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English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

From Middle English assignen , from Old French assigner , asigner , from Latin assignō , from ad- + signō ( “ mark, sign ” ) .

Pronunciation [ edit ]

Verb [ edit ]

assign ( third-person singular simple present assigns , present participle assigning , simple past and past participle assigned )

Synonyms [ edit ]

Derived terms [ edit ]

Translations [ edit ]

Noun [ edit ]

assign ( plural assigns )

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Multiple Assignment

Multiple assignment takes the form ' string ' =: value (or ' string ' =. value ).

The string is broken into words, each of which must be a valid name. The names may be a mixture of locatives and non-locatives. Each item of the value is assigned to the corresponding name, with one level of boxing removed .

If there is only one name in the string , the value is not unboxed.

Having the values boxed allows you to assign dissimilar values in one assignment. You can link a number of values using val0 ; val1 ; val2... and then assign them to individual names.

The number of items of value must equal the number of names, unless value is an atom, in which case it is replicated to match the number of names.

Note: This works also

It works because "removing a level of boxing" from an unboxed list is a valid thing to do (it's a no-op ).

If you want to assign the entire list  3 4 to both a and b , then make the list into an atom by boxing it

AR Assignment

AR assignment is a variant of multiple assignment, activated when the first character of string is the back-quote ` . The items of value must be atomic representations (ARs), and each AR is converted to a value before being assigned to the corresponding name.

The easiest way to produce an AR is with Tie u`v which produces the ARs of verbs u and v .

AR assignment is most often used to assign multiple names with verb values:

Indirect Assignment

Indirect assignment takes the form ( nameexpr ) =: value . The nameexpr , when evaluated, must produce either a list of boxed names or a string suitable as the string in multiple or AR assignment. The items of value are assigned to the names as in multiple assignment.

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Add and use a Wiki tab in Teams

In this article, what is a wiki tab, create a wiki tab, write content for your wiki tab, link to a section, chat from your wiki tab.

The Wiki tab is a smart-text editor that doubles as a communication machine where you draft, edit, and chat all in one place. Open a Wiki tab so you can collaborate quickly and easily. Draft documents, track notes, share ideas, edit, and chat all in one place.

Wiki tabs are a great way to post content and communicate with your channel teams. Create multiple Wiki tabs for different discussions and focuses within your team.

To add a  Wiki tab to your team:

Open Microsoft Teams and select your channel team in  Teams .

Add button

Select Wiki from the tab gallery.

Name the tab and start writing.

A Wiki tab comes with all the usual formatting options , such as bold, italic, and underlined text, highlighting, headers, and lists.

Every document in your Wiki tab is called a page and every page is made of different sections . To get started, give your page a title and then start authoring sections. Any time you want to add a new section, just hover over the left side of the page and select Add a new section here .

On the left side of your screen, you'll see a table of contents. This helps you navigate quickly between pages or even do some organizing .

Note:  A standard channel’s Wiki tab can be accessed by anyone on your team. A private channel’s Wiki tab is accessible only by members of that channel.

More options button

@mention someone in a section

To talk with a teammate about a page, @mention them in a section. This comes in handy when you want feedback or you're waiting on someone else to contribute a section to your page. Once you @mention someone, they'll receive a notification in their Activity feed . Selecting the notification takes them directly to the section that needs their attention.

Start a chat in a section

define assign wiki

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Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

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Restrict Contact Assignment

At times you will want to:

Both these objectives can be achieved by using the Restrict Contact Assignment settings on the Level 2 Type


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ASSIGN is a DCL command that creates a logical name and assigns an equivalence string, or a list of strings, to the specified logical name . If you specify an existing logical name, the new equivalence name replaces the existing equivalence name. For descriptions of ASSIGN/MERGE and ASSIGN/QUEUE , see the respective pages.


The only difference between the DEFINE and ASSIGN commands is the sequence of parameter: the first parameter to the DEFINE command is the logical name and the second one is the equivalence string.

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