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Thematic Analysis of Successful and Unsuccessful Project Delivery Teams in the Building Construction Industry

Gis-based decision support system for safe and sustainable building construction site in a mountainous region.

The site selection process for a building entails evaluating a variety of factors with varying degrees of importance or percentage influence. In order to ensure that critical site selection factors are not overlooked, a methodology for calculating a building’s safe site selection must be developed. The study identified three broad aspects widely considered in site selection, namely environmental, physical, and socioeconomic criteria. To assess the safest site selection of residential building construction for sustainable urban growth, we used GIS-based multi-criteria decision-making approach that combined Fuzzy-AHP and weighted linear combination (WLC) aggregation method used to calculate the SSPZ. The final safe site suitability map was generated by aggregating all aspects such as geophysical, socio-economic and Geo-environmental thematic layers and their associated Fuzzy-AHP weights using the weighted linear combination method. The sites potential index’s mean value of 0.513 with standard deviation of 0.340, minimum and maximum GeoPhySSSI are 0.0 and 0.91, respectively, SSS index is classified into zones by histogram profile using natural breaks (jenks)” Subsequently, safe sites identified and divided into six classes namely no construction, very low suitable site low suitable site, moderate suitable site, high suitable site, and very high suitable site.“ According to the statistical analysis, 3.64% and 32.12% of the total area were under very high and high SSSZ, while 26.40% and 6.22% accounted to the moderate and low suitable potential, respectively” Our findings suggest that integrating the fuzzy collection with AHP is highly desirable in terms of alternative and decision-making effectiveness. The study reveals that the areas of high and moderate suitability are located near existing habitant area, major roads, and educational and health services; they are not located in restricted/protected areas or are vulnerable to natural hazards. The findings indicate that unsuitable and less-suitable land uses such as vegetation, protected areas, and agriculture lands cover nearly one-third area of Abha-Khamis Mushyet regions, implying that using Fuzzy-AHP and GIS techniques will significantly aid in the conservation of the environment. This would significantly mitigate adverse effects on the ecosystem and climate.

Hyperparameter tuning of convolutional neural networks for building construction image classification

Evaluation of the implementation of occupational safety and health management systems on the ayana nort wing bali construction project.

Building construction projects have a high level of risk of work accidents, especially for workers in the field. Therefore, at the time of implementation of construction work, it is necessary to evaluate the implementation of occupational safety and health management system (SMK3) to provide a sense of security to workers in the field of this research aimed at evaluating SMK3. This research uses qualitative and quantitative methods to know the implementation of SMK3, by taking data by conducting structured interviews conducted on the building construction project Ayana Nort Wing Bali. Analysis conducted a descriptive analysis based on Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No.50, 2012 advanced with 12 criteria containing 166 criteria elements. The result of this study is the application of PP No. 50 of 2012 for the advanced level of 92.89% categorized as satisfactory. In addition, there are 14 that have not been implemented. This the company that the evaluation level of occupational safety and health management system (SMK3) in the building construction project Ayana North Wing Bali is the level of application is very satisfactory for the project.

The Influence of the Properties of Thermal - Insulation Materials on the Thermomoist Indicators of a Building

One of the basic measures of energy efficiency in residential buildings is the reduction of heat and coolant pressure, when external structures - walls, ceilings - contain thermal insulation material, as a result of which heat and cold losses are reduced, as a result of air-and moisture permeability. Their number is largely determined by the climatic zone of the building, construction, sources of heat and cold, fuel and electricity prices in this region. In such practice, first of all, attention is paid to the problems of the optimal thickness of the thermal insulator, the installation location, since improper installation in the structure can cause water condensation, which will lead to partial wear of the structure, since the properties of reinforced-concrete layers will deteriorate. This concerns the peculiarities of carrying out thermal insulation works and their necessity both in under construction and in buildings in use. However, even in these conditions, when discussing the thermal effect of thermal insulation on structures, due attention is not paid to individual structures, especially walls, moisture problems. Consideration of insulators with more or less efficient energy and heat engineering characteristics, when it was found that there is a significant difference between their results and effects, aroused particular interest in the study of the problem. This is followed by a study of the influence of the presence of thermal insulation in the structure on the cold load required for cooling, revealed a pattern of cost changes in the case of insulating materials with more or less properties - foam.

Natural Fibre Insulation Materials: Use of Textile and Agri-food Waste in a Circular Economy Perspective

AbstractFibrous materials are among those most used for the thermal and acoustic insulation of building envelopes and are also suitable for a wide range of applications. In building construction, the demand for products with low environmental impact — in line with the Green Deal challenge of the European Community — is growing, but the building market is still mostly oriented towards traditional products, missing the many opportunities for using waste materials from existing industrial production. The paper presents the experimental results of new thermal and acoustic insulation products for building construction and interior design, based on previous experiences of the research group. They are produced entirely using waste sheep’s wool as a “matrix” and other waste fibres as “fillers”. The materials proposed originate from textile and agri-industrial chains in the Piedmont region and have no uses other than waste-to-heat biomass. The panels have characteristics of rigidity, workability, and thermal conductivity that make them suitable for building envelope insulation.

Destruction Feature Extraction of Prefabricated Residential Building Components Based on BIM

In order to improve the damage feature extraction effect of prefabricated residential building components and improve the structural stability of prefabricated residential components, this paper applies BIM technology to the structural feature analysis of prefabricated residential components. Moreover, this paper adopts the simple superposition method and combines the first strength theory of material mechanics to derive the formula for calculating the cracking torque of prefabricated residential building components under compound torsion. In addition, based on the variable-angle space truss model, this paper uses a simple superposition method to derive the calculation formula for the ultimate torque of composite torsion of fabricated residential building components and applies it to the BIM fabricated residential model. Finally, this paper constructs an intelligent BIM prefabricated residential building construction damage characteristic monitoring system. Through experimental research, it can be seen that the intelligent BIM prefabricated residential building construction damage feature monitoring system proposed in this paper can monitor the damage characteristics of prefabricated residential building construction and can predict the evolution of subsequent building features.

Research for Substantiation to Upscale Bio-Based Materials in the Construction Industry

The building construction industry is slowly adopting bio-based materials. To accelerate this process, it is necessary to gain more proven data about technical issues. This should also fit in the social-economical and juridical context of the construction industry. In this paper we will highlight the main drivers and research that is going on in the Netherlands. Including a cross border project that works on this topic.

Critical Factors Responsible for Time Overruns in Nigeria Building Construction Industry

Time overruns are major problems facing the Nigerian construction industry. It’s of high concern to those who are involved in the construction industry. This study was carried out to identify the major causes of time overruns in the Nigerian building construction industry, by means of a literature review and a questionnaire survey. A total of twenty (20) time overrun causative factors were obtained from the literature. The questionnaire survey was distributed to randomly selected respondents from a combination of clients, consultants, contractors, site engineers, project managers and sub-contractors. In all, one hundred and forty-one (141) questionnaires were distributed to randomly selected respondents (clients, consultants, contractors, site-engineers, project-managers and sub-contractors), one hundred and thirty-two (132) questionnaires were returned out of which three (3) questionnaires were found incomplete and invalid. Only one hundred and twenty-nine (129) questionnaires were found consistent and valid for use in this research. Relative Importance Index (RII) and Severity Index were used to carry out a ranking analysis. Based on the data received, the five (5) most severe factors influencing project handling overtime in Nigeria construction industries are Inaccurate evaluation of projects time/duration (91.9%), Risk and uncertainty associated with projects (91.6%), Complexity of works (87.6%), Weak regulation and control (86.8%) and Lack of financial power with severity (86.3%).

The New Boundaries of 3D-Printed Clay Bricks Design: Printability of Complex Internal Geometries

The building construction sector is undergoing one of the most profound transformations towards the digital transition of production. In recent decades, the advent of a novel technology for the 3D printing of clay opened up new sustainable possibilities in construction. Some architectural applications of 3D-printed clay bricks with simple internal configurations are being developed around the world. On the other hand, the full potential of 3D-printed bricks for building production is still unknown. Scientific studies about the design and printability of 3D-printed bricks exploiting complex internal geometries are completely missing in the related literature. This paper explores the new boundaries of 3D-printed clay bricks realized with a sustainable extrusion-based 3D clay printing process by proposing a novel conception, design, and analysis. In particular, the proposed methodological approach includes: (i) conception and design; (ii) parametric modeling; (iii) simulation of printability; and (iv) prototyping. The new design and conception aim to fully exploit the potential of 3D printing to realize complex internal geometry in a 3D-printed brick. To this aim, the research investigates the printability of internal configuration generated by using geometries with well-known remarkable mechanical properties, such as periodic minimal surfaces. In conclusion, the results are validated by a wide prototyping campaign.

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School of Building Construction Research Papers

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Scholarly publications of the faculty and graduate students of the College of Architecture School of Building Construction.

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An automated safety planning approach for residential construction sites in malaysia , mobile application prototype for on-site information management in construction industry , my smartech.


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Journal of Construction Research


An empirical survey of the uk construction smes' e-procurement readiness from the e-legal aspects.






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Creating equality in the construction industry: an agenda for change for women and ethnic minorities.






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An evaluation of safety performance measures for construction projects.




Significant Factors Causing Delay and Cost Overruns in Construction of Groundwater Projects in Ghana

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Construction and Building Research

Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain

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Universitat Politècnica de València, Valenica, Spain

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Table of contents (66 papers)

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Stop Designing Architecture, Design Your Practice!

Strategies to Reduce Defects in Floor and Wall Tiles; Application of Continuous Improvement Processes

Success Strategies for On-Site Waste Management in Spanish Construction Sites

Building Engineers’ Promotion and Its Effect on Job Satisfaction. A Qualitative Study of Site Managers in Castilla-la Mancha

Management of the Building Process in Temporary Constructions: Case Study of the Unicaja Exhibition Pavilion

The Project Coach: The New Role of the Project Manager for the Future Due to the News Tools Like Building Information Modelling, Integrated Project Delivery, Last Planner and Others

Applying evm and es metrics to analyze and forecast schedule performance in the spanish context of the building sector.

International Project Management Based on the British System in M.E.N.A. Countries. Comparative Analysis

The Professional Career of Spanish Architects: Obstacles and Facilitators

The Role of Corporate Architecture in Urban Transformation an Italian Paradigm the Chiesi Research and Development Building 2011

Perceptions Prediction Model in Architectural Library Spaces

Energy Efficiency and Daylight Transmission in the Current Envelope of the Arquitecture

A Ceramic Double Skin in an Educational Center in Melilla

Ventilation and Sealing in the Current Envelopes in Architecture

Translucent Concrete. Research with Glass, Optical Fiber and Glass Fiber

Technical Evolution of 3D Modular Construction from the Nineteenth Century to World War II

Architrave: Advanced Analysis of Building Structures Integrated in Computer-Aided Design

Many areas of knowledge converge in the building industry and therefore research in this field necessarily involves an interdisciplinary approach. Effective research requires strong relation between a broad variety of scientific and technological domains and more conventional construction or craft processes, while also considering advanced management processes, where all the main actors permanently interact. This publication takes an interdisciplinary approach grouping various studies on the building industry chosen from among the works presented for the 2nd International Conference on Construction and Building Research. The papers examine aspects of materials and building systems; construction technology; energy and sustainability; construction management; heritage, refurbishment and conservation. The information contained within these pages may be of interest to researchers and practitioners in construction and building activities from the academic sphere, as well as public and private sectors.

Carmen Llinares-Millán, Igor Fernández-Plazaola, María Montserrat Martínez-Valenzuela, Francisco Javier Medina-Ramón, Inmaculada Oliver-Faubel, Isabel Rodríguez-Abad, Andrea Salandin, Rafael Sánchez-Grandia, Isabel Tort-Ausina

Francisco Hidalgo-Delgado

Book Title : Construction and Building Research

Editors : Carmen Llinares-Millán, Igor Fernández-Plazaola, Francisco Hidalgo-Delgado, María Montserrat Martínez-Valenzuela, Francisco Javier Medina-Ramón, Inmaculada Oliver-Faubel, Isabel Rodríguez-Abad, Andrea Salandin, Rafael Sánchez-Grandia, … Isabel Tort-Ausina


Publisher : Springer Dordrecht

eBook Packages : Engineering , Engineering (R0)

Copyright Information : Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014

Hardcover ISBN : 978-94-007-7789-7 Published: 13 February 2014

Softcover ISBN : 978-94-024-0169-1 Published: 27 September 2016

eBook ISBN : 978-94-007-7790-3 Published: 31 January 2014

Edition Number : 1

Number of Pages : XIII, 553

Number of Illustrations : 98 b/w illustrations, 174 illustrations in colour

Topics : Construction Management , Structural Materials , Building Construction and Design , Energy Policy, Economics and Management

Construction Research

Construction research at Oregon State focuses on a wide variety of topics related to the design and construction of infrastructure projects. Construction faculty have extensive expertise and experience in the following signature research areas:

Construction faculty lead and participate in research sponsored by a variety of local, regional, and national organizations including the Construction Industry Institute, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Oregon Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Center for Construction Research and Training, and PacTrans.

Construction faculty and research interests: 

Ingrid Arocho

Ingrid Arocho

Assistant professor of construction engineering: Research interests include construction equipment fleet management, pollution production during construction activities, and construction methods improvement to reduce environmental impact.  Her previous research included the estimation and forecasting of pollution emissions from construction equipment fleets. Dr. Arocho’s teaching interests include cost estimating, project management for construction projects, and advanced topics in project controls.

Joseph Fradella III

Joseph Fradella III

Senior instructor II: Extensive industry experience both nationally and internationally, with particular focus on historic building restoration and conservation, retaining walls and hardscape work, and other building renovation and maintenance projects. During his career he has worked for several engineering and construction firms, primarily focusing on mechanical and electrical systems. Mr. Fradella’s teaching interests include mechanical and electrical construction, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, project management, and professional development.


John Gambatese, P.E. (CA)

Professor of construction engineering: Technical and research interests include construction safety, work zone design, constructability, sustainability, design-construction interface, temporary construction structures, construction site operations, and systems engineering.  Current and recent research projects address issues related to construction worker health and safety, design of construction and maintenance work zones, Prevention through Design (PtD), formwork risk and reliability, and the impacts of lean design and construction on safety. Dr. Gambatese’s teaching interests include designing for safety, construction site systems, temporary construction structures, planning and scheduling, and construction contracts and specifications.

Joseph Louis

Joseph Louis

Assistant professor of construction engineering and Robert C. Wilson Faculty Scholar: Research interests lie at the intersection of simulation, visualization, and automation within the context of construction operations. He draws upon concepts in these areas to provide construction managers with better means of planning, monitoring, and controlling their operations to improve safety, maximize productivities, and minimize equipment idle times. Dr. Louis’s teaching interests include undergraduate and graduate classes in heavy civil operations and equipment, and analytical techniques for construction encompassing construction simulation, visualization, and risk management.

Catarina Pestana

Catarina Pestana

Instructor: Research interests lie the area of project management, including lean management and risk management. Her research interests focus on the enhancement of the performance of production systems and products in different stages of their life-cycle and supply chain in the AEC industry. Current research addresses multi-criteria risk-based decision methodologies to identify and validate improvements to processes and on-site operations in the AEC industry. Dr. Pestana’s teaching interests include scheduling and planning, construction contracts, heavy civil, building construction, and lean construction courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  As an academic, who has spent years in the field, Dr. Pestana creates conditions for students to learn, bringing real world problems to the classroom and guiding students to organize information in a personally meaningful way, helping them grow and prepare for their career ahead.

Yelda Turkan

Yelda Turkan

Assistant professor of construction engineering: Research interests are centered on the areas of remote sensing, automation, and information technology applications for construction engineering and management, infrastructure asset management, and transportation. Her recent research projects have focused on building information modeling (BIM) for visualization and facility energy management; bridge information modeling (BrIM) for bridge inspections; and investigating how 3D laser scanning, and virtual design and construction (VDC) technologies can help improve project controls. Dr. Turkan’s teaching interests include virtual design and construction, engineering planning, project management in construction, planning and scheduling, and construction contracts and specifications.

Recent Research Papers, Presentations, and Projects

“Energy-based Safety Risk Assessment: Does Magnitude and Intensity of Energy Predict Injury Severity?” Hallowell, M.R., Alexander, D., and Gambatese, J.A. (2017). Construction Management and Economics, Routledge, 35(1-2), 64-77.

“Impact of Advisory Signs on Vehicle Speeds in Highway Nighttime Paving Project Work Zones,” Gambatese, J. and Zhang, F. (2016). Transportation Research Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., No. 2555, pp. 65-71.

“Alignment between Lean Principles and Practices and Worker Safety Behavior,” Gambatese, J.A., Pestana, C., and Lee, H.W. (2016). Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE, 143(1).

Alves, T.C.L., Pestana, A.C., Gilbert, E., Hamzeh, F. (2016). “Lean Principles and the Management of Construction Documents.” Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, ASCE.

Construction Graduate Program Alumni

Following their time at Oregon State, our students are often recruited by leaders in academia, government, and industry in order to make a positive impact around the globe. Here are a few of our most recent graduates and their current positions:


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    The papers examine aspects of materials and building systems; construction technology; energy and sustainability; construction management; heritage

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    Current and recent research projects address issues related to construction worker health and safety, design of construction and maintenance work zones