CBSE Class 5 English Revision Assignment Set A

Assignment for class 5 english.

Class 5 English students should refer to the following printable assignment in Pdf in standard 5. This test paper with questions and answers for Grade 5 English will be very useful for exams and help you to score good marks

Class 5 English Assignment

This chapter is an extract from the famous novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Alice followed a rabbit and reached a strange place. There she drank a magical liquid and became very tiny. She fell into a stream there she met a mouse. The mouse told his story to Alice that he was troubled by a cat who was very cruel. But when the mouse found Alice wasn’t paying attention to his story, he left her there. There were many birds who were also listening to his story. Suddenly Alice remembered his pet cat, Dinah. Hearing this, the birds also left that place and Alice left alone at that strange place.

A. Learn and write the given Hard Words- 1. Extract 2. Adventures 3. Prosecute 4. Published 5. Fantastic 6. Denial 7. Snappishly 8. Splashing 9. Melancholy 10. Fetch 11. Hippopotamus 12. Pleaded 13. Inquisitively 14. Fright 15. Passionate 16. Pretexts 17. Pattering 18. Sighing 19. Offended 20. Remarkable 21. Puzzling 22. Growled 23. Wrapping 24. Condemn 25. Low- spirited 26. Severely 27. Anxiously 28. Chorus 29. Offended 30. Eagerly

B. Learn and write the given Word- Meanings-

WORD - MEANINGS 1. Prosecute - Start legal proceedings 2. Denial - Refusal 3. Offended - Felt insulted 4. Snappishly - Angrily 5. Melancholy - Unhappy

C. Learn and write the following questions and answers-

Question- When the mouse said that it was a ‘long and sad tale’ what were Alice’s feelings? Answer - When the mouse said it was a ‘long and sad tale’ Alice looked at the mouse tail thinking why the mouse was calling his tail a sad tail.

Question- Why did the mouse leave? Answer - The mouse left because he thought that Alice was not paying attention to his story.

Question- What happened when Alice wished she could have Dinah to get it back? Answer - When Alice wished she could have Dinah to get it back, this wish caused a remarkable sensation among the party. All the birds started to move from there and Alice was soon left alone.

Question- When Alice thought the mouse could not understand English, what did she do? Answer - When Alice thought the mouse could not understand English she started to speak French.

C. Make sentences by using the given words- 1. Prosecute- The lawyer started to prosecute the case in the court. 2. Denial- Mother’s denial for going outside during the lockdown made John unhappy. 3. Snappishly- The boss looked at the peon snappishly. 4. Pleaded- The student pleaded the teacher to forgive him. 5. Offended- Sam’s felt offended by the cruel behavior of his friends. 6. Fetch- The trainer ordered the dog to fetch the cat. 7. Remarkable- Peter has shown a remarkable improvement in his final exams.


A) Answer the following questions:

1) If the ten-dollar bill were still in use how old would it be today?

2) Is this story a biography or an autobiography? Give a reason for your answer.

3) How did the poor lady spend the ten-dollar bill?

4) What have you learnt from the chapter ‘Dirty Money’?

5) What were the two major changes that took place right away when the writer began to read?

6) What is a drugstore?

B) Complete the sentences:

1) Any black who tried to protest against ill-treatment ………………………………………….

2) At first the writer felt a sense of ‘badness’ because…………………………………………….

3) He began to wait for the next day because …………………………………………………………

4) I am a ten-dollar bill. I have seen ………………………………………………………………………..

5) One day the ten-dollar bill went to a man called Old Jack who was …………………….

6) The poor lady was fired by a dishonest manager because …………………………………..

C) Give one word for each of the phrases below:

1) Money paid for parking carts/vehicles in the wrong place-

2) Piece of paper money-

3) A place where money is manufactured-

D) Frame questions with whose/which/what:

1) Asia is the largest continent in the world.

2) She is wearing my sister’s raincoat.

3) Sachin’s century helped India win.

4) The kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand.

E) Pick the odd one out:

1) Title chapter index magazine

2) Scan glance study browse

3) Hawker baker police minister

4) Ten-dollar twenty-dollar one-dollar five-dollar

F) Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B:

        A                                             B

Predominantly                            important

Unconquerable                             mainly

Forbidden                              difficult to beat

Worthwhile                              ordered not to

G) Fill in the blanks with for or since:

1) I’ve been studying ……………….. three hours.

2) I’ve been rising early ……………….. Tuesday.

3) I haven’t seen a film …………………. two months.

4) There has been no rain ……………. last Monday.

H) Underline the ADVERBS:

1) The soldiers fought bravely.

2) They went upstairs.

3) She seldom loses temper.

4) The jug is almost full.

5) I have read this book before.

6) This magazine is published weekly.

I) Fill in the blanks with correct PREPOSITIONS:

1) I shall wait for you ……. The school gate.

2) The ball rolled …… a hole.

3) Distribute all these bananas ……… the children.

4) The old man sat leaning ………. The wall.

5) Our examination is beginning …………. Monday.

J) Underline the CONJUNCTIONS:

1) She is sincere and hardworking

2) Harjit is absent because he has a fever.

3) Be punctual or you will be fined.

4) She is slow but she does not make mistakes.

5) Although they offered a handsome discount, the sales did not pick up.

K) Insert COMMAS & APOSTROPHE where needed:

1) The room was small dark dirty and smelly.

2) Oh I didn’t know that.

3) Vikass bag

4) Childrens literature

L) Write HOMOPHONES of these words:

1) Sale 2) weather 3) allowed 4) wait

5) Storey 6) Principal 7) brake 8) prey

Topic : Noun: Kinds of Noun

1. Fill in the blanks using suitable material nounsa.

Utensils are made of _________.

b. Books are made of _________.

c. Blankets are made of ________.

d. mirrors are made of _________.

e. ice is made of ________.

Answer :  a. steel b. paper c. wool d. glass e. water

2. Complete the following sentences with abstract nouns formed from the words given in the brackets

a. ________ is the best time of our life. (child)

b. Florence Nightingale is known for her ________. (kind)

c. Tenali was known for his ______. (wise)

d. Gandhiji always spoke the ______. (true)

e. A prisoner knows no _____. (free)

f. What is the ______ of the Qutub Minar? (high)

Answer :  a. childhood b. kindness c. wisdom d. truth e. freedom f. height

3. Fill in the blanks with common nounsa.

a. Iran is the name of a ________.

b. Albert Einstein is the name of a ________.

c. The Tricolour is the name of a _______.

d. Sachin Tendulkar is the name of a ______.

Answer :  a. country b. scientist c. flag d. cricketer

4. Underline the odd noun in the groups given bel ow. In the blank space write what type of noun it isa.

a. Monday, Paris, Christ, religio n (Religion is a common noun; all others are proper nouns.)

b. road, flat, country, Mumbai (Mumbai is a proper noun; all others are common nouns)

c. family , brother, mother, parents (Family is a collective noun; all others are common nouns.)

d. team , player, football, country (Team is a collective nouns; all others are common nouns)

e. January, Kerala, flock , Rome (Flock is a collective noun; all others are proper nouns)

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