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34 Places in Wichita with Free Wi-Fi Where You Can Work or Study in Peace

places to do homework with wifi near me

If you’re a work-from-home parent like myself, I’m sure you’ll agree that being flexible to raise your kids at home is truly incredible! I would not change it for the world!

However…there comes a time when we just need a few hours to get out of the house to actually accomplish work…work that isn’t wiping noses, cleaning messes, and breaking up the fights. Here’s a list of places where you can set up your mobile office, sans kids and maybe even grab lunch & a cup of coffee! 

places to do homework with wifi near me

*all have free wifi, unless noted otherwise

East Wichita

II Primo Espresso Caffe *6422 E Central (Central & Woodlawn)

Barnes & Noble *1920 N Rock (Bradley Fair)

Churn & Burn *11414 E Central (Central & Greenwich)

Cocoa Dolce  *2132 N Rock (Bradley Fair)

Dunkin’ Donuts *11310 E 21st St (21st & Greenwich) *321 S Andover Rd

Fairmount Coffee Co *3815 E 17th St (WSU Campus)

IHOP   *11855 E Kellogg (Kellogg & Greenwich) *3505 N Rock (96 & Rock)  – great option for late night hours –

McAlister’s Deli *2222 N Greenwich (21st & Greenwich)

Panera Bread *1605 N Rock (Rock & 13th) NEW LOCATION @ 96 & Greenwich – Opening Fall 2019!

Picasso’s Pizzeria East *5900 E Central (Central & Edgemoor)

The Rusted Rooster *837 N Andover Rd

Scooter’s *626 S Andover Rd

Starbucks (stand alones) *2222 N Greenwich (21st & Greenwich) *3000 N Rock (Rock & 29th) *8008 E Central (Rock & Central) *11661 E Kellogg (Kellogg & Greenwich)

Wichita Public Library (must have library card)

West Wichita

Cocoa Dolce *2441 N Maize (New Market Square)

Dunkin’ Donuts *333 S West (Maple & West)

Ecclesia Coffee Shop *7130 W Maple (Maple & Ridge)

IHOP   *515 S Ridge (Maple & Ridge) *3204 N Maize (Maize & 29th) – great option for late night hours – 

Kookaburra Coffee *9414 W Central (Central & Tyler)

McAlister’s Deli *7130 W Maple (Maple & Ridge)

MOXI Junction *319 S Park St

Panera Bread *420 S Ridge (Maple & Ridge) *2441 N Maize (New Market Square)

Starbucks (stand alones) *2241 N Maize (New Market Square) *8971 W Central (Central & Tyler) *2166 N Amidon (21st & Amidon)


Advanced Learning Library *711 W 2nd St (1st & McLean) – Reverie Coffee Bar located inside – 

Churn & Burn *548 S Oliver (Kellogg & Oliver)

The Donut Whole *1720 E Douglas (Douglas & Hydraulic)

The Hive Wichita *200 N Broadway (Broadway & 1st) – a co-working environment for women –  – must contact to reserve space – 

Leslie Coffee Co *930 W Douglas (Delano District)

Milkfloat *535 W Douglas (Delano District)

Panera Bread *3337 E Central (Central & Hillside)

Picasso’s Pizzeria *621 W Douglas (Delano District)

Reverie Coffee Roasters *2202 E Douglas (Douglas & Madison)

Scooter’s *801 E Douglas (Douglas & Mead)

Starbucks (stand alones) *3111 E Central (Hillside & Central) *4415 E 21st (WSU Campus)

Guides + Resources

Summer Camps in Wichita 2022

Wichita Summer Camps & Programs | 2023

places to do homework with wifi near me

20 Spring Break Camps and Activities for Kids in Wichita 2023

Wichita Dentists and Orthodontists

The Best Family Dentists and Orthodontists in Wichita

places to do homework with wifi near me

The ULTIMATE List of Wichita Date Night Ideas | 100 Local...

places to do homework with wifi near me

Guide to Fitness, Health, and Wellness in Wichita

Best Places to Study Near Me

Beach Dreams Market on Yelp

817 2nd Ave N, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Closes in 20 minutes

Fresh Brewed Coffee House on Yelp

933 Broadway St, Myrtle Beach, SC

Cafe de Paris on Yelp

4830 Highway 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC

C3 Coffee Bar on Yelp

C3 Coffee Bar

201 Graduate Rd, Carolina Forest, SC

Drift Coffee and Kitchen on Yelp

20 E 2nd St, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Rustic Roast on Yelp

Rustic Roast

182 Waccamaw Medical Park Ct, Conway, SC

C3 Coffee Bar on Yelp

1701 Church St, Conway, SC

Starbucks on Yelp

4517 Highway 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Starbucks on Yelp

102 Loyola Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC

Coastal Carolina University on Yelp

Coastal Carolina University

755 Hwy 544, Conway, SC

Most Reviewed Places to Study Near Me

Most recent reviews.

Emma M.

Palmetto Sleep Labs

Ronda S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best places to study near me?

Some of the best places to study near me are:

What are the most reviewed places to study near me?

Some of the most reviewed places to study near me are:

What are the most recently reviewed places near me?

Some of the most recently reviewed places near me are:

Blake Oliver, CPA

11 places to work remotely other than a coffee shop.

Working at home is the dream of many a cubicle dweller, but those who’ve achieved it know that remote work can be a lonely endeavor. And with the constant temptation of the TV and refrigerator (and nap time), it can be just as difficult to focus at home as in the office.

That’s why coffee shops have become the go-to spot for remote work. You get to benefit from both the buzz of the caffeine and the buzz of working in a stimulating environment around other people.

The problem is, everybody works from coffee shops these days. Cafes always seem to be overcrowded with freelancers and their laptops. Often it’s too loud to make business phone calls. And too many laptops makes the wifi slow and unreliable.

So what’s a freelancer or remote worker to do?

The answer is to explore new, uncharted territory for unusual workspaces. To help you be more productive, here are 11 places other than a coffee shop where you can sit down, focus, and finally get some work done.

1. Hotel Lobbies

Ko Olina Marriott in Hawaii is not a bad spot to get some work done.

Ko Olina Marriott in Hawaii is not a bad spot to get some work done.

Hotel lobbies are my favorite place to get serious work done away from the home office. During the week lobbies are often deserted, making it the perfect spot for phone calls. There’s usually excellent wifi, and if the wifi is locked down, it’s not too difficult to get a front desk worker to tell you the password. If you need to print or fax, there’s usually a business center where you can take care of those tasks, too.

If the thought of being a freeloader makes you uneasy, just order a drink or some food at the lobby bar. It’ll cost you about the same as a trip to the coffee shop and you’ll be a whole lot more comfortable.

If you plan on working out of hotel lobbies regularly, just make sure to rotate, or the staff might catch on.

2. Libraries

If you can afford the £120 annual subscription, you can get plenty of work done at The Leeds Library in Yorkshire, England, a private subscription library. Photograph courtesy Michael D. Bekwith.

If you can afford the £120 annual subscription, you can get plenty of work done at The Leeds Library in Yorkshire, England, a private subscription library. Photograph courtesy Michael D. Bekwith .

If you don’t need to make phone calls, libraries are a great place to get serious work done. Lots of tables and free wifi is the norm. If your local public libraries are too crowded (or rowdy), consider a private membership library . Membership fees at private libraries are often a fraction of the cost for a spot in a coworking space.

If you’re willing to pay for parking, you can work for free at The Getty in Los Angeles, California. Photo courtesy Ricardo Diaz.

If you’re willing to pay for parking, you can work for free at The Getty in Los Angeles, California. Photo courtesy Ricardo Diaz .

Many museums offer both free admission and free wifi. One such institution is The Getty , perched atop a hill overlooking the westside of Los Angeles. There’s no cost to enter, though you do have to pay for parking.

Natick Mall Food Court, courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Transportation.

Natick Mall Food Court, courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Transportation .

If the ambient noise doesn’t bother you, mall food courts can be a good option for remote work. They’ve got plenty of space to accommodate weekend crowds, so you’ll have plenty of room to spread out during the workday. Free parking is another plus. And the big mall chains such as Westfield now offer free wifi, too.

5. Gyms and Sports Clubs

Equinox Sports Club New York boasts wifi in every corner of the club.

Equinox Sports Club New York boasts wifi in every corner of the club.

Lots of gyms and sports clubs now have smoothie bars, cafes, and restaurants that make great places to sit down with a laptop. So why not put your gym membership to use for work, too? Many upscale gyms — pardon me, fitness centers — such as Equinox  now offer free wifi.

As an added bonus, you don’t have to feel bad anymore about never working out. And now you have a real reason to try deducting your gym membership on your taxes!

6. Bars and Pubs

Pickwick’s Pub in Woodland Hills, California, offers free wifi and opens at 11 am every day.

Pickwick’s Pub in Woodland Hills, California, offers free wifi and opens at 11 am every day.

Ernest Hemingway wouldn't have been caught dead in a Starbucks.

Ernest Hemingway wouldn't have been caught dead in a Starbucks.

For all the benefits of a cafe without the hordes of wannabe screenwriters, try a pub. True writers drink liquor, not coffee.

7. Fast Food Restaurants

The interior of a McDonald’s in Avon, Connecticut. Photo courtesy Mike Mozart.

The interior of a McDonald’s in Avon, Connecticut. Photo courtesy Mike Mozart .

They may not be the healthy option, but you can rely on wifi at many of the nation’s top fast food chains. The list includes Burger King, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s. 

You might think that a fast food restaurant is not quite the right ambiance for work, but you may be surprised. Established chains such as McDonald’s have begun upgrading their interior design to compete with new, more upscale challengers.

8. College Campuses

The Kirby Student Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth

The Kirby Student Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth

Many student unions have lounges where you can spread out and get work done. The only trouble these days can be getting on the secured wifi networks, and maybe getting on campus, too, if you’re not a student. So enroll in a course, get a student ID, and take advantage of all the resources your local university or community college has to offer.

9. Co-Working Spaces

A common area in the WeWork in Times Square, New York City

A common area in the WeWork in Times Square , New York City

Coworking spaces are a great option for freelancers and remote workers, but the fee for a dedicated desk can run hundreds per month. This puts off many freelancers just starting out, or those of us who only need to get out of the house occasionally.

WeWork has come up with a way around that by offering what they call a We Membership . With this type of coworking membership, you don’t get your own office or desk. Instead, you get access to any available desk in the common area at a variety of locations. This isn’t as convenient as a dedicated workspace, but it’s a lot cheaper. Plus, your membership still comes with unlimited free coffee (and beer).

We Memberships cost $50 per month and cover one day per month. Additional days are also $50. Conference rooms are $25 per hour. Mail and package handling is an extra $50 per month.

10. Other People’s Homes


Become a house sitter and you’ll not only get a quiet place to work, you might get to travel as well. Register with sites such as trustedhousesitters.com and luxuryhousesitting.com to find house sitting opportunities.

Bryant Park in New York City has offered free wifi to the public since 2002.

Bryant Park in New York City has offered free wifi to the public since 2002.

Many local governments are now deploying free wifi to parks and sometimes entire municipalities.

In 2014, Los Angeles set up free,  public wifi networks at Cabrillo Beach, Echo Park Lake, Griffith Observatory, Pershing Square, Reseda Park, and Venice Beach.

Meanwhile, the City of Santa Monica deployed free wifi for the entire city .

The New York City Parks Department provides wifi in parks across the city. Here’s a list .

San Francisco does too. Check the interactive map here .

Bringing it all back home

Of course, sometimes the best place to get things done is at home. To get one of the big benefits of working remotely without going anywhere, try Coffitivity , a free playlist of ambient cafe sounds.

It might sound silly, but studies have shown that listening to moderate ambient noise "enhances performance on creative tasks and increases the buying likelihood of innovative products."

Where else do you work remotely?

Do you have any favorite spots for working that I missed? I'd love to know, as I'm always on the lookout for new places to get things done. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Blake Oliver

Taxes and shipping calculated at checkout

6 Chill Places You Can Work From Remotely And Still Get Stuff Done

Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery to increase our productivity levels and get us amped up for work or a big project.

That’s because the same scenery can quickly put us in a drowsy state where it’s harder to think clearly and tick things off your list. We all know that staring at a computer screen for hours at a time can also be a dreadful experience. And that’s true whether you work from the office cubicle or whether you work remotely from your home office .

There are a number of great places, though, where you can work outside the office . And the best part is that they don’t all involve the local coffee shop (though that’s an option, too!) Here’s a few you might not have considered.

places to do homework with wifi near me

Local or membership library

Public libraries are a prime spot for you to easily get work done. Public libraries have their own public WiFi offerings and all you’ll need is a library card. Check out your local library system and test out which ones work best for you. It’s always fun to check out the local historic libraries, which usually have the most scenic offerings. Consider it a great excuse for taking periodic breaks to get up and walk around.

You’ll also benefit from printing services and research computers. If you want to truly get work done in a beautiful library that’s less crowded, consider a private, member-supported library . You’ll pay a small fee to keep up the library, but it’ll still be less than paying for a coworking space. 

An internet cafe

You likely already know the three local Starbucks operating within the one mile radius from your home. You also have probably glimpsed the new, artisanal coffee shop around the corner. (Everyone’s been raving about it.) What you probably have paid less attention to is the local internet cafe. It’s true that many coffee shops these days offer Wi-Fi to customers, thus making them a prime spot for working outside the office.

Find new spots by focusing your search on internet cafes. The definition varies by region, with some coffee/lunch spots operating under the label while others are designed more with an office-vibe. Either way, you’ll up your chances of scoring a table, internet access and some uninterrupted, un-busy time.

Hotel lobby

Okay, so we’re not talking about hotel lobbies,  exactly. At least, not anywhere where there’s a front desk. Rather, we’re referring to the bar/cafe area that most hotels have. These are usually open to the public and can turn into prime spots for working remotely.

If the idea, though, of pulling out your laptop and doing work in front of the bartender gives you anxiety, try this: Purchase a drink and kindly ask for the password. These areas are also usually emptier, especially during the day when hotel patrons are out and about exploring. Consider hotel lobbies your less-expensive alternative to a fancy coworking space (which have their own perks).

Many museums today offer free WiFi to visitors, which means you have yet another option for working remotely. As always with all public internet connections, be cautious of the kind of work you do while using the WiFi. It’s not ideal for downloading or uploading large files. Checking important, personal accounts might be too risky, so leave those for a secure connection.

While you usually have to pay for entry, many museums offer free admission on selects days of the month. This makes them optimal (and free!) options for working remotely. The best part? When you want to take a mental break, you can stroll through the galleries to clear your head and stretch your legs.

Botanical garden

Okay, so you might not be able to work on your laptop at a botanical garden if you need an internet connection. But, it is an optimal place for when you need to be at your most creative self. When you’re surrounded by nature and able to slow down to absorb your surroundings, your creativity levels go up.

A botanical garden is a great place for you to take notes by hand, read any paperwork you’ve been putting off, or brainstorm, and reflect on your career goals. Yes—that’s all work! If you have to take a casual meeting, this is also a great place to suggest that isn’t a coffee shop.

Grocery store cafe

Granted, the grocery store might not be at the top of your “productive places to work at” list. But, it’s worthwhile to remember that some grocery stores have a cafe or eatery area inside them. These are optimal places for you to sneak in some work and you’ll easily find a table.

If you’re already hitting the grocery store for your local shopping trip, consider allocating some extra time to grab a coffee and work. You’ll have the chance to check off some items from your to-do list while not having to drive and park at another spot.

Local university

Remember the days when you went to the local university to study before a big final exam? Universities and colleges are designed with students in mind. You can count on plenty of open spaces to do some alone work like reading or designing new projects. There is also likely an abundance of tables for work and forcasual meetings with colleagues or clients.

Getting access to the university’s internet system, however, might require a student ID. If the university offers classes to the public, you can sign up for a course and get access to the campus resources more easily.


Places to Do Homework

The majority of students are unaware of the significance of finding the right places to do homework . They don’t always know that they aren’t as productive as they should be.

As you already know, doing homework in a crowded and noisy setting is not a good idea. It’s impossible to do when your friends call you on the phone, or your Facebook account is open on your computer in front of you. 

The best places to do homework aren’t always where you’d expect to find them. You’re in luck if you can spot one. You will be able to increase your speed, grades, and GPA . 

What is the reason for this? And you will be able to maintain your concentration.

You’ll make it even more exciting if you can find many such locations. Going to the same location over and over again will not bore you. That is why so many students use Google to look for “places to do homework near me.”

Why are you looking for a place to do your homework?

Table of Contents

Do you wish there were other Places to Do Homework where you could do your homework to keep things interesting? When you need peace, you may want to go somewhere else. 

Other times, you can need more room or simply a change of environment to boost productivity. Personal preferences play a role in determining where to go to complete schoolwork assignments. 

When it comes to space, you’ll have to think about what you like and hate. In today’s blog, we share some suggestions to help you decide when you can do your schoolwork.

Explaining why you need to find great places to do homework because you avoid using the screen, TV, or PlayStation as a diversion source, You’ll find the calm you need to concentrate on your work. Gradually, the grades should rise.

Why Finding Good Homework Locations is Important

Encourage your child to try a different place if he has trouble concentrating in a specified homework area. Because

The most serious thing for high school, graduate, and college students is not getting to class. It’s not even about doing homework; it’s about finding the right places to do homework in comfort, satisfaction, and without feeling rushed. Most students, especially those pursuing MBAs and PhDs, prefer to complete their homework assignments in pleasant surroundings. It’s the same thing about homework – finding areas conducive to learning.

It’s just not about searching for the perfect place to do your homework; it’s about finding a spot where you can rest, innovate, relax, and finish your work on time. It’s insane to do coursework anywhere. For example, you can’t compose an essay at a railway station, a cafe, or a picnic. For obvious reasons, doing homework at home may be off your checklist.

Features That Make a Place Great for Doing Homework

Best Ideas For Places to Do Homework

places to do homework near me

At Home, the Best Place to Do Homework

There are several other places to do homework now, some of which might be just around the corner from your house.

Here are a couple of the best Places to Do Homework at home to do work.

The kitchen may be an outstanding study spot if so many distractions do not exist. Most kitchens have good lights and seats so you can sit up.

Due to its convenience and comfort, this can be an excellent study spot. All your study materials can also be provided easily. However, a bedroom is not always the best place to study if there is too much entertainment or comfort.

The Best Nearby Places to Do Your Homework

These are the following places to do homework near me, it is such as;

Public Library

Teachers constantly remind students to visit the library and do further study. If you can’t concentrate at home, the library can help you learn. Yeah, it may sound cliche, but there’s a reason why even professionals go to public libraries when they need to concentrate. 

You can find books, free Wi-Fi, and research materials in libraries . And, with everyone else preoccupied with their affairs, you will find the motivation to complete your homework without interruption. 

Social networking and phone calls would be unaffected because libraries have a phones-off or silent mode policy. 

There are also printing rooms where you can print your reading materials for a low price.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are well-known haunts of authors for a cause. Though caffeine will help you write page after page of excellent fiction, coffee shops often sell snacks, meals, and juices to keep you fueled and efficient.

Learners also turn to this staple of studying for a caffeine boost when preparing for an exam or getting through a report. While a coffee shop has more background music than a library, it can be a pleasant substitute for a radio or TV sound for certain people.

These can be relatively quiet areas, similar to libraries. For inspiration, sit on a bench in front of your favorite painting or sculpture.

On a break, sitting on a bench near inspirational paintings or taking in the natural history will refresh your mind and provide an opportunity to get some work done in a different environment.

Try buying an annual membership and using the museum as your office from time to time if you enjoy a local museum.

While it may seem to be an unusual location for doing homework, the point is to remind you that time is money. As you wait for your laundry to finish, you will undoubtedly have some free time, which you will rarely use productively. Think about it: you can shoot two birds with one rock, then why not?

Quick Link: Pay someone to do my homework for me

Book Stores

Consider working in a bookstore if you like the library atmosphere but don’t want to be completely alone. Many bookstores offer free Wi-Fi and a calming atmosphere where customers can read and work. In contrast to libraries, bookstores normally have cafes where you can get some snacks or a cup of coffee. In New York, several bookstores have a cafe where beer and wine are served.

If the teacher is okay with you sitting in their empty classroom, go ahead. This environment may be ideal for studying. Since class sessions are based on schoolwork, merely being in the classroom can cause your mind to adopt a studied attitude automatically.

Try sitting in an empty classroom if you’re having trouble concentrating on work in other ways.

As a result, if your brain immediately moves to a research mentality, you will learn more effectively.

Coe Library

Coe Library is the most visible research spot on campus. The library has plenty of comfortable seats, couches, and countless tables and computers and a range of reservable study spaces . 

These study rooms are ideal for obtaining an empty, quiet space to study for a test or simply complete homework. 

The library’s other best research spot is by the windows on a quiet study level. Working by a window with natural daylight makes things seem more accessible and less crowded, and working on a quiet study floor helps people work in peace.

Friend’s House

Cooperating spaces are becoming more popular, and you can get some of the same benefits by simply visiting a friend’s house. 

It’s a strong desire to accomplish tasks for someone else, regardless of whether the partner is from a different social class. This also has the added advantage of masking your flaws. 

For example, you might ask a friend who studies math to help you understand your math homework. Remember to bring something with you everywhere you go. You’d have to be a good house guest in general.

A little sunshine and a gentle breeze will work wonders. It clears your mind and gives you more focus, and it’s a perfect caffeine substitute. 

Your performance will benefit from studying in such a calming and relaxing environment. Clear your mind of all your concerns and focus solely on the task at hand.

Bookshops are ideal for study since they are relatively quiet and focus on school work. Moreover, everyone in the shop reads, learns, and educates himself. Consequently, when you are learning and doing work, you feel better concentrated.

These shops allow you to rest and maybe read a book or two. This not only helps you read, but it also encourages you to research and learn new knowledge. Be sure that this action is encouraged in the bookstore.

The park can be a great place to write or read a few chapters, particularly if you’re doing some creative writing . It’s unlikely that you’ll be completely silent, but the sounds you do hear will be calming. You’ll be listening to natural noises like the waves on the beach and the wind in the trees.

More Extra Sites to Learn and Complete Homework

Sites to Learn and Complete Homework

Conclusion (Places to Do Homework)

In conclusion, there are many different good places to do homework. It ultimately depends on an individual’s personal preferences and needs. Some people prefer quiet, isolated places like libraries, bedrooms, or coffee shops to minimize distractions. Others prefer the social atmosphere of a study group or a co-working space. It’s important to find the right balance between comfort and productivity when choose places to do homework. Additionally, having a designated study area can help create a routine and improve focus, leading to better results. Whatever the choice, it’s crucial to establish a comfortable and organized workspace to get the most out of studying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do your homework at starbucks.

People can go to Starbucks to do their homework, whether students or adults. Starbucks is also a great third meeting place to catch up on homework, projects, presentations, etc.

Can I pay someone to do my homework for me?

Yes, it is 100% legal to pay people to do your homework is just like asking a parent or guardian for help.

How much is homework per credit hour?

Research suggests that students should spend 2-3 hours per credit hour studying to be successful in their courses.

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13 Best Places to Study Near Me: Find Your Favorite Study Spot

places to study near me

When I started taking classes for my degree, it was hard to sit down and concentrate. I knew I could learn the material, but it was tough to focus with everything going on around me at home.

But when I found a few good places to study near me, I was able to get into a routine and zero in on my assignments without distractions.

Top 13 Best Places to Study

Ultimately the best place for you to study is the place where you find yourself able to focus and concentrate the best.

Since I’m partial to quieter study locations, I’ll start with the most quiet places to study first!

1. Library (Public or Private)

If you’re attending classes at a local college or technical program, odds are the campus has a private library for students. But there’s also your local community library—and both locations will offer a relatively quiet environment for studying.

The benefits of studying at the library include access to computers (and usually Wi-Fi), access to information (both from books and the librarian!), and often, access to power outlets for charging your device or laptop. And, you don’t have to make a purchase or really deal with anyone while spending time at the library, unless you’re checking out books or asking for assistance.

2. Bookstores

A bookstore is another helpful (and often quiet) location for studying. Whether you find a spot between shelves to sit and study or you take a seat at a table in the bookstore’s café, there’s usually plenty of space to spread out.

Of course, some bookstores don’t have space for studying, so this will only be an ideal study spot if the bookstore near you has tables and chairs. Many bookstores now offer Wi-Fi, but if that’s a feature you need, you’ll want to make sure your local bookstore has it before venturing over to spend time studying.

3. Coffee Shop

Although some bookstores contain coffee shops, heading to a local coffee place is a separate option for a place to study near you. Aside from Starbucks, there are also smaller coffee shops—many of which are conveniently near colleges and school campuses—that may invite students in.

Most coffee shops will want you to purchase something if you’re staying a while, but for plenty of us, a five-dollar coffee isn’t too high of a price to pay for a quiet spot to study. Also, you’ll likely have access to Wi-Fi and maybe even a power outlet if necessary.

4. Tutoring Center or Study Area on Campus

If your school campus offers any study areas or tutoring centers, these can be both convenient and quiet for studying. Plus, if you need help with a particular subject, tutoring centers often have staff on hand to help out. You may need to schedule a time to work with someone one-on-one, but there’s often open study space available regardless.

And, another perk of staying on campus is you’re not heading to another location after class—you’ll just walk across campus. There are no fees or parameters for entry, other than the fact that you’re a student, although hours may be limited to when school is in session.

5. An Empty Classroom Or Computer Lab

Whatever subject you’re studying, you’re likely on a campus with plenty of classrooms—not all of which will be in use all the time. It’s worth asking your professor or instructor if he or she has an open period where you can utilize their classroom to study in. And who knows, maybe a few fellow students will join you!

Alternatively, you can also visit your campus computer lab, which in addition to providing computer access, can also give you access to study help if you need it. Most computer labs have a staff member on hand to help out, so if you have trouble printing materials or creating a presentation in PowerPoint, you can get the help you need there!

6. Study Buddy’s House

If you’re taking a particularly challenging course, it might be worth forming a study group or at least grabbing one person from class to be your study buddy. You can exchange notes, drill each other on concepts and quiz topics, and study at each other’s houses when possible.

Of course, your ideal study buddy will have their own place or a chill spot to hit the books, but you could also establish a routine where you switch off or find another study location to go together. One drawback to this solution is that you’ll often wind up working together, which is a negative for those who prefer to study and memorize concepts on their own.

7. School Lounge

In my experience, the school lounge might not be the quietest place to cram for a test, but it will be convenient on your campus! It may also be attached to the cafeteria, or maybe there are a few vending machines for quick snacks.

Odds are, you’ll be able to use the school’s Wi-Fi, plus there are power outlets available to charge all your study devices. And like other campus services, this area will be free for you to access. Of course, that also means it likely has specific hours of operation, which may limit your scheduling availability.

8. Local Community Center

Community centers are great resources for students and people of all ages, and they often offer both academic and extracurricular activities. This might mean they’re pretty busy, but it also suggests they’re open often and probably have resources like Wi-Fi access, computers, and maybe a knowledgeable peer or two!

Community centers can also have staff from local schools or colleges, so you could find study help in an unexpected place. The downside is that community centers often have limited hours, too, so you will have to plan your study time around that schedule.

9. Park or Outdoor Space

When you’re reading a book, taking notes, or using any other non-tech way of studying, venturing outdoors may give you the best study space possible. There’s no shortage of parks and green areas in most cities, and as long as you don’t have screen glare to worry about, studying outside can also be refreshing and calming.

Some parks these days even have Wi-Fi, so if you need to look something up on your smartphone, you can do that easily. However, your study time will be limited to daylight hours—and maybe late morning to afternoon, too, if you’re looking to sit in the grass that is dewy at times!

10. Mall Food Court

Malls are excellent for both breaking up boredom and getting exercise in when the weather’s bad. But the way malls are growing these days, they also have all sorts of snack options and Wi-Fi on site.

Studying at the mall food court is an excellent solution if you need Wi-Fi but not necessarily complete quiet to hit the books. Especially if you’re an auditory or visual learner, sitting in that type of environment might help you with retaining information. And, if you need frequent breaks to stretch your legs or people watch, you’re in the perfect spot to do so.

11. Fast Food Restaurants

Fast foods restaurants are farther down on my list because there’s often an unwritten rule on how long you can stay—especially during busy times—but they can be a great study spot for some people. First, your purchase, if one is required, is likely minimal—and everyone needs study snacks anyway!

But there’s usually Wi-Fi access, too, and plenty of different tables and seating arrangements to keep you comfortable. You may even be able to use a power outlet to charge your laptop or phone while you’re working on your homework.

12. Bars or Pubs

While I can’t recommend consuming shot after shot while studying at the bar, it might make a great study spot if you’re meeting with friends from class or if it’s late, but you need somewhere to get Wi-Fi.

Bars and pubs are understandably noisy, especially in the evening, but if you’ll be wearing headphones anyway, or the noise doesn’t bother you, it could be ideal. Plus, there’s usually no worry over an early closing time—many bars stay open until at least midnight, if not later in bigger cities. And then, when you finish with your study session, you can reward yourself with a drink!

13. Hotel Lobby

If your city is a big tourist draw, there might be a ton of hotels near you that you can study at. Of course, the drawback to this method of studying is that you may not be welcome at some establishments if you’re not staying there.

However, it’s possible that the hotel has a lobby space that’s not well monitored, meaning you could get away with popping in for a few hours and using their Wi-Fi, or just sitting on their comfy chairs and people watching between memorizing flash cards or taking notes.

Why Should I Try to Find Good Place to Study Near Me?

It might be more convenient to study at home, but it might not be the most effective use of your time. Here’s why you should find a good study space.

How You Approach Your Studies Matters

Part of making sure you study effectively involves getting into the right mindset. Your attitude is half the battle when it comes to getting work done, and the most effective study habits are things like thinking positively, avoiding blaming yourself for downfalls, being objective, and remaining open to information.

Because people are creatures of habit, if you focus on keeping a positive mindset when entering your study space, it will make hitting the books easier and more natural for you. Repetition is something that not only helps you to retain information, but also form good habits, and studying in the same spot takes advantage of those tendencies.

Thinking About Studying Can Make You More Successful

Thinking about your thinking—which has its own term, metacognition —is part of the study planning process. After all, you’re thinking ahead when choosing a space to study in, and you’re setting yourself up for a productive cram session before you ever open a book.

And being self-aware in that way can help you be more successful in your education. Being self-aware, AKA engaging in metacognitive practices, also helps you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how you study best and in what scenario is a big part of actually getting things done and achieving good grades.

How to Find the Right Places to Study for You

When considering where to study, it’s important to know how you should study, too. Some people need complete quiet, for example, while others need to keep moving while they absorb information. Discovering your learning style can help poise you for success in digesting the material you need to know for class.

Overall, there are four primary modes of learning, but some people use multiple modes for optimal information processing. Those four include:

What to Consider When Picking a Study Spot

So how does understanding your learning style help you pin down the best study spot? You need to recognize your strengths and what each environment can offer. For example, if you’re an auditory learner and need to speak out loud or use headphones to listen to information, a quiet place like the library may not be ideal.

Conversely, if you learn best via reading and writing, a near-silent library may be perfect for you.

Here’s what to consider when picking your study spot:

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Studying?

Now that you’ve figured out what your learning style is and have some idea what type of environment you should study in, how can you get the most of out of your studying? Here are my tried-and-true tips for packing as much learning into your study session as possible.

Create a Routine

Routines are beneficial for every age learner, whether it’s preschool or college! And many professionals rely on routines to help them feel calm, controlled, powerful, and productive! So not only should you create a routine for your study time, but also your education and life in general.

Including downtime in your routine is also essential for your productivity, since burnout is real and can happen whether you’re rushing to class or squeezing in extra hours at work.

Give Yourself Rules

It might make you feel a little like a child again but establishing rules for yourself like no social media time, no looking at memes for hours, until you finish a chapter of reading. This will help you to accomplish more. Being strict about how you spend your educational hours enables you to maximize them to be as productive as possible.

So just like your professors suggest, keep your smartphone away while you’re in class and while you’re studying to minimize distractions. Also consider outlining a few other rules, like only taking breaks after a certain amount of time or not answering texts while studying.

Stay Organized

It won’t help you to have a designated study time and location if you arrive there unprepared! Keep your school materials organized and pack everything you’ll need for a productive study session.

Depending on where you’re studying, you may need to bring along extra paper, pencils, a pencil sharpener, highlighters, sticky notes, text books, and more. Make a list for your study time so you have everything you need before leaving for your study spot.

Establish Goals

Set small goals throughout your study time, such as completing a certain number of chapters or making a specific number of flashcards, to keep yourself on track. Once you complete each goal, set another one so that you’re always working toward something. This will help you stay focused on moving ahead!

Stay Positive

As mentioned, keeping a positive attitude can do wonders for your educational outlook. And personally, I find that when I approach my studies with a more positive attitude, it’s easier to deal with the small roadblocks that crop up.

Even if you’re having a rough day or things aren’t going well elsewhere in life, reminding yourself that you are capable and smart and that you can do this does wonders for each study session!

Maintain Motivation

Whatever your motivation is—to complete a tough class, to earn a specific degree, to finish homework in a set amount of time—remind yourself often of your goals. Staying motivated (and having effective study strategies) is one of the biggest predictors of overall academic success . Essentially, the more motivated you are to get things done, the higher your GPA and the higher the odds you’ll meet—or exceed—your goals!

However you study best, there’s a place to study near you that has the right ambiance and structure. No two people study exactly alike, but we can all benefit from making a regular habit of it. And when it comes to academic routines, you can’t beat having a spot to hit the books without stress.

What are your favorite places to study? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 places where you can actually study

Here are a few ideas for study locations that you may not have considered.

Studying is one of the keys to success in college, and in turn your future career.   Psychological Science   found that applying a strategic approach to studying helped college students improve their exam scores by an average of one-third of a letter grade. However, if you don’t have a good place to study, how can you hope to achieve this success?

While the best place to study may be different for everyone, we’ve put together a list of ten ideas that are often successful--perhaps at least a few will work well for you

1. The Library

Tried and true, the library is a great go-to for studying. Not only will you have peace and quiet but you should have great internet access and plenty of table space. The only issue may be if you need to do group work and have a more spirited discussion. Plus, if you like to snack or listen to music, that could be a problem.

2. Coffee Shops

Many of these offer nice table space and free Wi-Fi. Just make sure you purchase something if you plan to take up their space!

3. An Empty Classroom

Ask your teacher if classroom space is available after hours. It could be a great place to study in peace.

4. A Friendly Home

Does anyone have a family living nearby? A home with a real dining room table and home cooked food could be just the inspiration you need to put in a long study session.

5. Outdoors

Find a picnic table and study in the fresh air. You can often get a new lease on your subject by taking it outside with you.

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6. A Quiet Diner

A quiet diner is often a good choice for studying. Just make sure they don’t mind if you linger after the meal has been cleared away. A generous tip for your server is usually in order.

7. A Book Store

Many bookstores have put in cafes, tables and other additions to make them more welcoming to casual patrons like yourself. Why not take advantage of the option and go study?

Do you have to ride the bus or train to and from class each day? Use the time you’re on board to study and open up some extra free time for other things you enjoy.

9. Your Dorm Room

While it may not be ideal, your dorm room is always an option. Consider adding a small desk or special chair just for study time so you don’t dread having to study in your room.

While having the right place to study is vital, how you study is just as important. Make sure you spend some time learning proper   study skills   and turn off distractions around you so you can focus on the job at hand. You’ll be glad you did. After all, like   Thomas Edison   once said: “There is no substitute for hard work.”

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The Best SF Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done guide image

The Best SF Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done

Is your roommate a pain? Are you over your couch? Do you work from your laptop? Sounds like you need a coffee shop with wifi.

Team Infatuation

One thing the last few years have made clear: no manager can ever use the phrase “work from home” and “it’s not productive” in the same sentence ever again. But if your WFH desk is actually your lap and you desperately need a change of scenery, coffee shops are here to help. Although you can’t just work at any coffee shop—you’ll want tables to hunker down at, solid wifi, and seating that won’t throw out your back after an hour. Here are some coffee shops where you can actually get work done.

photo credit: Lani Conway

Cafe International review image

Cafe International

Bakery/Cafe •

Lower Haight

You could host a rave inside this Lower Haight coffee spot—it’s that big. Cafe International has more low-key aspirations, of course, which is why there are worn-in couches, a seemingly infinite number of tables where you can relax and read (or silently contemplate quiet quitting), and a back garden with a very impressive mural. This place is the neighborhood’s living room (around since the 1980s), so hunker down with a friend, some coffee, and a bagel or sandwich. Just don’t forget that it’s cash-only.

Fiddle Fig Cafe review image

Fiddle Fig Cafe

Russian Hill

If you’re easily excited by orchids and houseplants, you’ll feel at home at Fiddle Fig Cafe. The plant-minded Russian Hill coffee shop on the corner of Taylor and Lombard Streets is an inviting outpost to enjoy coffee, fruit shakes, sandwiches, and pastries in a roomy, sun-lit space. If those things aren’t enough to inspire you to make Fiddle Fig Cafe an extension of your living room (tough crowd), the fast, reliable wifi and sunny sidewalk seats just might.

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Compton's Coffee House review image

Compton’s Coffee House

This small-ish coffee shop between Fillmore and Lower Pacific Heights checks all of the boxes of a reliable neighborhood caffeine hub/workspace. Seasonal house drinks like lavender or maple cinnamon lattes are on hand, plus standard strong espresso, cold brew, and drip coffee. There’s also wifi, pastries for sustenance, and a solid seating situation where you can hunker down on a laptop or scribble on a notebook for a few hours, or, more realistically, get distracted by the designer dogs walking down Fillmore Street. 

photo credit: Julia Chen

Delah Coffee review image

Delah Coffee

The Yemeni latte from Delah Coffee is enough motivation for us to leave the house on a monotonous weekday. It’s strong, richly spiced with cinnamon and cardamom, and has just the right amount of sweetness—plus, it goes perfectly with their bee bites drizzled with honey, and fantastic milk cakes by the slice. Delah is also one of the few coffee shops in the city that close at 10pm most nights, so you can post up at this SoMa spot and go into focus mode for hours. 

photo credit: Erin Ng

Automat review image

From the colorful walls to the aroma of fresh-baked bread, the all-day spot in NoPa is more pleasant than the windowsill we turned into a makeshift standing desk. Come to Automat during the day when the coffee and pastries are plentiful. They also serve salads, smashburgers, and a fantastic fried chicken sandwich, too. Slide into a booth and reward yourself with a cookie or cream-filled donut after every hour of work completed.

Café du Soleil

Cafe Du Soleil is a French-style bistro located on a sunny corner in Lower Haight (they used to be located across the street). Grab coffee, a pastry, or an avocado toast before work, or come by for lunch with a friend to talk about that random thing that happened last week over a charcuterie board and snacks. A covered sidewalk patio, a big communal table inside, and an afternoon menu of beer, wine, and pizzas add to the charm of this place. During the day, this spot tends to get overrun with the laptop work crowd, but there’s still plenty of space to hang out. 

Ballast Coffee

West Portal

Ballast Coffee is the ideal work station in West Portal. The quiet, airy cafe makes great iced and hot drinks (plus ube and calamansi-infused coffee), and serves mochi muffins from Third Culture Bakery . There’s plenty of space for you to finally start penning your magnum opus—the sun-filled patio, back room with a garden view, or bar and communal table up front. They also have strong internet, but make sure you come with your tech fully charged—there aren’t a lot of outlets. 

Tarragon Cafe imageoverride image

Tarragon Cafe

This breakfast and lunch spot in Lower Haight is where we go whenever our upstairs neighbor decides that mid-morning on a Tuesday is the time to jump rope. The menu covers everything from smoked salmon toast and paninis to cheese plates and loaded nachos (plus coffee, beer, and wine), so you could basically stay here all day and have three balanced meals. Tarragon Cafe has a ton of tables, but no outlets, so come prepared.

Verve Coffee Roasters review image

Verve Coffee Roasters

The Castro spot has almost everything you need for a full day of work: a bunch of comfy couches, group tables with ample laptop space to exploit the wifi, and some of the best coffee around. Just know that there is only one plug here. They have the requisite avocado toast and sandwiches too.

Home Coffee Roasters

You might think that a coffee shop serving vanilla lattes made to look like birthday cakes and rainbows would be more of a social media photo opp than a good place to work. But you’d be wrong, at least in the case of Home Coffee. This coffee shop in the Outer Sunset is surprisingly laidback, and an ideal place to type away when you need good wifi and plenty of spacious tables. Seats can usually be taken by San Francisco State students, especially during finals, and if that’s the case, prepare to share a table and make a friend with a complete stranger. Their Richmond outpost also has great wifi and plenty of seating.

Müesi Cafe looks like a juice bar or a frozen yogurt chain, and one you’ll want to spend hours inside while poring over Excel spreadsheets. This Cow Hollow cafe gets the job done. They have fast internet, great espresso drinks, and customizable muesli bowls, plus lots of tables and seats. They're also open later than a lot of other coffee shops—they close 5:30pm on weekdays and 6pm on weekends.

photo credit: Daily Driver

Daily Driver imageoverride image

Daily Driver

The two levels of seating all centered around a giant atrium make Daily Driver feel more like a college student center than a cafe. And feeling like you’re cramming for finals may be exactly what you need to bear down and get work done. The Dogpatch spot also makes excellent bagels that are wood-fired in the oven (we recommend getting it with lox and homemade farmer’s cheese), and go well with the coffee—and both are all you really need to get you through the morning (they close by 2pm).

The 15 Best Bagels In The Bay Area guide image

The 15 Best Bagels In The Bay Area

Chestnut street coffee roastery.

Working at a coffee shop can sometimes mean catching glimpses of the Slack drama unfolding on the computer of the person sitting next to you. But at Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery, seats are spread out, so you can work in relative privacy. Most of the regulars swing by for a quick coffee instead of staying all day, so this is a good place to hunker down if you’re on a deadline or want to get some reading done. Breakfast sandwiches and pastries are also on hand.

Mercury Cafe review image

Mercury Cafe

Hayes Valley

Mercury Cafe in Hayes Valley is bright and unpretentious—exactly what we want in a neighborhood coffee shop. Come first thing in the morning for their baked scones (they will sell out), or stop by afternoons and order a slice of homemade apple pie. Mercury is one of the more relaxing places to work, but charge up your laptop beforehand—there aren’t a lot of plugs (nothing like the impending stress of 8% battery to cramp productivity).

photo credit: Virginia Mae Rollison

Jane on Fillmore imageoverride image

Jane on Fillmore

Pacific Heights

With its retro tabletops and fun music selection, Jane on Fillmore is cool without trying too hard. If you can get a table, order coffee and get an egg white sandwich. They also have some pretty incredible pastries in rotation (and gluten-free things if that’s your game), not to mention huge and delicious salads. Add a good number of outlets to the equation and it’s obvious why this is one of our go-tos.

Blue Danube

You have to pay for the wifi ($1 an hour) at this Richmond cafe, but the cozy spot is still a great all-day option for getting work done. It looks a bit like an eclectic living room filled with art, mirrors, and bookshelves everywhere. And while you’re getting work done, fuel up with coffee, smoothies, and a bagel or roast beef sandwich.

Saint Frank review image

Saint Frank

This beautifully designed Russian Hill coffee shop is clean, modern, and bright. They also have small tables for working, and good, if limited pastry options if you need a snack. To drink, try anything with their house-made almond macadamia nut milk. Note that there are no outlets here, so arrive with everything fully charged.

Nook imageoverride image

Like the name suggests, Nook is on the smaller side. So, if you’re traveling with an entourage of accessories, table space will be an issue. But otherwise, this Russian Hill cafe is a great spot to grab lunch and take care of business. Skip the salads and go for the hummus plate with pita, cucumbers, and tomatoes, or the smoked salmon bagel.

Duboce Park Cafe review image

Duboce Park Cafe

Duboce Triangle

As if we really needed another reason to visit, Duboce Park Cafe is named after the adorable dog park across the street. Ignore the breakfast menu and get the big house salad: mixed greens, sliced apple, fennel, pecans, and cheese. Then proceed to look at dogs rather than stare at Slack. Be careful, though—if the dogs distract you and your laptop dies, there are no plugs to save you. Indoor and outdoor seating are both available.

Nothing fancy, but a decent place to read, write, and overthink some emails to your coworkers. The Mission cafe has a sizeable indoor space, a back patio for when it’s nice out, a full menu, and drinks ranging from coffee (of course) to beer and wine.

photo credit: Meika Ejiasi

Java Beach Cafe review image

Java Beach Cafe

This Outer Sunset cafe is located only a few steps from Ocean Beach, which is only one reason we love it here. The other is Java Beach Cafe’s range of great breakfast and lunch options, from salads and bagel sandwiches to subs and wraps—the perfect fuel-up food for catching up with work at the communal table or out on the front patio. The only downside is things can get busy and loud, and plugs are limited.

Mazarine Coffee review image

Mazarine Coffee

Financial District

Mazarine has some of the prettiest avocado toast around, plus nice-looking espresso drinks, and a super large space to get work done. Also actually important is the fact that this Financial District spot on Market Street has an almost ridiculous number of outlets. Just bring your internet with you (no wifi here), or work on something you don’t need your browser for.

The Best Restaurants In The Sunset guide image

The Best Restaurants In The Sunset

Progressive grounds.

Bernal Heights

The Bernal Heights coffee shop is where we go when we’re in it for the long haul. They have everything—a spacious outdoor patio, plenty of tables inside, and free wifi. There are also a ton of food and drink options: wraps, sandwiches, salads, and beer, coffee, and wine. Basically, if you need a place to camp out, this spot is it.

photo credit: Kantine

Kantine review image

Scandinavian •

Kantine is a Scandinavian cafe on Market Street that makes pastries, porridges, soups, and sandwiches. Stepping inside the bright, airy space will make you want to pull up a chair, read a book or study over a latte or a cinnamon knot, and stay all afternoon. Get a smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich), which is a well-executed lesson in the art of layering.

Philz Coffee

The mint mojito at Philz is basically dessert masquerading as an acceptable adult drink. Grab one (and maybe a pastry or bagel) and use the sugar high as motivation to finally respond to those emails you’ve been avoiding. All of the Philz locations throughout the city have wifi, but we like the Castro outpost, which is lowkey and spacious.

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When you want to keep it lowkey, head to these restaurants.

14 Coffee Shops That Serve Great Food guide image

14 Coffee Shops That Serve Great Food

Don’t settle for another disappointing muffin. Make sure your coffee shop has food that doesn’t suck.

The Day-Off Lunch Guide guide image

The Day-Off Lunch Guide

Where to get a weekday meal when you don’t have to work.

Where To Eat Alone In SF guide image

Where To Eat Alone In SF

Eating alone? Here are the best places in SF to do it.

Best Places to Work and Study in Rome With WiFi

places to work and study in rome

When you’re in this city on a business trip, or simply have emails to send and studying to catch up on, it can be tricky to find a comfortable and quiet spot to settle down and crack on with your to-do list in this middle of this bustling city.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite places to work and study in Rome, so all you have to do is pack your laptop and get concentrating! For those in search of a traditional library setting to get in the zone for a serious work session, there are several beautiful options in the very heart of the city, all of which have WiFi available for visitors.

Think marble floors , ancient vaulted wooden ceilings and large shared tables. However, be prepared for a quiet and studious atmosphere. You will also have to fill in a temporary visitor’s card to gain access to one of these sacred spaces. Most libraries also require that you leave your bags in a locker and only take through your laptop and books. This can seem like a hassle, but the studious atmosphere is certainly worth it.

Once you get inside, you definitely won’t regret choosing to work in some of the most beautiful buildings in the city.


Biblioteca Casanatense

If you feel like studying in a traditional library space, but want to feel relaxed in a smaller and more informal library , Steve from FireRite reckons this is the place for you.

Tucked away down a side street in the very heart of the historical centre and a few minutes’ walk from the Pantheon, this little library is a hidden gem. The reception staff at Casanatense will make you feel thoroughly welcome, and will show you through to the study room. The main library space in itself is fascinating, with shelves of ancient books and display cases lining the walls, and the study room is bright with plenty of space at the table.

We recommend arriving before lunch or waiting until later in the afternoon if you want to find a seat, as the two large tables tend to fill up near midday.

Address :  Via di Sant Ignazio 52

Opening Hours : Monday to Friday, from around 8 am to 6.50 pm.

Website :  www.casanatense.it


Biblioteca Angelica

This stunning public library lies in Sant’Agostino square, a very central location that is right by Piazza Navona. It was built in 1604 and is considered one of the first examples of a public library in Europe.

Bookshelves line the grand central room  from floor to ceiling, and the tiled floor and stone walls keep it cool in summer. Vaulted whitewashed ceilings soar above the bookshelves, creating a sense of light and space, and making this a truly inspiring place to study, and there are plenty of quiet corners where you can settle down for some serious studying.

The library also plays host to a variety of events throughout the year, including talks, conferences, plays and concerts.

Address :  Piazza di Sant’Agostino 8

Opening Hours : The library is generally open between 8 am and 7 pm Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, closing at 1.45 pm on Monday, Friday and Saturday and closed on Sunday. However, we recommend you check opening hours online before setting off!

Website :  www.bibliotecaangelica.beniculturali.it


Biblioteca dell’Orologio

A library famous for its architecture, this is a very special study space. Our favorite aspect of it is its  lovely internal garden  with many orange trees. There is nothing more inspiring than a coffee break in the warm spring sunshine, sitting outside under fragrant white orange blossom.

Situated within the Casa delle Letterature, a centre dedicated to the study of 19th century literature. This space plays host to art exhibitions , documentary premieres, conferences and seminars. It also contains two libraries and a reading zone, in both the internal galleries and the orange garden.

Address :  Piazza dell’Orologio 3

Opening Hours : The space is open Monday to Friday, 9.30 am until 6.30 pm.

Website :  www.casadelleletterature.it/online

However, if you’re more keen on a relaxed, chatty atmosphere or you need to hold a meeting and speak out loud, check out our guide to the top café working spaces with WiFi in the Eternal City. These are also great options for those who can only study efficiently with a cup of fresh coffee in hand!



The key idea behind this popular café-bar is that of paying by time , rather than what you eat or drink. This venue provides a new type of cultural and social experience that makes this much more than a standard café. For a fixed price per hour you can help yourself to whatever you like from their food and drink bar. Here you will find wines, hot drinks, cakes and savory snacks.

During the day many students come here to work or hold group discussion. In the evening the atmosphere is decidedly more relaxed, with poetry readings and occasionally live music.

This café community also runs successful language courses, with beginner’s Italian being the most popular, so drop in and brush up on some key holiday vocabulary! As for the prices, you can choose between paying 14 € to stay the whole day, or 4 € for the first hour and 3 € for every successive one. Situated right next to the San Giovanni metro stop, this little café is very easy to reach from the historic centre and any location close to the metro line.

Address :  Via Veio 4

Opening Hours : The café is open Monday – Friday from 9 am – 10 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday between 10 am – 10 pm.

Website :  www.anticafe.eu/roma

places to work and study in rome

Circus Cafe

Circus prides itself on its reputation as a quirky hangout for young students in the evenings. That said, during the day the atmosphere in the bar is charming and relaxed. Here you’ll find young Italians working and chatting away in corners, cradling a hot drink.

There are also plenty of newspapers and magazines laid out to read if you need a study break. Moreover, the bar’s free WiFi is a big bonus.

Our favourite aspect of this friendly café is the delicious Sunday brunch , a rare find in the centre of Rome. Whether you’re hankering after American-style pancakes, a healthy fruit juice or  centrifuga,  or savoury bagels, Circus is sure to have something that hits the spot and we guarantee you’ll work more efficiently on a full stomach! It’s also a great spot for meeting new people to play sports with according to tour operator Inspiresport .  Just make sure you bring your a-game if you’re wanting to play soccer as the locals take it very seriously!

This super-central bar is located very close to Piazza Navona, just off Via dei Coronari. It is therefore very convenient if you are looking for a quiet pitstop during a hectic day.

Address :  Via della Vetrina 15

Opening Hours : Open every day from 10 am – 10 pm.

Website :  www.circusroma.it

places to work and study in rome

While by night, Barnum Café is a great place to sip delicious drinks with friends (one of their barmen runs the blog  Urban Mixologist , dedicated to the creation of original and tasty cocktails), by day it has a more peaceful atmosphere, perfect for catching up on some reading in a quiet corner.

One of the reasons we love this cosy bar is the friendliness of the staff. Their relaxed attitude make this a non-stressful spot to work the day away. There are several comfy chairs and sofas that are perfect for curling up with a book. Alternatively you’ll find larger tables at the back of the café. These are perfect if you need to spread out papers and a laptop.

Barnum also has free WiFi and an affordable selection of lunch dishes and snacks. We recommend the homemade pastries and their delicious coffee !

Address :  Via del Pellegrino 87

Opening Hours : Open every day from 9 am – 1.30 am.

Website :  www.barnumcafe.com

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