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Geography Projects and Notes

Question on location and physical Features of SAARC nations  (CLASS 9 AND 10 ICSE)


where is project on transport ?

can you help me in a project on wildlife

where is the project on transportation

project on transport????/

where is the project tourist places in india??????????

exactly what about tourism in india?

project on tourist destination and development of tourism in india

I 2 need the project on Tourism development in india

Please provide project on tourism.

Yes I also want

i want the project on transportation tomorrow please help. . (

project on transport in india...please...

I want a project on wildlife

Please add the notes of climate of india chapter.

Where are the notes of chapter climate?

can i pls get help for my project on wildlife???

can't find project on transport!! please guide !!

project on transport needed!!!!!

I've been given a Project on ''Wildlife conservation in India'', please help me out on ideas. Thanks.

project on topo?

where is the project on transport in India...!!??

i have exam tomorrow and there are no notes here

project on wildlife conservation efforts in india?????????

please give projects on transport and tourism in india.

please give projects on IDENTIFICATION OF DIRECTIONS................

VISIT ON-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardinal_directions

can u give me pictures on contours i am in real need please

where is the project on wildlife management

Transport in India??????

Where is the project on TRANSPORT IN INDIA????????

project on reduce,reuse and recycle????

Please give project on transport / wildlife conservation / tourism .. Sir please post soon .. it is urgent Please

i want project matteron tourism where is it????

even I want that!!! wht a fucking site!!! useless projs r dere!!!! gonna do it on my own ...dat ll b gud!

can ref to frank geo 10....sample projs ...tourism...much stuff present

can you publish a project on contours? i am really in need of information and more of pictures.

Please put cotton cultivation in egypt

Where is project on tourism in india

i want project on tourism in india......please help

I want notes on the lesson volcanoes,rocks,folding and faulting and earthquakes but it is not there here


where is the project transport in INDIA

where is the project on waste???


I didn't found any project on "Industries on India"

I couldn't find any project on transports in india

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Tansport in India

Where the f*#k is Transport In India?

on the roads

Pls help me out with my project on water treatment plant

Where is the project on transportation in India?

those who need project sample of wildlife conservation in india then type "sample geography project for class 10 icse on conservation of wildlife" on the google search box. you will get it.

please help me conclude my project on tourism of araku

is there any project on minerals mined in india??

please a project on waste management

please provide a project on any one tourist spot of India

please, post the project on transport in India.

please help on project on tourism in india need help asap

can you help me with project on climate and agriculture of india...it will be really nice of you

I want a project on transport if u can please

i want project on ecological disasters

I need moer project Geography... Telescopic Boom Lift For Sale

I want a project on wildlife reservation and sanctuaries in India

i want a full perfect project on wildlife conservations in india please immediatelyyyyy

Notes are very helpfull. Helped a lot during exam preprations. ICSE Board School in Rajaji Puram

Where is project on natural regions of the world? Can you please provide it?

Great post. forums.matterhackers.com

Waste generation and its management. How do it effect our city kolkata This is our project topic can you please help

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Project Work

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geography project topics for class 9 icse

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60 Super Geography Fair Project Ideas

August 24, 2015 by ami 6 Comments

geography project topics for class 9 icse

Do you need some new inspiration for your Geography Fair Project? This list contains sixty (plus a few extra!) geography project ideas to help your student get moving toward an amazing Geography Fair  display!

A huge thanks to all the fantastic kids in our homeschool co-op. All of the photos are of their fabulous efforts in creating great geography fair displays.

1. Color a Flag

2. Sew a Flag

3. Display a Large Fabric Flag

4. Create a Flag Mosaic

5. Compile a National Treasure Box

6. Create a Time Line of the History of the Country, State, or Region

7. Cultural Music with Headphones

8. Display Photographs

9. Display Post Cards

10. Create a  Salt Dough Map

11. Bake a  Cookie Dough Map

12. Construct a Map with Strings Connecting to Points of Interest

13. Tri-fold Board Display

14. Create a Cultural Craft

15. Have a Make It-Take It Craft Station

16. Print Recipe Cards make multiple copies so others can take one home and try the recipe!

17. Share Food Samples World Market is a great place to find already prepared food from the country you are studying.

18. Display a Cooking Project and Offer Samples

19. Super Simple File Folder Report Grab the pack from the continent you need and get your student started on a file folder report for his or her country choice.

geography project topics for class 9 icse

20. Interactive Word Game for foreign languages or even similar languages; the game below was made with pockets

21. Sew Traditional Clothes

22. Wear a Costume or Traditional Clothes

23. Have Clothes for Attendees to Try On

24. Display a Doll in Traditional Dress

25. Make a Scrapbook

26. Collect Money to Display

27. Collect Toys to Display

28. Collect Other Artifacts to Display

29. Create a Country Lapbook

geography project topics for class 9 icse

30. Complete an Animal Lapbook

31. Display a Lapbook on a Tri-fold Board

32. Make a Poster Board

33. Write a Report

34. Make a Mural

35. Craft a Pop-up Book scroll down until you find it

36. Put Together a Notebook

37. Build a Model

38. Design a Webpage share it on a laptop or tablet

39. Make a Triarama

40. Create a 4D Triorama/Pyramid

41. Construct an Electric Wired Answer Board

42. Craft a Diorama instructions for a Shoebox Diorama

43. Use Graphs to Display Information

44. Use Charts to Display Information

45. Display a Game ​Specific to Your Country’s Culture

46. Make an Interactive Matching Game

47. Trivia Quiz You can do this in the form of a notebook or as a video display

48. Display a Game Invented in the Country You Are Presenting

49.  Host a Coloring Contest at Your Table

​50. Use a Teaser Question at Your Display

51. Wear a Teaser Question Around Your Neck

52. Craft a Clay Sculpture

53. Create Clay Animals

geography project topics for class 9 icse

54. Make a Paper Mache Sculpture

55. Offer Attendees Coloring Pages Connected to Your Project

56. Create a Travel Brochure

57. Display Actual Travel Brochures

58. Display a Native Plant

59. Design a LEGO Building Project

60. PowerPoint Presentation display with a laptop or tablet at your table

61. Create a Video Presentation display with a laptop or tablet at your table

62. Display Picture Books Set in Your Country, State, or Region

63. Make a Suitcase Scrapbook

Check out my  Geography Fairs Page  for posts on:

geography project topics for class 9 icse

[…] my Geography Fair Project Ideas post has been helpful to my readers, I decided to create this Literature Fair Project Ideas post, […]

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