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How To Use VIA To Program Your Keyboard

remap keys keychron

Please follow the instructions below to program a Keychron keyboard that supports VIA.

How to Remap a Key on VIA?

1. Connect your keyboard with our cable and click here to open the VIA. (Online VIA can only be opened by browsers based on Chromium currently.)

2. Please download the correct keymap JSON file if the VIA fail to authorize your keyboard. Since it takes time for Github to approve our VIA code submission, some keymap JSON files may not be automatically recognized at the moment.   You can download the keymap JSON file by searching “keymap working on VIA” on the keyboard product page. Or you can go to this link to find the JSON file for your keyboard.

4. Once you have downloaded the keymap JSON file, please go to the VIA, and turn on the "Show Design tab" in the "Settings" tab. (If it's already on, skip this step.)

5. Enable "Use V2 definitions (deprecated)" or disable "Use V3 definitions (via/next)" in the "Design" tab.

6. Drag the JSON file into the “Design” tab on the VIA.

7. On the Configure tab, select the KEYMAP section, and click on the key that you want to program, and the key will then flash slowly. Click on a key you want to remap in the BASIC/MEDIA/MACRO/LAYERS/SPECIAL/QMK LIGHTING/CUSTOM section. And it's done. Here is a video example. 

How to create a macro on VIA?

A macro is a series of keys pressed together to perform an action, now, you can program to just use one key to perform the same action, for example, holding Shift+Command+4 (screenshot on macOS) can be done with just one key. Here is how:

1. Go to MACROS on the top left corner of the Configure tab.

2. Search the keycodes that represent the key you want at https://docs.qmk.fm/#/keycodes_basic , then, copy and paste the Aliases on the page onto the VIA.

3. For example, enter {KC_LSFT,KC_LGUI,KC_4} in the Macro 0 box area, and press Save. The M0 key will become Shift+Command+4 (screenshot on macOS).

4. Select the KEYMAP section, click on the key that you want to replace, and the key will then flash slowly on VIA. Go to the MACRO section on the lower-left corner, click the M0 key, and it’s done. Here is a video tutorial:

How to Use Different Layers to Set the Combination Keys

You can customize each key on each layer of your keyboard with VIA, there are two layers for Mac, and two layers for Windows. For example, the Q1 keyboard comes with 81 keys, so you can remap up to 324 keys (81 x 4) you want.

remap keys keychron

The default layer for the keyboard is layer 0. The button M0(1) = layer 1 The button M0(3) = layer 3

Example: Use the layer function in VIA to set power button = fn + INS on macOS.

1. We have the "fn" key (aka MO(1) on VIA). Now we need to set the power button = "fn" + "upper right corner key".

remap keys keychron

2. Click LAYER 1. 3. Click the "ins" key on the upper right corner (the key will then flash slowly). Then, find the "power" key on the SPECIAL section, click it.

remap keys keychron

4. Hold fn and the upper right key to power off your computer.

remap keys keychron

PS: The shutdown option will normally pop up and let you choose "Shut Down", "Sleep", or "Restart". However, please check if the system has the pop up option on just in case the system shuts down directly and the file is not saved.

Is it possible to remap keychron keyboards such that that remap is effective on any computer?

remap keys keychron

I remapped my keyboard in a few ways using karabiner-elements.

Since, I need to use a windows laptop for work, I would love to be able to connect the keychron keyboard and use all those remaps on windows as well .

Is that possible or do those remap software only modify the input from the keyboard on the device and not on the keyboard itself?

Even if, any ways to work around that? I would love to be as efficient on windows as I am on mac.

' src=

You can on the Q series, by using QMK or VIA. On that K series it is not possible.

But , you can use AutoHotKey on Windows to do the same remapping. Even if you don't have admin rights.

Well.. you can't quite do everything with autohotkey that you can with QMK. For example, remapping the special function keys.

Did you know about this ?

In the Ks it is not possible since they do not have internal memory, in the Qs I do not know the situation

Could I not connect some external memory to my keyboard?

You could use a cross-platform solution like KMonad , or you could check out the SonixQMK project, where QMK is being ported to several boards including the Keychron K and C series.

The Q series is already running QMK.

This is honestly the biggest disappointment with my C2 for me. I am pretty ticked I don't have a working PrtSctn, Scroll Lock, or Pause/Break for screen shots, Excel, and MSFS respectively.

Try SharpKeys for remap in windows

They said in the manual it is in the works...yet, nothing.

Would love to write into the firmware of the keyboard, would love to use it on my work computer as well, but we can't just install any program on it...ehhh

Keychron abandoned this model for sure

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Remapping the keyboard

To access the Keyboard window, either click the Remap button on the toolbar, click Edit > Preferences > Keyboard, or click Keyboard in the session properties. The numberic keys 0-9 and * and # can be remapped.

If you want to assign a key or key combination to a custom function that is not currently listed in Keyboard Remap under the Custom Functions category, you can define these functions using the Custom Function Editor . When you do this, the Custom Functions category will appear with your newly defined functions, which can then be assigned to any key. Complete the assignment by following the steps for Assigning keys to functions , choosing Custom Functions as the category.

You can optionally define a custom function in the HTML or Java script file used to start the sessions. See adding additional HTML parameters for more information.

Duplicate keys on a keyboard can be assigned to independent functions.  Duplicate keys include keys like Shift or Ctrl that occur in multiple places on the keyboard.  To assign unique mappings for duplicate keys, follow the steps for Assigning keys to functions . 

This support does not affect keys used as modifiers.  If you use Ctrl, Alt, Shift or Meta in combination with another key, then no key location is processed with regard to the modifier.  For example, for the key combination Shift+Enter, the location of the Shift key is disregarded.  Therefore, the right or left Shift keys both act in the same manner for this combination, since the Shift key is defined as the modifier.

To find out if a key has already been assigned to a function:

Restrictions on key remapping

Please note the following restrictions on key remapping:

When using Java 2 with Host On-Demand, the Ctrl-Tab and the Ctrl-Shift-Tab key combinations cannot be remapped. With Java 2, these key combinations are consumed by the Java Focus Manager and are not returned to Host On-Demand for processing.

Certain key combinations are treated in a similar fashion and cannot be assigned to different keyboard functions.

Duplicate key support only applies to Host On-Demand clients running with a Java Plug-in of 1.4.0 or newer. Macintosh clients require a JRE of version 1.4.2 or newer for duplicate key support.  If the JRE is older than version 1.4.2, it does not recognize the locations of keys on the keyboard.

For JREs older than version 1.4, key events, such as key pressed and key released, are dependent upon the operating system and keyboard layout of the machine where they are processed. The JRE makes no distinction between the following: 

Duplicate key support does not affect keys used as modifiers.  If you use Ctrl, Alt, Shift or Meta in combination with another key, then no key location is processed with regard to the modifier.  A Host On-Demand user or administrator cannot assign different key remapping functions to the following: 

The JRE processes these key combinations as the same key event. For example, if since Right Ctrl+P is processed in the same way as Left Ctrl+P by the JRE, then these key combinations cannot be assigned to different key remapping functions in Host On-Demand.

If you reassign a duplicate key that is a left Shift/Ctrl/Alt/Meta key or a numpad key, and you bring up Host On-Demand in a previous Java release (or Host On-Demand version 8.0 or earlier), you will receive an Unknown key code message.  

Some duplicate keys do not appear on all keyboards, however, Java is not capable of testing to see if a particular key exists.  Therefore, the key remapping facility might have default assignments for keys that do not exist on your keyboard.  You can delete these key remaps, but you will not be able to reassign them.

When you are mapping keys as an administrator, keep in mind that some clients might not have the same keyboard layout that you do (for example, the user may lack the Meta Key or Command key on Macintosh). Plan your mappings accordingly, otherwise clients might not be able to use some of the default mappings.

By default, Host On-Demand now provides APL keyboard support. Prior to this, APL keyboard support was provided by running customized applet in Host On-demand. In this case, you need to write the applet that contains your mapping for APL keys. With this new enhancement, you no longer need to do this. The APL support in Host On-demand is similar to what is provided with IBM Personal Communications. APL keyboard can be enabled or disabled by pressing Ctrl+F8 . APL support is meant only for 3270 sessions.

This Builds Character

Becoming a better writer and Homo sapien.

How I Remapped the Insert (INS) Key on my Keychron K14

I spent some time Googling how to do this, but didn’t find any direct answers for exactly what I was looking to do. Once I figured it out, I figured I might not be the only one looking for help.

The Keychron K14 is my current favorite keyboard. I love almost everything about it, except for one thing: The INS key. The Insert Key is useless to me, but it takes up space instead of something like the Screen Shot key on my K2.

I decided to change that.

I downloaded Karabiner-Elements , a free Mac toolbar app that lets you swap key mapping.

Things got a little more complicated when I wanted to change the mapping of the Insert Key to a keyboard shortcut like the key combination that triggers “Save picture of selected area as a file.” The time to figure out how to work with the Complex Modifications tab seemed like it would be more trouble than the effort was worth.

Then I got the idea to start by switching it to an unused key that doesn’t exist on this keyboard. Turns out that the Numeric Keypad Asterisk and the Asterisk you get from Shift+8 are treated as separate things.

remap keys keychron

Next I went into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and selected the Screenshots set.

Using my newly remapped key, I changed the shortcuts for the two Screenshot actions I wanted to use with it.

remap keys keychron

After all that was done and tested, I swapped out the keycap on the board itself, and that’s the end of that!

' src=

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How to Easily Remap Keys in Windows 10 using SharpKeys

' src=

If you want the keys on your keyboard to something else than the usual, then read up on how to remap them in Windows 10 using the free SharpKeys utility.

Most of us are happy with a keyboard in its out-of-the-box condition. And if we aren’t, we usually put up with its quirks and inconveniences. These can range from accessibility issues to regional incompatibilities and, of course, just plain old preference. But for those who can’t tolerate our keyboards being inefficient or incorrect, there’s a solution: SharpKeys.

SharpKeys 3.6 is another gem I found among many on the Github website, such as the HOSTS File editor , making it easier to edit your Windows Host file without all the hassle involved. Like the HOST file editor, SharpKeys takes functionality that exists in Windows 10—remapping your keyboard keys—but makes it easy enough for the everyday user to do it on the fly. With SharpKeys, you can quickly and easily reassign your keyboard key to another key or make it into a shortcut to launch an application or perform some other Windows function. I’ll show you how to get started.

Use SharpKeys 3.6 to Change What Keys Do

First of all, what does SharpKeys do? SharpKeys lets you remap common keys on your keyboard for other functions. For instance, you can make your Caps Lock key become your new Shift key and vice versa. This utility exposes a hidden function already built into Windows; SharpKey makes it easy for you and me to change which key we want to use with a few simple clicks. Before we get started, it’s important to list what it can and cannot do.  Here is what the site’s description says:

Things that SharpKeys will do:

Things that SharpKeys will not do:

Some perfect points to keep in mind when using SharpKeys. Don’t get crazy using it. SharpKeys 3.6 is a small download , less than 600 KBs. The MSI installer had me up and running in seconds.

remap keys keychron

After installation, launch Start, click SharpKeys under Recently added, or look under the S group in All apps.

remap keys keychron

SharpKeys greets you with a small note reminding users that the app supports versions as far back as Windows 2000 (if you’re crazy enough to use Windows 2000 still).

remap keys keychron

The interface is not particularly intuitive, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy. To begin, click the Add button, which will bring up another user interface.

remap keys keychron

Select a key in the left pane you want to map to another key, app, or window. For example, I want my Shift key to open My Computer. Click in the right pane, scroll down to My Computer, then select that option. Click OK to confirm changes.

remap keys keychron

Click Write to Registry to confirm changes. You will be prompted to log out or reboot to complete the changes. When I used SharpKeys, signing out and signing back in was enough to write the changes.

So, how did the program do?

Yes, it does work, and I must say, it does add a world of difference to how you use your keyboard to get to things faster. Instead of having to strike multiple keys or reach for the mouse, it’s a definite time-saver.

remap keys keychron

If at any time you want to remove the changes you made, fire up SharpKeys again, select the assigned key, then click Delete.

remap keys keychron

Another key I found useful to reassign was the quote key on my laptop, which was originally manufactured for the UK. The @ symbol was assigned to a location among the qwerty keys for what reason I do not know. But I was able to restore it to a more natural location thanks to SharpKeys. So, if you have a keyboard that’s holding you back, give this a spin and let us know how it goes.

Remember, don’t get too crazy and lock yourself out and always maintain a recent backup or system restore point just in case something goes wrong.

Hello! Loving what this does, however I need it to change the registry for one specific user. how do I do that?

Thank you so much for this article. It took a while for me to get to your article. All the hits for my search to change function key behavior were taking me to how to use the Fn key to switch between multimedia keys and function keys, like I am a complete laptop illiterate. I am surprised so many people need help with that. Fn keys have existed for so long. Anyway, I use F2, F5, Home, and End buttons a lot. I was having to use the Fn key one way or other. So I was looking to remap my F11 and F12 to Home and End keys and this software really did the job for me. I think I should be able to go edit the Register keys myself, if I know the ASCII values of these keys and know what I am doing in the regedit tool. So I really like how this software made it easy it type in which key I wanted to remap, and type in which key I want to work like as. Rebooted my laptop after finishing on this software, and just like magic, it worked. Thank you so much. Just for the kicks, I have been using the newly mapped keys while writing this comment, for no reason. Thank you so much!!

I keep hitting ; when I mean to hit ‘ so my contractions show up as can;t. From above it appears that I can;t just switch the two keys. I;m tempted to just make the ; key show’ but I do need colons from time to time. Any suggesitons ?

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remap keys keychron

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remap keys keychron

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Why QMK/VIA is one of the most essential features for a custom keyboard?

remap keys keychron

Since the invention of keyboards or mechanical keyboards, users from all over the globe have been on the chase to find the ideal keyboard layout for them. Keyboard users have been confined by the different kinds of keyboard layouts companies have introduced to the market.

Demand-driven software

Even though remapping software and custom keyboards are getting more traction among enthusiasts and even beginners, you still can’t fully customize every key (and different layers) on a keyboard and you may need to set up everything again (without onboard memory) when you use another laptop or PC. Indeed, it’s not perfect. If you type a lot daily, like for emails, texts, photo editing, video editing, etc, you may want to make every keystroke as efficient as possible in order to be more productive. That’s why software such as QMK/VIA or Vial exist and are getting popular.

What is QMK/VIA?

remap keys keychron

QMK/VIA is literally the Holy Grail of keyboard customization with infinite possibilities. The VIA configurator allows users to intuitively remap any key on the keyboard, and create numerous macro commands, shortcuts, or key combinations for your keyboard. If your keyboard supports multiple layers for different operating systems, such as Windows and Mac, users can even customize different settings on each layer for your QMK/VIA-enabled keyboard. And some even come with onboard memory to save your keyboard settings so you don't need to set up everything again when connecting to other devices. With these personalized key settings, a QMK/VIA-enabled keyboard can help to boost your productivity in many many ways and allows users to make any change with ease. Highly customizable, fast, easy, and accessible, what more can you ask for?

What is QMK/VIA? (Technically)

(TLDR) QMK is an abbreviation for Quantum Mechanical Keyboard, it's an open-source project that allows users with enough skills or developers to build their own QMK firmware for a custom keyboard to control backlight effects, macros, custom keycodes, and mouse commands on different keymap layers. VIA works by communicating with the firmware that is running on the device and sends commands via USB. Enabling the VIA feature in QMK helps to support both the ability to communicate with the VIA Configurator and the ability to store keymaps and other settings.

Remap a key that does not exist in the original keyboard layout

Check out the video above demonstrating how to remap a Light Effect key on the top right corner of the Keychron K8 Pro keyboard to the Eject key with VIA software, so you can use a shortcut to put your Mac to sleep (Command-Option-Eject), or even remap the fn key with ease.

Create macro

The video below demonstrates how to create a macro command of a screenshot (Shift-Command-4) on macOS, so you can take a screenshot with a single key.

Combination keys

Current development.

Even though QMK/VIA is highly customizable, only a certain amount of keyboard models support this feature. Not every keyboard comes with QMK/VIA out of the box, which means users still need to look for the firmware, find the tutorial on the internet, and re-flash it by yourself for every little tweak. Fortunately, more and more keyboard makers have launched out-of-the-box QMK/VIA-compatible keyboards in the past few years, such as Keychron’s Q and V series custom keyboard line-up that will cover most of the keyboard sizes that you may need.

remap keys keychron

Since most of the QMK/VIA compatible keyboards are not wireless enabled. If you’re looking to get everything in one: wireless, QMK/VIA enabled, customizable, hot-swappable, budget-friendly, and more, you may want to consider the Keychron K Pro series (including K2 Pro, K6 Pro , K8 Pro , etc.) keyboards. They are usually a good deal for both beginners and enthusiasts because this line-up aims to cover most layouts from compact to full-size as well. Not to mention, the team has optimized the VIA with compatibility across Windows, Mac and Linux.

remap keys keychron

Let’s see what the future holds

These highly customizable software (QMK, VIA, and Vial) are getting more traction among users and it can really enhance the typing experience for most users. Cheers.


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    Click on a key you want to remap in the BASIC/MEDIA/MACRO/LAYERS/SPECIAL/QMK LIGHTING/CUSTOM section. And it's done. Here is a video example. How to create

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    You can use Karabiner for macOS, and consider Sharpkeys, Keytweak, Keymapper, autoHotKey for Windows. Was this article helpful?

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    You can on the Q series, by using QMK or VIA. On that K series it is not possible. But, you can use AutoHotKey on Windows to do the same

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