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Level 3/KS3 Numeracy Worksheets

Level 3/KS3 Numeracy Worksheets

Subject: Mathematics

Age range: 11-14

Resource type: Unit of work

Eamonn Cooke

Last updated

31 August 2021

pdf, 2.61 MB

A full numeracy coursework that can be used in isolation or a standalone unit of work. This was made for level 3 in Scotland but can be used for KS3 also in NI or England. There are 40 lessons attached here that can be used in conjunction with your current scheme of work, or as revision.

Every 4th lesson is a numeracy quiz with questions from UKMT primary rounds!

Disclaimer : I do not own the copyright for some of the material in this booklet. I have created a significant amount of the material that compliments the resources but have borrowed from a vast array of places and structured it in a way that promotes understanding and fluency using the CPA approach. With that, I would like to extend my thanks to the following people and websites who offered fantastic resources, links, ideas and content in the making of this resource. • Chris McGrane - https://startingpointsmaths.com/curriculum-booklets/ • Don Steward- https://donsteward.blogspot.com/ • Jo Morgan- https://www.resourceaholic.com/ • SMILE- https://www.stem.org.uk/resources/collection/2765/smile-cards • MyMaths – www.mymaths.co.uk • Craig Barton - http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/index.html https://variationtheory.com/ • Whiterose Maths- www.whiterosemaths.com • Teejay Publishers - https://teejaymaths.com/home/ • Dr Frost Maths- https://www.drfrostmaths.com/ • UKMT- https://www.drfrostmaths.com/browse.php?mode=ukmt https://www.ukmt.org.uk/ • Corbettmaths- https://corbettmaths.com/ • Mathsbox- https://www.mathsbox.org.uk/index1.php

I am extremely thankful for allowing the use of your materials.

Best wishes,

Eamonn (@cuspoirmaths)

Creative Commons "Sharealike"

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ks3 numeracy worksheet

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We ensure every one of our activities and worksheets is regularly reviewed and updated by our team of UK teachers to fully align with the KS3 maths UK National Curriculum - helping teachers and parents to rest easy in the knowledge that their students and children are learning everything they need to know! Extensively covering all KS3 maths topics, our resources help your child revise the basics, and approach new topics with confidence. With algebra worksheets , geometry worksheets , fractions worksheets , place value worksheets to name just a few popular KS3 maths topics, you can help your child with KS3 maths revision resources at any point in their journey.

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ks3 numeracy worksheet

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ks3 numeracy worksheet

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Mr Barton Maths Blog

The blog of craig barton @mrbartonmaths, tes top 10 resources: basic numeracy and arithmetic.

The following collection of resources have been assembled by the TES Maths Panel . They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

Skills in basic number and arithmetic form the foundation of all subsequent mathematics.  As such, it is so important to get this teaching correct and spend the appropriate time to ensure pupils are solid in these areas before moving on.  Below you will find a mixture of activities, assessment methods and intervention ideas that should help to make the topic fun as well as consolidate key ideas in this vital area.

Top 10 resources:

Number starters – Multiple choice quizzes

Age range:  11-16  Format:  PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint presentation with 30 different number and arithmetic topics tested with 10 multiple choice questions. Answers included for self-assessment. Ideal for starters or plenaries to ensure pupils have a firm grasp of basic number topics.

Age range:  11-16, Post-16  Format:  Website

This site is crammed full of activities. The bingo for number bonds to 100 and basic addition and subtraction help pupils struggling with number ideas and they don’t realise they are practising so many questions. A website that makes the teachers life that little easier while also bringing engagement to the maths classroom.

Maths matching cards – Equivalences

Age range:  11-16  Format:  Word document

An activity where students match up fractions, decimals, percentages and pictures. It can be used to introduce FDP to check pupils’ understanding. There are 144 cards showing parts of a whole in six different formats:

Non-calculator homework

Age range:  11-16  Format : Word document

A set of homework sheets for students to practise regular number questions. Could be used in class as practise of the basics. Well presented and easy to mark.

Subtraction darts

A whole class activity for practising subtraction in a game of darts. Perhaps one could even use the idea and bring in a real dart board to liven things up even more?

Producing products 

An activity for pairs to practise multiplying a whole number by a decimal. It is interactive and there is an emphasis on estimation. The vital skill of estimation is sometimes missed in maths and this activity puts the skill right at the forefront.

Numeracy intervention

Age range:  11-16  Format:  Notebook file

An organised numeracy intervention set of slides. The slides go through some of the real basics that students need to know. There is space to write  your own methods for each of the arithmetic operations. This could be  really useful as a basis for an intervention programme for students needing to catch up with some of their numeracy skills.

QR code puzzle – Addition and subtraction

Pupils practise some basic addition and subtraction to create a QR code that links to a Sesame Street song. Could be easily adapted for other topics, too.

A3 double sided maths mat

Age range:  11-16  Format:  PDF

Maths mats to print, laminate and even stick to the tables so students have constant access to basic number concepts. Ideal for revision or providing extra support to students.

Number videos

Age range:  11-16  Format:  Website

Lots of Number videos going through some of the basics of number and arithmetic. Could be useful for students to consolidate their classwork, catch up missed lessons, for intervention lessons, or for test revision.

Colin Hegarty,  maths secondary panel

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