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Writing a Business Plan

handmade jewellery business plan

While it may be tempting to put off, creating a business plan is an essential part of starting your own business. Plans and proposals should be put in a clear format making it easy for potential investors to understand. Because every company has a different goal and product or service to offer, there are business plan templates readily available to help you get on the right track. Many of these templates can be adapted for any company. In general, a business plan writing guide will recommend that the following sections be incorporated into your plan.

Executive Summary

The executive summary is the first section that business plans open with, but is often the last section to actually be written as it’s the most difficult to write. The executive summary is a summary of the overall plan that highlights the key points and gives the reader an idea of what lies ahead in the document. It should include areas such as the business opportunity, target market, marketing and sales strategy, competition, the summary of the financial plan, staff members and a summary of how the plan will be implemented. This section needs to be extremely clear, concise and engaging as you don’t want the reader to push your hard work aside.

Company Description

The company description follows the executive summary and should cover all the details about the company itself. For example, if you are writing a business plan for an internet café, you would want to include the name of the company, where the café would be located, who the main team members involved are and why, how large the company is, who the target market for the internet cafe is, what type of business structure the café is, such as LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, what the internet café business mission and vision statements are, and what the business’s short-term objectives are.

Services and Products

This is the exciting part of the plan where you get to explain what new and improved services or products you are offering. On top of describing the product or service itself, include in the plan what is currently in the market in this area, what problems there are in this area and how your product is the solution. For example, in a business plan for a food truck, perhaps there are numerous other food trucks in the area, but they are all fast –food style and unhealthy so, you want to introduce fast food that serves only organic and fresh ingredients every day. This is where you can also list your price points and future products or services you anticipate.

Market Analysis

The market analysis section will take time to write and research as a lot of effort and research need to go into it. Here is where you have the opportunity to describe what trends are showing up, what the growth rate in this sector looks like, what the current size of this industry is and who your target audience is. A cleaning business plan, for example, may include how this sector has been growing by 10% every year due to an increase in large businesses being built in the city.

Organization and Management

Marketing and sales are the part of the business plan where you explain how you will attract and retain clients. How are you reaching your target customers and what incentives do you offer that will keep them coming back? For a dry cleaner business plan, perhaps if they refer customers, they will get 10% off their next visit. In addition, you may want to explain what needs to be done in order for the business to be profitable. This is a great way of showing that you are conscious about what clear steps need to be taken to make a business successful.

Financial Projections & Appendix

The financial business plan section can be a tricky one to write as it is based on projections. Usually what is included is the short-term projection, which is a year broken down by month and should include start-up permits, equipment, and licenses that are required. This is followed by a three-year projection broken down by year and many often write a five-year projection, but this does not need to be included in the business plan.

The appendix is the last section and contains all the supporting documents and/or required material. This often includes resumes of those involved in the company, letters of reference, product pictures and credit histories. Keep in mind that your business plan is always in development and should be adjusted regularly as your business grows and changes.


handmade jewellery business plan

Your Guide to Writing a Business Plan

handmade jewellery business plan

If you’re starting a new business, then you need an effective plan. Not only does this enable you to plan your company, but it also gives potential clients an insight into how your business works. A business plan is also vital if you want to attract investors or secure a loan from the bank. Drafting a business plan is a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. This guide will ensure you create a definite plan to impress investors and clients. 

When creating your business plan, there are some essential elements you must include. The Executive Summary provides a description of your business, and what you hope to achieve. People usually write at least one page, but leave their Executive Summary until last.

You’ll also need to detail what your business offers and define your target audience. This makes it easier for people to see whether your company has a chance of succeeding. The opportunity section is also an excellent way for you to see what competitors offer and how you can create a USP to stand out from the competition. 

Appealing to Investors

Every business that wants growth and prosperity must ensure they promote themselves to potential investors. Business plans aren’t just about what the business is, but who is part of it too. Detail your current team members and explain what they bring to the company. Investors want to know they’re making a wise investment.

Your current finances and financial forecast are also essential aspects of your business plan. Look at your products, how much you’re selling them for and what kind of profit margin you expect to gain. It’s also vital you detail your outgoings and look at how various economic situations could affect your finances. 

Writing a Winning Executive Summary

There are problems in every market, and a successful business solves that problem. If you can show how you’ll be able to offer solutions in your business plan, you’ll appeal to investors. Choose your target audience based on research and ensure you show your research. There are many ways to conduct market research including defining SOMs, SAMs and TAMs. 

TAM stands for Total Available Market and comprises everyone you want your product to reach. Your Segmented Addressable Market (SAM) is a specific portion of the market you’ll target. This is important because it shows you’re able to direct your product at the right people and not just everyone. Your SOM (Share of the Market) is what you feel you’ll gain with your product.  

How to Determine Pricing

Pricing your product is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do. There are many things to consider, such as how much it’s worth and making sure you don’t charge unrealistically. Many new businesses believe undercharging is the best way to go, but doing this can undermine your company’s authority and cause fewer people to be interested in investing.

Market-based pricing involves looking at your competitors and evaluating their prices. Which company has the most customers? How does their pricing match others? These are all vital aspects you should consider. Remember, customers expect quality and a fair price, so make sure you combine the two. 

Future Goals

Investors and banks want to know that you’ve considered what the future will hold for your company. When you write your business plan, be sure to take into account how you see the company growing, what you’ll do to ensure it thrives and that you understand the potential risks. Banks and investors want to know that you can build a business and are aware of the obstacles you’ll have to overcome.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be difficult. If you ensure you produce a robust business plan, it can be an exciting process. Your business is part of your future, so start by outlining your goals and look forward to seeing results. 


handmade jewellery business plan

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Custom Jewelry Business Plan

Start your own custom jewelry business plan

Contemporary Ti Design

Executive summary executive summary is a brief introduction to your business plan. it describes your business, the problem that it solves, your target market, and financial highlights.">.


Contemporary Ti Design is a designer and manufacturer of unique titanium jewelry. Contemporary Ti Design makes many different designs in the form of earnings, pins, and pendants. All of the products are designed and manufactured by Steve Artificer. In order to grow and achieve the desired level of market penetration, the company has outlined the following marketing/production goals over the next three years:

The Company

Contemporary Ti Design, located in Hood River, OR, is a custom manufacturer of titanium jewelry. Contemporary Ti Design has a wide range of jewelry offerings, from pendants, to pins, to earnings. All of the pieces are made by Steve Artificer. The business will based out of his home. Steve sells the pieces direct through his website as well as through selected galleries and art shows. Steve plans to hire a sales representative by month eight to handle customer interaction.

The jewelry industry is highly fragmented with thousands and thousands of artisans competing for distribution contracts and fame. Some work and distribute locally, others have national distribution systems set up. Some artists will design products for larger companies to manufacture, others will design and make the pieces themselves. Competition for Contemporary Ti takes the following forms:

Contemporary Ti Design will be focusing on two distinct groups of customers. One is the end consumer, the other is galleries, to be used as a distribution channel. The end consumer will be interacting with Steve via his website as well as through personal contact at exhibitions/shows. The galleries (museum shops, jewelry stores) will also be met through the exhibitions and shows.

Financial Considerations

Contemporary Ti will be completely financed by equity capital provided by Steve Artificer. We will pass our break-even point within the first year. Conservative projections based on sales over the next three years yield an annual revenue of $75,000 by Year 3. The company expects its cash account to remain healthy.

Custom jewelry business plan, executive summary chart image

1.1 Objectives

The objectives for the first three years of operation include:

1.2 Mission

Contemporary Ti Design’s mission is to make innovative pieces of art in jewelry form out of titanium. We exist to attract and maintain customers. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.

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handmade jewellery business plan

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handmade jewellery business plan

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How To Start a Successful Jewelry Business in 7 Steps (2023)

Illustration of a woman counting coins into a jar. The coin shapes are echoed in the beads in her necklace

Jewelry is one of the most popular things to make and sell online. Perhaps you’re DIY-challenged but have an incredible online business idea and an existing audience and are looking for a creative way to make money .

How to Start a Jewelry Business in 7 Steps

1. Determine your products.

Whatever your motivation or skill level, understanding how to start a successful jewelry business at home or anywhere comes with its own set of considerations and complications.

One of the first questions to ask yourself is: fine or fashion? Or maybe your interest lies somewhere in between. Each category has its own materials, production process, price point, and customer profile:

💍 Fine jewelry

📿 Fashion or costume jewelry

👑 Other/in between

Model wears Biko earrings

Once you’ve narrowed down the broad category for your startup jewelry business, it’s time to carve out a niche for your products. Start by defining your ideal customer (classic, trendy, brides, socially conscious consumers, etc.) and decide whether your products are occasion specific (wedding, party, everyday, etc.). This will determine how you market them to your target audience.

Jewelry trends

Researching trends is one way to determine (and validate) your chosen direction, and it’s an important step when understanding how to start a jewelry business online. Read fashion and jewelry blogs and publications and follow influencers in the space to stay on top of trends for each upcoming season. Using Google Trends, you can also see broad global search volume for a particular term.

Alternatively, you might look into adjacent trends or consumer habits, such as the appetite for customizable experiences like engraving, or ethically sourced materials.

But business owners don’t have to just follow trends—you could also use your jewelry business to start your own. That’s what Biko founder and designer Corrine Anestopoulos did, launching her collection based on personal style.

“Somehow I felt like, just by fluke, I found a market for something new without meaning to,” she says. “But it was just my taste.” When she launched, Corinne was working with a brassy finish. “Nobody else was doing that,” she says, noting that shiny silver was the trend at the time.

Now, though her collections evolve with trends in the jewelry industry every year, the common thread is a recognizable look that defines her brand and secures repeat business.

Finding jewelry design inspiration

Success as a newbie in any facet of the fashion industry depends on strong aesthetic, unique design, and consistent branding. Before hiring a designer to develop branding and individual pieces, business owners should run through a few exercises to define your overall signature style.

A model wears Camille Enrico jewelry

Depending on how you like to get inspired, you may set up Pinterest boards , design your own digital mood boards, use a jewelry design mobile app, or even assemble inspiration physically on a bulletin board or in a sketchbook.

I’m always drawing inspiration and collecting inspirational images, no matter where I am. Corinne Anestopoulos, Biko

Collect images, colors, and textures from nature, architecture, fashion, or travel, and then identify themes that emerge. Never stop being inspired, says Corinne. “I’m always drawing inspiration and collecting inspirational images, no matter where I am.”

Creator Josie Bullard sits at a desk examining a mood board

2. Define your brand

Remember, brand is different than branding. Brand is your voice, mission, vision, and your brand story . It tells your potential customers how to feel about your products. Fashion purchases are often emotional, and emerging brands can win customers by connecting on a personal level, even through something as simple as a business name. Tell your story through your About page , inject yourself into your social media posts, and share the process and inspiration behind your designs.

Anice website About page

📚 Essential reading:

Packaging, logo, and website design for your jewelry brand

The next part of how to start a handmade jewelry business is branding. Branding refers to the more tactical elements that represent your brand visually—logo, packaging, business cards, and your website.

Once you’ve established your products’ aesthetic, chosen a business name that resonates with your audience, and nailed your customer profile, it should be easier to identify an overall look that will define your brand. This is an essential step, even for a small business, so don’t rush it.

You don’t need to make an expensive and complicated website if you want to know how to make jewelry a successful business venture. On the low-cost end, you can set up a Shopify store with a free theme and develop the logo yourself using a free online logo maker . We also have resources to help come up with domain name ideas should you need some inspiration too.

Start your free trial of Shopify—no credit card required!

Keep in mind that you’ll still want to reserve some of your budget for professional product photos . We’ll discuss the importance of photography for jewelry later in this post. With these tools, it’s easy to see how to start a jewelry business at home.

For larger budgets, work with a designer to translate your vision into a full branding package for your business—from the logo and website to packaging and marketing materials. Peruse the portfolios of Shopify Design Experts to find a designer whose work resonates with your tastes.

Designed box packaging on a pale pink background

Writing a business plan for your jewelry brand

A formal business plan may not be necessary if you don’t plan to pitch your idea to investors or seek other forms of outside funding at the start. However, checking out a few business plan templates may be a good exercise to help you understand your target customer, goals, business model, costs, and growth plan. It’s also helpful as you learn how to run a jewelry business. 

3. Start production

Overhead shot of a workspace covered in jewelry making tools

What do you need to understand how to make jewelry? How you’ll develop your products—by hand or in a factory, at home or outsourced—depends on the complexity of the design, price point, materials, and required skill level. In this section, we’ll discuss how to make jewelry in four ways:

1. Handcrafted jewelry production: fine and one of a kind

Handcrafting fine and one-of-a-kind (OOAK) jewelry can be one of the most involved yet personal and versatile of the production methods. Depending on materials and design, some methods of fine and OOAK jewelry production require specialized training/certification and expensive equipment. If you want to know how to start a handmade jewelry business, you may need to learn some of these methods, including:

If you’re not sure the route you want to go, consider starting with free online tutorials. Once you know which area you want to study, you can invest in paid classes or apprentice under an experienced craftsperson to expand your skill set.

handmade jewellery business plan

2. Handmade jewelry production: fashion and costume

If you want to know how to start a handmade jewelry business without investing time and energy into new skills, there are other options. Handmade costume jewelry often involves the assembly of existing elements—chain, wire, beads, cast pendants, etc.—and doesn’t require special training or equipment beyond basic hand tools.

This type of business is easier to scale, as you can purchase elements in bulk and create templates for assembly by hired production staff.

If design and production are the elements of your business that bring you joy—and not the actual task of how to make jewelry—outsource or hire for other roles to help you scale the creative work. Biko founder Corrine reaches out to local universities with renowned fashion communication programs to find her interns. “I don’t ever look for anyone who’s interested in design,” she says. “What I need is someone to help me free up my time so that I can be designing more.”

A woman dips her hand adorned with silver rings into a dark pool of water

3. Jewelry production: factory outsourced

Rather than making the jewelry with your own hands, you can have your designs manufactured by someone else. This isn’t ideal for fine, custom, or OOAK jewelry, but it can be cost-effective for fashion jewelry produced in larger quantities. There are two main options for outsourcing to wholesale providers, if you want to know how to start a jewelry business at home:

Local manufacturing

➖ Downsides

Overseas manufacturing

➕ Benefits 

Accurate sketches or 3D renderings of your designs are necessary if you’re outsourcing to a manufacturer . There are several options, depending on your skill level and budget:

4. Jewelry production: Print on demand

The most hands-off production method involves uploading your designs to a print-on-demand app. Your original designs are 3D printed or recreated in stainless steel, wood, plastic, gold, or silver and shipped directly to your customers.

4. Set up a jewelry business studio or workspace

Bristle brushes in a storage stand

If you elect to make the jewelry in-house, you’ll need a workshop space for you and your team. When setting up this space, consider the following:

“A jeweler’s bench, a flex shaft, and your safety would be the most important considerations,” says Gillian, founder of Canadian jewelry brand Hawkly . “The flex shaft is a wonderful and versatile tool that you can use for drilling, finishing, and polishing your pieces.” She also advises using a face mask and safety goggles—and for those with long hair to pull it back so it doesn’t get caught.

If your production team is larger or your requirements are a little more complex—as with metal work or silversmithing workshops—consider commercial space outside of the home. If it’s out of your budget at launch, look into co-op studio space or share the costs of space and equipment with other creatives. Gillian splits her studio with two other businesses.

Space sharing also helps combat entrepreneur loneliness , something Corrine is familiar with herself. “After doing Biko full time for a while, I ended up working at a retail clothing store once a week just to not be lonely at home in my studio.”

Jewelry equipment and tools

There are several online resources for how to make jewelry online, including wholesale jewelry making equipment, tools, and supplies, including precious gemstones and raw metals.

Gillian relies heavily on word of mouth when it comes to her wholesale suppliers. “Don’t be afraid to ask other designers where they find their supplies," she says.

She also attends trade shows and industry events to continue to expand her network and discover new materials. “My favorite place to source the newest stones and silver findings is the Tucson Gem and Jewelry Show,” Gillian says. “There are thousands of vendors from all over the world.”

5. Take professional photos of your products

Woman with tattoos and jewelry rests her head on her hand

We’ve said it many times before: product photography can make or break your online store. So if you want to know how to start a jewelry business online, you’ll also need to brush up on your product photography IQ.

In many cases, with a very simple lighting setup, you can achieve great DIY photos of your products, even with your smartphone. Jewelry, however, can be a little more challenging, due to the tiny details and reflective surfaces.

Don’t skimp on photography. Corinne Anestopoulos, Biko

“Don’t skimp on photography," Corrine says, even if you're on a budget. A professional photographer is skilled at making models feel comfortable and setting up complicated lighting. Other additions to your photoshoot team include stylists, makeup artists, and assistants. 

Hiring models doesn’t have to break the bank. “There are always people who are looking to build their book or willing to work for product,” she says. “It’s not about taking advantage of people—you’re all new to the game. If you get a group together and join forces, you can create magic together.”

When shooting your photos, it’s also important to offer several different views and angles of your products within these two categories:

Side by side images of the same set of earrings shot two ways: lifestyle on a model, and product on a clean background

Looking for more ways to cut costs? Partner with complementary apparel brands to reduce photography expenses or lend your jewelry pieces to fashion editors for photoshoots in return for product photos and exposure.

6. Build your online store

Biko homepage

Now that you have your production, brand, and photography nailed down, let’s put it all together.  In a matter of hours, you can set up a functioning online store on Shopify. But first, sign up for a free trial so you can play around with the features.

Ready to create your own jewelry business? Start your free trial of Shopify—no credit card required.

Choose a theme that complements jewelry, putting the photography first. Here are a few theme suggestions for jewelry businesses:

Clean themes are designed to let your products and brand shine and most options allow you to easily customize the experience, even if you’re not a designer or developer. Have a little more budget? A Shopify Design Expert can help you tweak any theme even more, customizing it to your specific needs.

Website copy should reflect your brand voice and inspire emotion (what do you want the customer to feel?) while also being detailed and helpful. Product descriptions should reflect your brand story and include details like sizing, materials (important for metal allergies), and, if applicable, material sources.

Your About page is a dedicated place where you can tell your brand story and talk about your process—but your personality should shine wherever you write copy on your site.

Template Icon

Shopify Compass Course: Sell Your Homemade Goods Online

Have a product you’re ready to sell? The Kular family shares their experience building a business around mom’s recipe book. From selling one-on-one to reaching the aisles of Whole Foods.

Apps for jewelry businesses

There are several apps in the Shopify App Store you can add to your site to help with how to run a jewelry business—everything from improving the customer experience, reducing  returns , and increasing conversions. Here are a couple examples recommended for jewelry businesses:

📚 Essential reading: Learn how apps and tools can help you replicate an in-store personalized shopping experience online, and take the quiz to find out which tools are best for your jewelry store.

7. Market your ecommerce jewelry brand

Fashion and jewelry are heavily saturated industries. How will customers hear your voice above the noise? A good marketing strategy will depend on your product, audience, and budget and may require some trial and error.

Jewelry marketing can have unique challenges. Noticing heightened competition in 2011, Corinne invested in a rebrand of Biko and then hired a PR firm to get the word out. “It’s expensive to work with PR but really, really valuable,” she says. “It led to the best press I had to date. I sold $5,000 of one particular bracelet after it was featured.”"

Social marketing 

Corinne has also had success with Instagram influencers , bartering product for a dedicated post. Before reaching out, she says, be sure your curation and hashtags for Instagram are strong so influencers can see if your brand aligns with their own. “Creating a lifestyle around what you do is worth more than anything,” she says.

Making jewelry sales doesn't mean having to bombard your followers with sales pitches. Corinne recommends filling the gaps between product-focused posts with inspirational content. “After a while, you’ll realize that you’re inspired by a similar stream of things and it tells its own story.”

Shopify’s Linkpop “link in bio” tool allows you to post a custom URL with your name in your social bio, so people can quickly find your online store, featured content and products, all in one place.

Biko Instagram post featuring a model

📚 Essential reading: 

Pop-up retail, wholesale, and artist markets

Artist Tarin Thomas standing behind a display table arranged with jewelry

Corinne’s career began when she was invited to share a booth at a local clothing show. At the time, jewelry was simply a hobby. She sold out on day one of a two-day show, validating her idea and helping to turn her passion into a business.

Markets offer the opportunity to get out and see customers in person and get feedback directly. Corinne Anestopoulos, Biko

Attending a jewelry market is not only a great way for emerging brands to gain exposure to built-in audiences and validate an idea—they’re also important for established online businesses, Corinne says: “Markets offer the opportunity to get out and see customers in person and get feedback directly.” 

An alternative to participating in markets is to host events in your own studio. “Sample sales are a good way to liquidate older merchandise and also invite people into your space and process,” Corinne says. Or, if your own space isn’t conducive to visiting, host a pop-up in another retailer’s jewelry store. 

Gold jewelry arranged in a display

Corinne also grew her business initially through consignment and wholesale agreements, which she gained by approaching local retailers in person. Cold calling has a high rejection risk, but you just need one “yes” to get started, she says.

Wholesale still accounts for the bulk of Biko’s overall business, and she has worked with large retailers like Nordstrom, Simons, and Hudson’s Bay Company. For new businesses, start small by pitching your designs to small, local boutiques.

Final thoughts: the silver lining

Taking the plunge might be scary at first, especially in a market as saturated as jewelry. But it’s also an industry you can enter gradually—many successful jewelry designers debuted their brand as a side gig or launched businesses from a kitchen table.

The best way to stand out is to be authentic, trust your design instincts, and listen to your customers.  Gillian Johnson, Hawkly

Small-scale production means you can get designing from your own home. And, there’s still room for emerging designers to make their mark. “The best way to stand out is to be authentic, trust your design instincts, and listen to your customers,” says Gillian. Go for gold!

Jewelry Business FAQ

Do i need a business license to sell jewelry, what are the basic tools for jewelry making, how much does it cost to start a jewelry business, join 446,005 entrepreneurs who already have a head start..

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Writing A Jewellery Business Plan


Save this for later

Just starting out in the jewellery making industry? Are you looking to start up your own business? Knowing what to do and in what order can be quite overwhelming – particularly where making money is concerned. That’s where writing a business plan can help. This document will act as a roadmap, a place to hold all of the goals you want to achieve with your business – helping you stay on track and on target. So, how do you go about making an online jewellery business plan template? And what sort of points do you need to include in your jewellery business plan? Discover the answer to these questions and more helpful tips along the way, below.

Online Jewellery Business Plan

How to write a jewellery business plan

Wondering how to write a business plan? First of all, there are a few key things you’ll want to include. These will help you define your idea, spot any potential roadblocks, set out your goals and measure your progress along the way.

Having a jewellery business plan in place will help you to secure future investment or a loan from the bank, so it’s important that you get it right. It can also be a great way to gain the support of customers, suppliers and future employees.

Begin by making some notes on the following:

Advice for writing a jewellery making business plan

Now you know what to include, how do you actually go about writing a jewellery business plan template? Firstly, you’ll want to set out the overall goals for your business. Are you looking to scale up and grow? Is there a certain profit margin you want to achieve? This will have to be accounted for in your jewellery start-up business plan with a vision of the long-term logistics, as well as sorting the current logistics.

What’s more, although writing a business plan for jewellery businesses may seem daunting, it could help you discover some new opportunities too. For example, you may learn about new jewellery trends and different ways of producing your designs, for a cheaper price.

Work methodically through our online jewellery business plan template and you’ll have a much clearer view of what direction you’d like your business to head in. Looking for more business-related advice? Our  Business Advice Hub  is full of helpful guides like this one, to help you navigate the jewellery making industry and start up a successful business.

Author: Cooksongold

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Customers Success Stories

Jewelry Business Plan

Are you thinking of starting a jewelry business We have prepared a solid Jewelry Business Plan sample that guides you on every stage of your business plan writing

handmade jewellery business plan

If you have an eye for design and impeccable knowledge of jewelry then you might have thought of starting your jewelry business.

Moreover, as the jewelry business requires some level of expertise with understanding the purity of diamonds, gold, and silver it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are planning to start a new jewelry business, the first thing you will need is a business plan. Use our sample  Adornet? – Jewelry business plan  created using upmetrics business plan software to start writing your business plan in no time.

Before you start writing your business plan for your new jewelry business, spend as much time as you can reading through some samples of retail store-related business plans .

Industry Overview

The jewelry market stood at a value of 278.5 billion US dollars in 2018 and isn’t expected to slow down any time soon.

Jewelry is popular nowadays because of the status it represents, the unique touch it can give to any attire, and the increasing importance of style and trends amongst younger consumers.

All of this has led to the exponential growth of the jewelry market. And if you have the taste and can produce designs that can become the next big thing then a jewelry business can become an extremely fulfilling and profitable career for you.

Things to Consider Before Writing a Jewelry Business Plan

Have a proper business goal.

This is the first step towards building a thriving jewelry business. Having a proper goal gives you something tangible to work upon.

Pick a memorable brand name

Having a memorable brand name will help you become memorable to your target audience. Your brand name is the primary aspect your consumer remembers you by, hence picking a good brand name is important.

Make an effective online and offline marketing strategy

Having a good market strategy helps you capture a wider market, build a strong brand image, and gain consumer trust as your brand grows.

It is important to have a good online marketing strategy, as the number of people who look for information and products to buy online is increasing at a rapid rate. Also, with the recent pandemic, the pace of such change has increased faster than ever before.

Have a passion for your work and create innovative designs

Being passionate about what you do is essential in the jewelry market as it takes quite a bit of creativity and passion to reach the peak of your career in this business. You’ll need to work hard and have patience. Both of which are difficult if you aren’t passionate enough.

Chalking Out your Business Plan

If you are passionate enough you can get into it and do well as it is much less competitive than several other design industries due to the skills it requires.

Reading sample business plans will give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for. It will also show you the different sections that different entrepreneurs include and the language they use to write about themselves and their business plans.

We have created this sample Adornet – Jewelry Business Plan template for you to get a good idea of what a perfect jewelry business plan should look like and what details you need to include in your stunning business plan.

Jewelry Business Plan Outline

This is the standard Jewelry business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

After getting started with Upmetrics , you can copy this sample jewelry business plan template into your business plan and modify the required information and download your jewelry business plan pdf and doc file. It’s the fastest and easiest way to start writing your business plan.

handmade jewellery business plan

Business Planning Resources

We have plenty of  free business planning resources  available to help you with your planning. You can download our resources to learn all about business planning.


Not found what you are looking for? Explore our 200+ sample business plans to find match for your business.

handmade jewellery business plan

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handmade jewellery business plan

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4+ SAMPLE Jewelry Business Plan in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs

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Jewelry Business Plan Template

Jewelry Business Plan Template

Jewelry Business Plan Template

Basic Jewelry Business Plan

Jewelry Business Plan in PDF

Jewelry Business Plan in PDF

Jewelry Business Plan in DOC

Jewelry Business Plan in DOC

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