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The Best Online English Courses

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One of the biggest advantages of learning English is the many ways in which it can advance your career. English is used widely internationally, and there’s a ready demand for good English speakers in the job market. You can use your English skill to advance a business career, find work as a translator, or even just to travel the world and be able to communicate.

Thanks to the internet, learning English has never been easier. Taking an English course online can be done from the comfort of your own home. Below, find out some of your best options for improving your English. These range from beginner-focused courses to advanced courses for native-level speakers.

Rosetta Stone English (American) Course – $20-$30/Month

The American English course by Rosetta Stone is an online course that teaches you English from the ground up. What stands out about this course is its exhaustive and methodical approach to learning the language. The course teaches you the American version of English, which will make you right at home in the US and Canada.

Over a 26-year history of language instruction, Rosetta Stone has gained a reputation for effectiveness. This particular course will work well for even complete beginners to the English language. It includes TruAccent spoken word coaching to learn the American accent.

Duolingo ESL – Free

Duolingo’s English coursework is great for learning English as a second language. Best of all, Duolingo’s courses are free.

Unlike with Rosetta Stone, Duolingo uses a native language as the medium of instruction. This means that if your native language is not covered, you might miss out. However, Duolingo supports major medium languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Duolingo works well for complete beginners. It uses a game-like interface that rewards you with badges and keeps you motivated to keep improving.

Alison’s Intermediate Level English – Free

Alison’s Intermediate Level English coursework will build on the fundamentals to get you well-versed in the language. It is offered by Alison, an online learning company with over 1,000 free courses supported by ads.

Exercises and audio by native English speakers will improve your comprehension of spoken English. Alison’s modules are split into bite-sized chunks. This makes them fast to complete and gives you a quick sense of accomplishment.

Coursera Intermediate Grammar Specialization – $40-$50/Month

The Intermediate Grammar Specialization is a four-course sequence you can take on Coursera. It is provided by the University of California, Irvine. The courses are taught by real UCI professors, which makes the quality of instruction outstanding.

During this course, you will learn intermediate topics in English, including areas of grammar that tend to be tricky for learners.

University of Washington English for Professional Networking – $300-$350

This advanced course by the University of Washington will help you network professionally. It is offered online through the EdX learning platform. It covers the language skills you need to communicate effectively with professionals in fields such as human resources, marketing, and sales.

You will learn and practice English conversation skills in the context of a professional setting. The course will teach you optimal ways to introduce yourself, take part in a networking conversation, and follow up in a variety of means.

As part of this 16-week course, you will also learn to use social networks such as LinkedIn for carrying on professional discussions. If you are looking for a job, or just want to communicate better professionally, this course is a must-have.


worksheet english 1

What's Your Question?

How to Translate a Webpage from Spanish to English

If you’ve ever come across a website written in another language, your browsing either stops short or you bounce right off to find a different website. Instead, you could translate a web page from Spanish to English so you can read it easily.

Encountering Web Pages in Spanish

If you’re lucky, when you hit a web page written in Spanish, the web developer who created the website might have made an English version of it that visitors can choose to read instead. Peruse the web page and look for a translate button to click to switch to English. You’ll usually find a translate button in a top or bottom corner of the home page. After clicking, the website will automatically switch over, but you might notice a few differences between the Spanish website and the English one if the translation only included the main information.

Google Translate Web

Google has a translation tool that can be infinitely useful if you run into online text in another language.

Copy the URL of the Spanish web page and paste it into the Google Translate Web tool. Select “Spanish” in the “from” field and set the translate to field to “English.” Click “Translate” to see the website in English.

Google Translate Tool

Google also offers another translation service that involves copying and pasting text into the tool to translate text from one language to another. This can be the perfect translation method if you only need a few paragraphs translated and not a whole web page.

Copy the Spanish text to your clipboard by highlighting it and pressing “control + C.” Paste the copied text into the left box of the Google Translate tool. The tool will automatically translate it for you into English in the right box.

Chrome Translation Options

If encountering Spanish websites is something that happens regularly for you, you can set your browser to automatically translate these web pages.

For Chrome, browse to the website. Chrome is set to offer to translate all websites in foreign languages, so you should see a link to “translate” at the top of the browser. Click this link and Chrome will translate it for you.

Firefox Translation Options

Firefox isn’t set to automatically translate foreign websites, but you can add an extension that will do this for you.

Browse the Firefox extensions for Spanish translation, choose the one you want to use and install it. Close Firefox and restart it to enable the extension. Then, navigate to the Spanish website and follow the prompts from the extension to see the translated version of the website.


worksheet english 1

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worksheet english 1

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