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project report assignment

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Project Management Group Assignment Final Report

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Project management report project 1

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project report assignment


project report assignment

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project report assignment

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project report assignment

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Project Report Assessment answers


The report will edify the project of fixing an old cabin that is arranged beachside. The house is visited an examined and the significant objectives or destinations are distinguished. The cabin is to be fixed well so this could be used as an investment property or a get-away goal. A bank advance of sum $20,000 is profited and is to be utilized for purchasing the materials and different supplies and offer the expenses of the nearby temporary workers and the two student. In the event that the project the executives of fixing the cabin is effectively cultivated according to the arrangement, the bungalow will be treated as investment property and will be a wellspring of adequate pay.

This report will distinguish the real exercises of this project, will build up a budget and timetable for this project, and make a Work breakdown structure for this concerned project. The report will discuss the assets, risks, stakeholders of this project and communication plan, change the executives’ plan of this house fix project.

4. Topic 4: Communication Plan, WBS, RACI

4.1 stakeholder prioritization matrix.

Stakeholders are the people who are legitimately or in a roundabout way identified with the project. They either influence the project or get influenced by the results of the project (Butt, Naaranoja, and Savolainen, 2016). Inside stakeholders are straightforwardly appended to the project and work as a piece of the project. The outer stakeholders are not straightforwardly connected with to the project but rather are influenced by the results of the project.

4.2 Project Communications Matrix

Communication is significant so as to upkeep the progression of work in the project the executives (Heagney, 2016). This is critical to continue examining on the project undertakings, work status, issues developed amid the project, risk factors, system, changes in methodology with every one of the stakeholders of the project. On the off chance that the stakeholders are not interconnected with communication, a communication hole emerges, which results misconception, trouble and coordinated effort and subsequently hampers and defers the project course of events (Joslin, and Müller, 2015). Up close and personal gatherings, email, calls, verbal and visual communication, application, letter, reports are the vehicle of communication between the stakeholders.

4.3 Work Breakdown Structure

Work breakdown structure is valuable apparatus to streamline the multi-step projects. This structure serves to divide the project into littler and more straightforward undertakings (Larson, and Gray, 2017). This is made with the point of dealing with each piece of project errands minutely and proficiently. The utilization of Work Breakdown Structure has been enormously expanded lately and this is demonstrated to be proficient apparatus to deal with the project (Serrador, and Turner, 2015). In WBS, the project is separated in basic errands and they are masterminded serialy. As indicated by the PMBOK, the WBS is a "deliverable arranged" order of decayed errands rthat is to kept up by the entire project group. The work breakdown structure for the project can be developed using the listed works,

The diagram for WBS is given below,

diagram for WBS

4.4 The RACI chart

5. topic 5: scheduling projects.

Scheduling projects

5.2 Critical path

Critical path

5.3 Gantt chart

Gantt chart

6. Topic 6: Resources and budgeting

6.1 resource loading.

The resources required for the project include,

The project chiefs use budget device so as to gauge the absolute expense of the project (Oettingen, Kappes, Guttenberg, and Gollwitzer, 2015). This is the summation of the cash relegated to finish a specific undertaking of the project inside the course of events. The project administrators screen whether the assignments are going according to the budget or not. At the point when the project assignments pursue the budget, the expense of the project turns out to be anything but difficult to screen and control.

6.3 Reporting

6.3.1 earned value management, 6.3.2 timeline reporting, 7. topic 7: risk management, 7.1 risk identification.

Risk management is a piece of project the executives through which the likely risks that could be developed in the project are recognized and broke down. In this procedure, the strategies are additionally distinguished that could limit or evade the effects and outcomes of the risks (Adafin, Rotimi, and Wilkinson, 2019). The risk of budget, plan risk, execution risk are ordinarily developed risks in the projects. There are different risks too that hamper the projects, for example, vital risks, legitimate risks, showcase risks, risk of cataclysmic events (Schwalbe, 2015). The risk the executives’ procedure incorporates essentially four stages: recognizable proof of risk, dissecting the results and force of the risk, organizing risk, and create methodologies to react to the risk.

8. Topic 8: Quality management & project closure

8.1 quality tools.

The projects are planned in the basis of few perceptions, hypothesis, analysis and estimations hence, few quality are occurred in the progression of the tasks. Quality management is the approach that deals with the minor and potential quality of the project goals, procedure of works and the technologies used in the project (Morden, 2017). Quality management aims to apply the strategies to respond the quality, control the quality and help people to get used to the quality.

8.2 Change management

The change management includes the following activities:

9. Project close

Project the board was the way toward dealing with the errands identified with a project. It assumed an essential job to achieve the assignments inside allotted budget, time and foreordained procedure. Project the board contained five noteworthy stages like ini8tiation of work, arranging of assignments, execution of the errands, observing and controlling the undertakings and ultimately project conclusion. The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide considers project as an essential endeavour so as to achieve the objectives that make an important item or administration. In the project the board procedure, the practicality of project, extents of the project, stakeholders of the project, assets required for the project, project course of events, risks of the projects, communication plans and viable communication frameworks are distinguished (Grissom, Loeb and Mitani, 2015). The project chiefs assume an essential job for the effective and productive achievement of the project. The project the board procedure incorporates project achievement that indicates the significant destinations of the project. The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide recognizes the principle certainties, issues and procedures that are required to start, screen, control and complete the project.


Dai, J. G., & Shi, P. (2017). A two-time-scale approach to time-varying queues in hospital inpatient flow management. Operations Research , 65 (2), 514-536.

Figueiredo, J. (2017, April). Engineering project, a sociotechnicalperspective in engineering education. In 2017 IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON) (pp. 311-311). IEEE.

Fleming, Q. W., & Koppelman, J. M. (2016, December). Earned value project management. Project Management Institute.

Grissom, J. A., Loeb, S., & Mitani, H. (2015). Principal time management skills: Explaining patterns in principals’ time use, job stress, and perceived effectiveness. Journal of Educational Administration , 53 (6), 773-793.

Heagney, J. (2016). Fundamentals of project management . Amacom.

Joslin, R., & Müller, R. (2015). Relationships between a project management methodology and project success in different project governance contexts. International Journal of Project Management , 33 (6), 1377-1392.

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Livesey, S., & Crane, A. (2017). Are You Talking to Me?: Stakeholder communication and the risks and rewards of dialogue. In Unfolding Stakeholder Thinking 2 (pp. 39-52). Routledge.

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Oettingen, G., Kappes, H. B., Guttenberg, K. B., & Gollwitzer, P. M. (2015). Self‐regulation of time management: Mental contrasting with implementation intentions. European Journal of Social Psychology , 45 (2), 218-229.

Schwalbe, K. (2015). Information technology project management . Cengage Learning.

Serrador, P., & Turner, R. (2015). The relationship between project success and project efficiency. Project Management Journal , 46 (1), 30-39.

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Project Report On Assignment Problem

Project Report On Assignment Problem


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FORE School of Management 201 1 PROJECT REPORT ON ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM IN DECISION MAKING MODELS Submitted To: Mr. Hitesh Arora Professor, FORE School of Management Submitted By: Amit Kumar Singh FMG20, Sec-A 201012 1 FORE School of Management 201 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Assignment problems arise in different situations where we have to find an optimal way to assign n objects to m other objects in an injective fashion. Depending on the objective we want to optimize, we obtain different problems ranging from linear assignment problems to quadratic and higher dimensional assignment problems. The assignment problems are a well studied topic in combinatorial optimization. These problems find numerous applications in production planning, telecommunication, VLSI design, economics, etc. They can be classified into three groups: linear assignment problems, three and higher dimensional assignment problems, and quadratic assignment problems and problems related to it. For each group of problems we mention some applications, show some basic properties and describe briefly some of the most successful algorithms used to solve these problems. Although assignment problem can be solved using the techniques of Linear Programming or the transportation method, the assignment method is much faster and efficient. This method was developed by D. Konig, a Hungarian mathematician and is therefore known as the Hungarian method of assignment problem. So we will try to figure out the application of assignment problem with a case on NASA astronaut assignment to space missions and will see how excel solver can be applied to solve this kind of problems. 2 FORE School of Management 201 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents................................................................................................... 3 2.1 Application Areas of Assignment Problem..............................................................................5 2.2 Formulation Of The Problem...................................................................................................5 2.3 Solution Methods ......................................................................................................................6 2.4 Hungarian Method....................................................................................................................6 3.1 A Case of Assignment Problem...............................................................................................11 3.2 Solution to the Case.................................................................................................................12 References:..........................................................................................................18 3 FORE School of Management 201 1 Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction to Assignment Problems In the world of trade Business Organisations are confronting the conflicting need for optimal utilization of their limited resources among competing activities. When the information available on resources and relationship between variables is known we can use LP very reliably. The course of action chosen will invariably lead to optimal or nearly optimal results. The assignment problem is a special case of transportation problem in which the objective is to assign a number of origins to the equal number of destinations at the minimum cost (or maximum profit). It involves assignment of people to projects, jobs to machines, workers to jobs and teachers to classes etc., while minimizing the total assignment costs. One of the important characteristics of assignment problem is that only one job (or worker) is assigned to one machine (or project). Hence the number of sources are equal the number of destinations and each requirement and capacity value is exactly one unit. Although assignment problem can be solved using the techniques of Linear Programming or the transportation method, the assignment method is much faster and efficient. This method was developed by D. Konig, a Hungarian mathematician and is therefore known as the Hungarian method of assignment problem. In order to use this method, one needs to know only the cost of making all the possible assignments. Each assignment problem has a matrix (table) associated with it. Normally, the objects (or people) one wishes to assign are expressed in rows, whereas the columns represent the tasks (or things) assigned to them. The number in the table would then be the costs associated with each particular assignment. It may be noted that the assignment problem is a variation of transportation problem with two characteristics.(i)the cost matrix is a square matrix, and (ii)the optimum solution for the problem would be such that there would be only one assignment in a row or column of the cost matrix . 4 FORE School of Management 201 1 Chapter 2 2.1 Application Areas of Assignment Problem Though assignment problem finds applicability in various diverse business situations, we discuss some of its main application areas: (i) In assigning machines to factory orders. (ii) In assigning sales/marketing people to sales territories. (iii) In assigning contracts to bidders by systematic bid-evaluation. (iv) In assigning teachers to classes. (v) In assigning accountants to accounts of the clients. 2.2 Formulation Of The Problem Let there are n jobs and n persons are available with different skills. If the cost of doing jth work by ith person is cij.Then the cost matrix is given in the table 1 below: Jobs/ Persons 1 2 3 .......j ........n 1 C11 C12 C13 .....C1j ......C1n 2 C21 C22 C23 ......C2j ......C2n .. .. .. ..i .. .. .. Ci1 .. .. .. Ci2 .. .. .. Ci3 .. .. .. Cij .. .. .. Cin 5 FORE School of Management 201 1 .. .. .. ...n .. .. .. Cn1 .. .. .. Cn2 .. .. .. Cn3 .. .. .. Cnj .. .. .. Cnn Now the problem is which work is to be assigned to whom so that the cost of completion of work will be minimum. Mathematically, we can express the problem as follows: nn Z = Σ Σ Cij Xij i=1 j=1 Subject to the constraints n Σ Xij = 1 for all i (resource availability) j=1 n Σ Xij = 1 for all i (activity requirement) i=1 and Xij = 0 or 1, for all i to activity j. 2.3 Solution Methods The assignment problem can be solved by the following four methods:  Enumeration method  Simplex method  Transportation method  Hungarian method As i am going to use Hungarian Method for solving the case so i will briefly describe about the method here. 2.4 Hungarian Method Step 1. Determine the cost table from the given problem. 6 FORE School of Management 201 1 (i) If the no. of sources is equal to no. of destinations, go to step 3. (ii) If the no. of sources is not equal to the no. of destination, go to step2. Step 2. Add a dummy source or dummy destination, so that the cost table becomes a square matrix. The cost entries of the dummy source/destinations are always zero. Step 3. Locate the smallest element in each row of the given cost matrix and then subtract the same from each element of the row. Step 4. In the reduced matrix obtained in the step 3, locate the smallest element of each column and then subtract the same from each element of that column. Each column and row now have at least one zero. Step 5. In the modified matrix obtained in the step 4, search for the optimal assignment as follows: (a) Examine the rows successively until a row with a single zero is found. Enrectangle this row (�)and cross off (X) all other zeros in its column. Continue in this manner until all the rows have been taken care of. (b) Repeat the procedure for each column of the reduced matrix. (c) If a row and/or column has two or more zeros and one cannot be chosen by inspection then assign arbitrary any one of these zeros and cross off all other zeros of that row / column. (d) Repeat (a) through (c) above successively until the chain of assigning (�) or cross (X) ends. Step 6. If the number of assignment (�) is equal to n (the order of the cost matrix), an optimum solution is reached. If the number of assignment is less than n(the order of the matrix), go to the next step. Step7. Draw the minimum number of horizontal and/or vertical lines to cover all the zeros of the reduced matrix. 7 FORE School of Management 201 1 Step 8. Develop the new revised cost matrix as follows: (a)Find the smallest element of the reduced matrix not covered by any of the lines. (b)Subtract this element from all uncovered elements and add the same to all the elements laying at the intersection of any two lines. Step 9. Go to step 6 and repeat the procedure until an optimum solution is attained. 8 FORE School of Management 201 1 The flowchart to solve any Assignment problem by Hungarian Method is given below: 9 FORE School of Management 201 1 10 FORE School of Management 201 1 Chapter 3 3.1 A Case of Assignment Problem NASA’S astronaut crew currently includes 10 mission specialists who hold the doctoral degree in either astrophysics or astromedicine. One of these specialists will be assigned to each of the 10 flights scheduled for the upcoming 9 months. Mission specialists are responsible for carrying out scientific and medical experiments in space or for launching, retrieving or repairing satellites. The chief of Astronaut personnel, himself a former crew member with three missions under his belt, must decide who should be assigned and trained for each of the very different missions. Clearly, astronauts with medical educations are more suited to other types of missions. The chief assigns each astronaut a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 for each possible mission, with 10 being a perfect match for the task at hand and a 1 being a mismatch. Only one specialist is assigned to each flight, and none is reassigned until all others have flown at least once. A) Who should be assigned to which flight? B) NASA has just been notified that Anderson is getting married in February and has been granted a highly sought publicity tour in Europe that month. (He intends to take his wife and let the trip double as a honeymoon) How does this change the final schedule? C) Creto has complained that he was misrated on his January missions. Both ratings should be 10s, he claims to the chief, who agrees and recomputes the schedule. Do any changes occur over the schedule set in part (b)? D) What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach to scheduling? 11 FORE School of Management 201 1 Table 3.1 Data for problem 3.2 Solution to the Case We can solve this case by two methods one is that we can go for manually solving the question or else we can use Excel Solver. But before that we have to understand the problem that what is says and how it can be interpreted. The problem is basically an assignment problem and here chief astronaut has to assign various astronauts to respective missions keeping in consideration the rating which has been given to astronauts. We will have to handle the case in such a manner that proper assignment can be done in each of the cases given in question. Also we need to calculate the total rating points when assignment has been done to see how efficient the mission is on a scale of 100, combining together the total ratings of ten astronauts. Using Solver Setting up the LP in Solver When all of the LP components have been entered into the worksheet and given names, Bring up Solver using the Tools → Solver... menu. There are four main elements of the solver: 12 FORE School of Management 201 1 Solver dialog box: Set Target Cell: The Target Cell contains the quantity you wish to optimize–the Objective function value. To specify the Target Cell, either click on the cell with the mouse or type in the name of the cell containing the objective function value. Equal To: This specifies the direction of the optimization. Click on either of the “Max” or “Min” radio buttons. By Changing Cells: Recall that our goal is to optimize the value of the objective Function by choosing an appropriate vector of decision variables. Therefore we will Allow Excel to change the decision variables, x. In the “By Changing Cells:” Subject to the Constraints: Specify a constraint by clicking on the Add button. While it is possible to add each constraint one at a time, it is easier (and more concise) to enter a single inequality between the constraint function, Be sure to include any additional constraints, such as nonnegativity constraints. On the right hand side of the Solver dialog box is a button labelled Options. Click on this button to bring up another dialog box. Since we will be dealing primarily with linear programs option of greatest interest is “Assume Linear Model.” Selecting this option forces Excel to use a method for solving LPs known as the Simplex algorithm. It is important that “Assume Linear Model” is selected, or else we may end up with inappropriate outputs. Once the LP has been properly set up in the Solver dialog box, press the Solve button to run Solver. A) Now we would assign each Astronaut to different Missions. 13 FORE School of Management 201 1 In Solver we add all the constraints and target cell as well as we set the solver to Maximization type as we have to take in consideration the Astronauts with maximum rating points. Solver Output Options Pressing the Solve button runs Solver. Depending on the size of the LP, it may take some time for Solver to get ready. If Solver reaches a solution, a new dialog box will appear and prompt you to either accept the solution or restore the original worksheet values. At this point you may also choose to see a number of output reports. The Answer report provides a 14 FORE School of Management 201 1 summary of the optimal decision variable values, binding and non-binding constraints, and the optimal objective function value. The Sensitivity report provides information describing the sensitivity of the optimal solution to perturbations in the problem data. Following is the solution obtained from solving the Excel. Hence assignments for each astronaut can be given as follows: Vincze Viet Anderson Herbert Schatz Plane Certo Moses Brandon Drtina Mar-26 April-12 Feb-26 Feb-05 Jan-12 June-09 Sep-19 May-01 Aug-20 Jan-27 Hence, we see that each astronaut has been allocated to a different mission. Total rating has been 96 15 FORE School of Management 201 1 B) Now in case b Anderson is getting married in February and has been granted a highly sought publicity tour in Europe that month so he cant be assigned to any mission in February. So we would put 0 rating for him in the month of February. That is the only change in the main table and how it will affect the current solution we will see in the solution which we will obtain after solving the problem through excel. Now on solving the problem through solver we get the following Solution: Hence assignments for each astronaut can be given as follows: Vincze Viet Anderson Herbert Schatz Plane Certo Moses Brandon Drtina 16 Mar-26 April-12 Aug-20 Feb-05 Jan-12 June-09 Sep-19 May-01 Feb-26 Jan-27 FORE School of Management 201 1 So we see that after changing data for Anderson the assignments have also changed and rating also come down to 92. C) Now for January missions Certo’s ratings should be 10s, he claims to the chief, who agrees and recomputes the schedule hence we will change the table. New table is as follows: On solving through excel we get the following solution: So we see that there has been a change in the total score and it has gone up by 1 to 93. But the assignments of astronauts have remained same. D) The strengths and weaknesses of this approach to scheduling are given as follows: Strengths: Solvers, or optimizers, are software tools that help users find the best way to allocate scarce resources. The resources may be raw materials, machine time or people time, 17 FORE School of Management 201 1 money, or anything else in limited supply. The "best" or optimal solution may mean maximizing profits, minimizing costs, or achieving the best possible quality. Weaknesses: Sometimes due to technical glitches it may give faulty result which may not be optimized. Also when we are assigning values to cell small error can have big impact. It does not take into consideration the effect of time and uncertainty. There may be cases of infeasibility and un-bounded. References: 1) Quantitative Analysis for Management by Barry Render, Ralph M. Stair, Michael Hanna, T.N. Badri. (Pearson, 10th Edition) Transportation and assignment models Question No. 10-40. 2) The Dynamic Hungarian Algorithm for the Assignment Problem with Changing Costs G. Ayorkor Mills, Tettey Anthony Stentz ,M. Bernardine Dias, CMU-RI-TR-0727 July 2007 Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon Date of Access: 28th September 2011 3) Date of Access: 28th September 2011 4) Date of Access: 28th September 2011 5) Date of Access: 28th September 2011 18

Report "Project Report On Assignment Problem"


Project Report


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project report assignment, Assignments for Finance

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One of the distinguishing features of cystic fibrosis is the thick mucus that lines both the airways and the intestinal tract of affected individuals. In the respiratory tract, this thick mucus is not removed by the cilia that usually beat and push mucus up into the throat. This thick mucus builds up in the airways, and bacteria trapped in the mucus are not removed. Thus bacterial respiratory infections are extremely common.

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1. Based on the readings from weeks one and two, discuss the images of America the European writers constructed to promote colonization and settlement. What kinds of unique natural resources and environmental factors did they extol in their accounts of the New World? Relate these images to natural resources and environmental factors today.

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