficient for well-prepared abstract


When you write a paper, you need to concentrate on the following studies:


     If your paper is ready for publication, you can ask your guide or peers to review your research paper. Next is to identify the right place to publish this paper. After completing this, you proceed also with international conference and journals.


  Read reviewer response carefully, because comments from the editorial members will be different. The results in following categories,


  Once you receive reviewer comments. Don’t get disappoint with that, first you have to identify the fact. Then rewrite your paper according also to the reviewer comments.


 Once your paper gets rejected, clearly understand the reasons for rejection and rewrite a paper.  Don’t lose your confidence, also try your best.

Manuscript is usually rejected due to the following reasons:


  There are three ways for publishing your paper:

              It is the right place to publish a paper for fresh scholars, because here the level of evaluation is better than journal publication. Reviewers can accept the paper by referring theoretical concept and also not necessary for proof simulation.

              It is suitable for middle level scholars. It is similar to national conference but they are specifying more rules. Conference publication gives feedback comment of your paper. The page length and also acceptance standards are differ for every conference.

          Journal selection is the major step for publication. After targeting the journal, you have to verify that your manuscript is 100% fit for the select journal. Another consideration in journal selection is the impact factor. As a young research scholar, you will surely want to get your research paper published in reputed journals. For the convenience and comfort throughout your research, we provide paper writing services and also we offer publication support in reputed journals. Research paper writing is not easy. Hence you will need top experts like us to guide you also with the best research and quality work.

Some popular international-publications are:

    Don’t just sit back, come forward to us. Our great team of experts, professionals and writers can help you and ensure that you are able to create the best research paper and we are here to publish your paper.

             Decide…. Commit……Succeed……..

clinical research consultant


7000+ Publication

Countries so far, partner with publication consultants.

Publication Consultants is a world-renowned publisher research center that provides quality, travel, and renowned expertise in academic and business research publications. We help students, researchers, academics, and companies publish their research efforts in reputable, worldwide, peer-reviewed journals. By our highly qualified PhD ConsultantTM editors, Publication Consultants use their + 15 years of experience in the research publishing industry, to provide you with assistance in the entire research publishing process. Our publishing solutions provide you with the necessary information and speed to make your important contribution to the research community published on time, listed and distributed.

research paper publication consultancy

Our Partners

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Certified publications.

Yes, we are committed to certified publishing in our flagship journal journals. We encourage researchers to submit through our certified publishing system and allow their research to be published. Our Exhibited Editors TM will edit, review and review your peer manuscript and ensure your research will be published. Our journals have a Scopus index, are archived, and are integrated with Altmetrics to provide you with distribution statistics.

research paper publication consultancy

Affiliated Journals

Publisher research is related to high-quality journals in research publications. Our published authors have made us proud by providing us with world-class research and showing great commitment to Publication Consultants.

research paper publication consultancy

Our Services

Publication Consultants have allowed many researchers, from well-known universities, institutions, and companies to publish their research. Through our branding services, we focus on ensuring that your published research meets international standards in the publication of research reported by international regulatory bodies, in particular, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). (*Committee on Publication Ethics) -->

online journal

Research Assistance

Publication Consultants provide students, researchers, and academics with expertise in drafting, editing, proofreading, and editing their research manuscripts.

publishing companies

Research Review

To enable researchers to speed up, validate and succeed in the peer review process, our Exhibited Editors TM provide a solid review of your manuscript technology before it is submitted to the international research community for approval.

scholarly journals

Publication Consultancy

If you are unsure about publishing your research in a relevant journal, our Illustrated Editors TM will assist you in finding and publishing a popular journal based on your advice.

Want to publish

Your own research articles.

Publication Consultants may find you published in the PubMed & Scopus reference journals

Our Commitment

Our dignity is rooted in our dedication. Customer-focused commitments are the best in the publishing industry and we support them at all costs.

Our commitments ensure that our efforts are aimed at assisting the research community by providing them with intelligent resources, guaranteeing publication, speed and strict quality control.

scientific journals

Easy to Use

engineering journal

Flexible Formats

psychology journals

Professtional Quality

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Global Fullfillment

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Quick Turnaround

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24/7 Support

Success factors.

of researchers were promoted to their desired positions with our help

researchers used our help and were published in prestigious journals

of researchers who have chosen to publish in our leading journals

of researchers view our resources as a force for good in their publishing needs

Satisfied Clients

research consulting firms

Dr.Sofiane Khadraoui

Coo | johnson inc.

Working with a team of trained editors at Publication Consultants has been a pleasure. They successfully published my research in the Scopus reference journal and gave me constructive feedback on how I could continue to make my research visible. I thank them for their wisdom and commend them to everyone.

marketing research consultant

Dr.Bushra Ahmed Alakashee

Director | henry & company.

Publication Consultants know what they are talking about! I gave them the most difficult research and they successfully completed it and found it published in the journal Elsevier. I am so impressed! They are really commendable.

marketing research consultant

Dr.Shaima Bdawi Elbardawil

Get in touch, grow your academic career.


Phones: +1(478) 569-6536

Email [email protected]

Copyright © 2022 Publication Consultants . All Rights Reserved.

Academic Research and Dissertation Consulting

Precision Consulting was featured in the 2010 edition of Inc 500, establishing us as one of the 500 fastest-growing, privately owned companies in the United States.

Precision Consulting works closely with academic researchers who are in the process of writing or designing a study with the aim of publishing their work in a peer-reviewed journal. This can often be a daunting task because published papers must meet the highest level of scientific rigor, represent original research in the field, and add to previously conducted studies–not to mention the often rigorous attention paid to APA editing or other style guidelines and formatting requirements!

Most frequently, we assist recent graduates of doctoral programs who are seeking to take the next step in their academic careers and publish their approved dissertation research. This support takes two main forms: developing a publication plan and manuscript revision. Of course, we quite often work work with researchers who are conducting new research, and can provide comprehensive support throughout the academic research process, including topic development, literature review assistance, methodological specification, data analysis, and interpretation.

We assist hundreds of researchers pursuing publication with their qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods studies each year, in nearly every field and methodological approach. Our staff is comprised of specialist researchers with PhDs in their respective fields, including psychology, economics, healthcare, and business, to name a few. Precision’s comprehensive consulting and editing services ensure academic researchers can confidently submit their work for publication.

Publication Plan

Many of our clients who are new to academic publication seek us out to help them develop a long-term plan to publish their doctoral research and establish their voices in current scholarship. While most newly-minted PhDs are well aware of the main journals within their discipline, it can still be challenging to develop a concrete plan to begin to publish and target the publications best suited for your work–especially if you’re also balancing a full-time job!

With more than a decade of experience providing academic research consulting, we can help you prepare a clear set of goals and target journals to help you begin publishing your work. Our process to develop your publication plan consists of three steps:

After presenting you with our findings, we then consult with you to determine how you’d like to proceed. Our search might result in a number of ideal publications for your research, and we can then turn to the manuscript itself to frame your study for review and publication. Selecting an appropriate journal would be the first key step, and we could assist you in this by sharing a list of 4-5 peer-reviewed journals that are a promising fit for your study.

Manuscript Revision

For clients with a publication plan or target journal already in mind, we can assist with shaping your dissertation into an actual manuscript for submission. And, if you’ve worked with us to develop that plan, we’re ideally suited to efficiently and effectively assist you with this comprehensive revision and update of your dissertation research!

Research and Analysis Consulting for New Studies

For clients ready to contemplate and complete new research, or for established academics who need to continue to generate new publications to meet their personal and professional goals, Precision’s PhD researchers and dissertation consultants can assist you–across a broad range of disciplines–to define and conduct a compelling and publication-ready study in your field.

Let’s keep it a secret…

Journals have published past clients, articles published last year, % success rate on first submission.

PhD Services provide publishing support in RELEVANT and STABLE journals for scholar’s paper writing. We have assisted  paper publish  supports for scholars and academicians in various departments like Information Technology, Electrical, and electronics, Electronics & communication, Computer Science & Engineering, etc. Our marvelous professionals mostly focus on non-paid journals with rapid publication support for scholar’s prerequisites. We offer flawless publication assistance based on journal paper in all fields (Networking, Image processing, Data Mining, IoT, etc.) of scholar’s needs .  We give assurance to you with 100% originality, quality, confidentiality, plagiarism-free, and online/offline publication support at the business time.


Why PHDSERVICES.ORG have Grade-A for Publication?


Category 1:

Category 2:

Your Journey is just the BEGINNING!!!!!! PhD services world is waiting for you to confer GREAT THINGS!!!!!!To Publish – this is the DESTINY for scholars!!!!!!


Fast Track Publish service is achieved to make a feel for the scholar to be satisfied in a paper publication. We provide journals publishing service for scholars’ papers into peer-reviewed journals and get minor revision for their paper within 3+ months. Our experts shrink scholar’s burden and relieve your stress as they are fully equipped to help you in any way of your publication.


Benefits for Fast

            Our Amazing PhD Services provide Fast Moving Publication Support for SCHOLARS. We guarantee  “A1 & A2”  standard paper publication support for scholars. Today, most of the scholars are felt in the paper publication part. For this reason, we provide our marvelous publication service for you. If you need our publication service, we offer you!!!

PAPER PUBLISHING TIME is one of the MAIN CONCERNS for SCHOLARS…… Paper publishing in PhD Services is the key to success for you…

MILESTONE 1: Research Proposal

Finalize journal (indexing).

Before sit down to research proposal writing, we need to decide exact journals. For e.g. SCI, SCI-E, ISI, SCOPUS.

Research Subject Selection

As a doctoral student, subject selection is a big problem. has the team of world class experts who experience in assisting all subjects. When you decide to work in networking, we assign our experts in your specific area for assistance.

Research Topic Selection

We helping you with right and perfect topic selection, which sound interesting to the other fellows of your committee. For e.g. if your interest in networking, the research topic is VANET / MANET / any other

Literature Survey Writing

To ensure the novelty of research, we find research gaps in 50+ latest benchmark papers (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, MDPI, Hindawi, etc.)

Case Study Writing

After literature survey, we get the main issue/problem that your research topic will aim to resolve and elegant writing support to identify relevance of the issue.

Problem Statement

Based on the research gaps finding and importance of your research, we conclude the appropriate and specific problem statement.

Writing Research Proposal

Writing a good research proposal has need of lot of time. We only span a few to cover all major aspects (reference papers collection, deficiency finding, drawing system architecture, highlights novelty)

MILESTONE 2: System Development

Fix implementation plan.

We prepare a clear project implementation plan that narrates your proposal in step-by step and it contains Software and OS specification. We recommend you very suitable tools/software that fit for your concept.

Tools/Plan Approval

We get the approval for implementation tool, software, programing language and finally implementation plan to start development process.

Pseudocode Description

Our source code is original since we write the code after pseudocodes, algorithm writing and mathematical equation derivations.

Develop Proposal Idea

We implement our novel idea in step-by-step process that given in implementation plan. We can help scholars in implementation.


We perform the comparison between proposed and existing schemes in both quantitative and qualitative manner since it is most crucial part of any journal paper.

Graphs, Results, Analysis Table

We evaluate and analyze the project results by plotting graphs, numerical results computation, and broader discussion of quantitative results in table.

Project Deliverables

For every project order, we deliver the following: reference papers, source codes screenshots, project video, installation and running procedures.

MILESTONE 3: Paper Writing

Choosing right format.

We intend to write a paper in customized layout. If you are interesting in any specific journal, we ready to support you. Otherwise we prepare in IEEE transaction level.

Collecting Reliable Resources

Before paper writing, we collect reliable resources such as 50+ journal papers, magazines, news, encyclopedia (books), benchmark datasets, and online resources.

Writing Rough Draft

We create an outline of a paper at first and then writing under each heading and sub-headings. It consists of novel idea and resources

Proofreading & Formatting

We must proofread and formatting a paper to fix typesetting errors, and avoiding misspelled words, misplaced punctuation marks, and so on

Native English Writing

We check the communication of a paper by rewriting with native English writers who accomplish their English literature in University of Oxford.

Scrutinizing Paper Quality

We examine the paper quality by top-experts who can easily fix the issues in journal paper writing and also confirm the level of journal paper (SCI, Scopus or Normal).

Plagiarism Checking

We at is 100% guarantee for original journal paper writing. We never use previously published works.

MILESTONE 4: Paper Publication

Finding apt journal.

We play crucial role in this step since this is very important for scholar’s future. Our experts will help you in choosing high Impact Factor (SJR) journals for publishing.

Lay Paper to Submit

We organize your paper for journal submission, which covers the preparation of Authors Biography, Cover Letter, Highlights of Novelty, and Suggested Reviewers.

Paper Submission

We upload paper with submit all prerequisites that are required in journal. We completely remove frustration in paper publishing.

Paper Status Tracking

We track your paper status and answering the questions raise before review process and also we giving you frequent updates for your paper received from journal.

Revising Paper Precisely

When we receive decision for revising paper, we get ready to prepare the point-point response to address all reviewers query and resubmit it to catch final acceptance.

Get Accept & e-Proofing

We receive final mail for acceptance confirmation letter and editors send e-proofing and licensing to ensure the originality.

Publishing Paper

Paper published in online and we inform you with paper title, authors information, journal name volume, issue number, page number, and DOI link

MILESTONE 5: Thesis Writing

Identifying university format.

We pay special attention for your thesis writing and our 100+ thesis writers are proficient and clear in writing thesis for all university formats.

Gathering Adequate Resources

We collect primary and adequate resources for writing well-structured thesis using published research articles, 150+ reputed reference papers, writing plan, and so on.

Writing Thesis (Preliminary)

We write thesis in chapter-by-chapter without any empirical mistakes and we completely provide plagiarism-free thesis.

Skimming & Reading

Skimming involve reading the thesis and looking abstract, conclusions, sections, & sub-sections, paragraphs, sentences & words and writing thesis chorological order of papers.

Fixing Crosscutting Issues

This step is tricky when write thesis by amateurs. Proofreading and formatting is made by our world class thesis writers who avoid verbose, and brainstorming for significant writing.

Organize Thesis Chapters

We organize thesis chapters by completing the following: elaborate chapter, structuring chapters, flow of writing, citations correction, etc.

Writing Thesis (Final Version)

We attention to details of importance of thesis contribution, well-illustrated literature review, sharp and broad results and discussion and relevant applications study.

How deal with significant issues ?

1. novel ideas.

Novelty is essential for a PhD degree. Our experts are bringing quality of being novel ideas in the particular research area. It can be only determined by after thorough literature search (state-of-the-art works published in IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, ACM, ScienceDirect, Inderscience, and so on). SCI and SCOPUS journals reviewers and editors will always demand “Novelty” for each publishing work. Our experts have in-depth knowledge in all major and sub-research fields to introduce New Methods and Ideas. MAKING NOVEL IDEAS IS THE ONLY WAY OF WINNING PHD.

2. Plagiarism-Free

To improve the quality and originality of works, we are strictly avoiding plagiarism since plagiarism is not allowed and acceptable for any type journals (SCI, SCI-E, or Scopus) in editorial and reviewer point of view. We have software named as “Anti-Plagiarism Software” that examines the similarity score for documents with good accuracy. We consist of various plagiarism tools like Viper, Turnitin, Students and scholars can get your work in Zero Tolerance to Plagiarism. DONT WORRY ABOUT PHD, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING.

3. Confidential Info

We intended to keep your personal and technical information in secret and it is a basic worry for all scholars.


4. Publication

Most of the PhD consultancy services will end their services in Paper Writing, but our is different from others by giving guarantee for both paper writing and publication in reputed journals. With our 18+ year of experience in delivering PhD services, we meet all requirements of journals (reviewers, editors, and editor-in-chief) for rapid publications. From the beginning of paper writing, we lay our smart works. PUBLICATION IS A ROOT FOR PHD DEGREE. WE LIKE A FRUIT FOR GIVING SWEET FEELING FOR ALL SCHOLARS.

5. No Duplication

After completion of your work, it does not available in our library i.e. we erased after completion of your PhD work so we avoid of giving duplicate contents for scholars. This step makes our experts to bringing new ideas, applications, methodologies and algorithms. Our work is more standard, quality and universal. Everything we make it as a new for all scholars. INNOVATION IS THE ABILITY TO SEE THE ORIGINALITY. EXPLORATION IS OUR ENGINE THAT DRIVES INNOVATION SO LET’S ALL GO EXPLORING.

Client Reviews

I ordered a research proposal in the research area of Wireless Communications and it was as very good as I can catch it.

I had wishes to complete implementation using latest software/tools and I had no idea of where to order it. My friend suggested this place and it delivers what I expect.

It really good platform to get all PhD services and I have used it many times because of reasonable price, best customer services, and high quality.

My colleague recommended this service to me and I’m delighted their services. They guide me a lot and given worthy contents for my research paper.

I’m never disappointed at any kind of service. Till I’m work with professional writers and getting lot of opportunities.

- Christopher

Once I am entered this organization I was just felt relax because lots of my colleagues and family relations were suggested to use this service and I received best thesis writing.

I recommend They have professional writers for all type of writing (proposal, paper, thesis, assignment) support at affordable price.

You guys did a great job saved more money and time. I will keep working with you and I recommend to others also.

These experts are fast, knowledgeable, and dedicated to work under a short deadline. I had get good conference paper in short span.

Guys! You are the great and real experts for paper writing since it exactly matches with my demand. I will approach again.

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I am extremely happy with your project development support and source codes are easily understanding and executed.

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Research Consultancy

ARDA's team is equipped with leaders in various fields who can provide technical advice, testing and evidence-based recommendations. Our academic research consultancy services have focused on providing individualized assistance to each student according to the requirements of their research project. Our academic and technical writers and proofreaders are specialists in various academic fields. Thus, you will be assigned to an expert who has a perfect knowledge of your subject. Our technical writers can refine your scientific research papers that require special expertise and knowledge of subject terminology.

Statistical Advice

Our team will advise you on designing quantitative studies, the required sample size, writing the statistical analysis plan, how to perform statistical analysis for a given data set, how to respond to feedback from journal reviews, statistical analysis and econometric modeling.

statistical advice

Research Design Consultancy

We will offer you advice on the rationale and identification of research gaps, formulation of research queries and hypotheses, research methodologies, qualitative strategies, qualitative approaches, study design, economic evaluation, research ethics and reporting.

research design consultancy

Editing, Proofreading and Translation

As we offer a one-stop-shop for research activities, editing, proofreading and translation services benefit from a reduced rate when using our research services. Our team of specialists can help you translate documents from any language to English. We also offer back-to-back translation for interviews and surveys.

Systematic Reviews and Literature Summaries

Our team has the expertise to conduct research and produce summary tables of literature reviews and systematic reviews for large and small research projects. We can also work to highlight gaps in the literature and advise on filling them by developing relevant theoretical and empirical models.

Systematic Reviews

Our team can work hand in hand with you to produce different types of publications, including research abstracts, peer-reviewed journal articles, books and monographs, edited books, book chapters, conference proceedings and technical reports.

Research Project Consulting

Our team can guide you throughout the whole research process to complete your research projects. We offer advice on research proposals, data sources and accumulation, consistent reports, demonstrations and conferences. We also provide coaching and supervision support to monitor your progress and stay on track.

[email protected]


American Journal of Interior, Fashion & Multidisciplinary Designing

Kaav International Journal of Law, Finance & Industrial Relations

Kaav International Journal of English, Literature and Linguistics

National Journal of Arts, Commerce & Scientific Research Review - A Peer Review Bi-Annual Online Journal

Kaav International Journal of Science, Engineering & Technology:A Peer Review Quarterly Journal

Kaav International Journal of Arts, Humanities & Social Science: A Refereed Peer Review Quarterly Journal

Kaav International Journal of Economics , Commerce & Business Management: A Refereed Peer Review Journal

Special Issues

Hindi Special Issues

Research & Consultancy

Home / research & consultancy.

KAAV PUBLICATIONS promotes, develops and nurtures research and consultancy activities on institutional and individual basis. Areas of study include various disciplines of Engineering, Technology Science & Management , Humanities & Law.

Assistance in Technical Paper Preparation for Ph.D., Scholars :

While our core competences lie in generating accurate and relevant knowledge to solve academic related project issues, we are able to leverage our infrastructure, technical and functional expertise to address a wide range of research and consulting requirements. These include the conceptualization, preparation, validation, verification and publication of research papers in National and International journals and assisting the research scholars in resolving their research issues through data validations, analysis, case studies, experimental research, mathematical models etc., In addition to this, we encourage our faculty, research associates and scholars to undertake commercially viable stand alone or institutional research projects, publish them in referred journals and present the concepts at national and international seminars.

Conducting / Organizing Technical / Academic Seminars & Conferences :

We also conduct seminars, workshops, conferences, training related consultancy programs in order to establish dense association with the research scholars. We are closely associating ourselves with national private & Government universities and also development organizations, and thereby strengthening links between research and policy making. Our Editorial Board members are a renowned speaker in various Universities and Colleges in India & Abroad.

KAAV Publications is the bringer of omens, calling the academicians from the world to say that it is the time to change to step into new authentic power of knowledge collectively.



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