Tips on How to Win the Business Strategy Game (BSG)

Running a business isn’t child’s play, but if the strategies to operate a business can best be understood by just playing a game, could it be exciting? Well, this is possible through the Business Strategy Game (BSG).

The Business Strategy Game (BSG) is online games in which students form teams that are assigned tasks and compete in running the business of an athlete footwear company. The rule of the game is to compete with the other students’ teams to stay ahead to gain a competitive advantage over other teams.

Acquiring success is the primary objective in business, and it requires working on all the vital factors to achieve it. However, in the BSG Game Help , the main aims are to increase image rating and staying ahead in the competition, maintaining the growth of the earnings, return on average equity investment, among other things. These are the factors that need working to increase image rating in the BSG game.

What is Image Rating in BSG Game?

When playing the BSG online game, you must attain a BSG image rating of more than 70 to be on the safe side of the game. Different aspects influence the image rating in the BSG game. They include the following:

How to Improve your Image Rating in BSG Game

In the BSG game, you can’t overlook the importance to increase your image rating. Therefore, make sure that you are working on the best-cost strategy as it implicates the image of the company by increasing the S/Q rating. Working with a lower cost price is directly linked with attaining the aim of getting a high image rating.

If you are competing with five teams, it is vital for each of the team at least aims 20% of the market share in every business segment. This way, business is evenly represented in all the regions.  The overall image of the company will be positively affected. So, if the other teams are executing the best-cost strategy, make sure your team is the first to reach the 10 stars.

You can also increase your image ratings by considering the CSR initiative. However, it is advisable to restrain on how much you intend to invest in this segment.

The following are a few tips and tricks that will deliver you a win in your BSG game. By following these tips, you can be sure to win your upcoming BSG online game.

For easy winning of your BSG game, you need a high quality/low model or a mid-quality/high-model strategy. With this strategy, you will be sure to make profits, which is the key to this online game. Contrary, if you pay attention to revenues or ending either cash or market share, you are bound to lose. Therefore, pick your winning strategy – profits and stick to it.

Even though corporate citizenship is associated with wastage of money, you can still increase your image rating if you pick some of the options therein. Go for the strategies that best optimize your image ratings, and the best would be the Ethics Training. Put on “All Employees” as well as workforce Diversity program. These are the ideal options to increase your image rating. Going further can lead to more spending and consequently putting pressure on your revenue while decreasing your profits. This scenario will eventually lead to a loss.

Thoughtfully, decide your plan for setting up a plant capacity. We recommend to only building onto the existing plants. This way, you will increase your learning curve while the shoes cost less. It will be disastrous to sell your capacity as you will need it at some point. This scenario will be, especially when you will want to upgrade the S/Q if you will need a high-quality strategy or upgrade the Production Setup Reduction if you go with a low-quality strategy.

When it comes to branded productions, you will have to toggle the materials, features and TQM to get the right S/Q.  With the best practices training of about $5000, you will get the best S/Q rating for your lowest. We guarantee it will pay itself and more. When toggling the materials, features and TQM, let the features remain at $50K.  As for the TQM, the best will be between $0.70 and $0.80. Just play with the numbers and be sure to get the combination that will deliver you the highest profits.

When it comes to wages, try reducing their pay first so that you may increase the profits. Contrary, you can increase the employees’ wages in percentages at a time. Toggle between 6% and 8% or up to 14% to maximize profits across the regions.

It can be daunting to figure out the branded pairs you need in every region. However, you can play with numbers to arrive at a particular quantity. If you get a high surplus of shoes, be sure to lower the percentage of shoes the following year.

When it comes to the distribution of branded shoes, make sure you have typed or labelled the number of boxes you want to distribute to each region. More importantly, ensure that you are shipping them from the right plant. This way, you will cut operating costs while building capacity where and when necessary.

When bidding on celebrities, don’t bid too high. Just put in a low to medium bid of between $3000 and $6000. This range can be worth the price of a celebrity. Nonetheless, you can decide what is best for you.

The private label market can be a good estimator of what each team is up to. It also offers the opportunity to produce the most affordable shoe. This undertaking will, in turn, offer you a great opportunity of being profitable.  If you have remaining production capacity, put it in the provable label market. You can allocate the amount to the markets you deem necessary. Evaluate the margin over direct costs to determine whether the market will be profitable based on the amount you are charging.

Once you allocate the shoes to a region, buckle the superior materials and stylish features to make sure the price indicated for production cost is the lowest. Also, ensure that you’re meeting the S/Q rating for the round. Besides, you can price your shoes at least $5 below the average wholesale price in the industry for the region. Above this price, you may not sell one shoe.

Some useful tips on Private Label

Pay off your outstanding debt, issue stock, repurchase stock and give bonuses to shareholders. This way, you increase your net income, therefore increasing the ROE, EPS and stock prices. No matter how small it starts, always give a dividend and increase the rate as the game moves on. This way is how you increase ROE in BSG, even with a small margin. Should the need to buy capacity arise, always consider issuing stock as opposed to taking loans. If you have a low stock price, repurchasing stock is a better option for increasing ROE and EPS.

Now, you know how to win the BSG online. Opting for the high-quality strategy allows you to charge more per shoes to increase your profit margins, thus winning your game. Equally, you can opt for the low price strategies, but you will have to sell tons of shoes to accrue enough revenues to increase profitability. Whichever way you choose, the end (winning) will justify the means!

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Important Notice for 2020-2022: The BSG game changed dramatically in 2019

Although the big news for 2020 has obviously turned out to be the effects of the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many business students still have to struggle with the difficulty of playing the Business Strategy Game to get a good grade to graduate.

The BSG Game went through a major revision in the beginning of 2019.  The screens and reports were changed.  The conditions of the game environment were altered, include the location and amounts of import tariffs charged in each region.   Bidding for private label production contracts has new restrictions on the amount and quantities that may be bid in order to give some teams a better chance of winning a bid, while other teams might have a worse chance to win the bids.

As a result, I highly recommend that you not use any BSG advice or videos that were created before 2019.   You also should take great care to be sure that recent videos are based on the current version of the game, which will take quite a bit of effort for you to do.   You can’t determine this unless you study the current version to know the game details.

If you follow the old advice, you’re chances of doing well in the game are basically ZERO.   You will fail the game with a low score if you follow old or bad information.   Do not assume that all or most of the advice that you find is good.  In fact, you should carefully compare and contrast the information you see to assess the quality of the info as best you can.

If you see a video on youtube claiming to help with the BSG Game, should you trust it?   In general, NO.   Does the video maker have a full set of videos covering the whole game, from start to finish, including the results of the last year of the game?   How do you really know whether the video maker did well in the game himself or herself if the details are results of the last year of the game aren’t provided?   You don’t.  You can’t determine the success of a sports team for a particular year without knowing the scores and final results of the season.  Then why would you accept the advice of someone if they might be hiding the fact that they couldn’t even win the game that they played?   There has to be enough detail provided to determine the quality of the information being offered to you.

In my case, I’ve won the game many times personally and hundreds of teams that I’ve tutored have won their games.  Some teams have gone further to become BSG Grand Champions by winning the Global Best Strategy Invitational Tournament.

However, I don’t provide the details of these wins to protect the privacy of the students.   So how can you trust the info I provide?   I don’t want you to trust it.   What I do is to teach how the game works on a step-by-step basis using skype with screen sharing by using the game itself.   When you learn how the game works,  THE GAME WILL TELL YOU WHETHER WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS BETTER OR WORSE WHEN YOU TRY DIFFERENT OPTIONS.   The trick is to learn how the game does this and how to properly interpret the results, because sometime poor decisions can seem better on the surface in the short-term if you aren’t doing an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the long-term impacts that the game doesn’t easily provide for you.  It usually does provide the info to make the best decisions, but that takes a lot of digging and analysis to discover.

Besides letting the game tell you whether my advice is good or not,  I also spend a lot of time for each year of the game to explain in advance what the goals and objectives are so that you can determine the success and failure from the results of each year of the game that’s left.   You will quickly see that my advice and prediction are extremely accurate.  You don’t need to trust me when you see the reliability of the results.  I’m also explaining all the reasons for why the game works the way that it does, which you can also verify for yourself as I’m showing you how it works.

Using YouTube for BSG Strategy

I just spent the last several hours examining all of the Business Strategy Game related video advice that has been posted on YouTube over the last year or two.   Wow!  The quality and reliability of everything posted that I found is absolutely terrible.  I didn’t find a single good video with reliable info out there.   The biggest problem are those students who think that they know how to play the game well merely because they seem to be doing well in the game.

Relying on those students is like trusting kindergarten age students’ advice about how to play professional baseball, football, basketball or other sophisticated sporting games.   Just because someone is doing well when playing the game for the first time against other equally novice competitors doesn’t mean they really know anything useful about how to play the game against good competitors.   Besides winning all the games I’ve played for myself in my business classes and in the Invitational Competition, I’ve observed thousands of games and I’ve coached hundreds of teams to win first place.   I don’t mention this to brag but merely to point out how dangerous it can be to your own success if you trust individuals for advice without carefully evaluating their level of experience and skill.   It takes very little effort to produce these terrible videos.  It’s disappointing and shameful to see such amazingly bad info being given out.

The first step for succeeding in the Business Strategy Game

If you want to do well when playing the Business Strategy Game (BSG), the most important tip I have for you is to study the Player’s Guide as if it’s preparation for a college-level final exam.   That means not merely casually skimming the guide in a few minutes, but really putting effort into reading every single paragraph, taking notes, printing it out, highlighting everything that seems important, and then reviewing anything that seems difficult or confusing until you feel confident that you understand it.

This may seem like obvious advice, but I frequently discover that students haven’t bothered to study the guide at all.   While the guide doesn’t contain everything that’s important about the game, it does contain a lot of information that is essential to know and that becomes the basis for most winning strategies and tactics.

Yes, it’s a long 35 pages, but that’s a lot less information than most college textbooks contain.   For some strange reason, many students don’t take the BSG game very seriously until they are losing the game with a very low score.   It’s much more difficult to improve the poor results of a team that has made many bad decision due to ignorance of the basics of the game than to get started on the right track from the start.

So if you haven’t really studied the guide with diligence, then you can start right away by reading it now.  Here’s a link to the PDF .

How much will you bid on this cardboard box?

I have a cardboard box here that I’m putting up for bid in a pretend auction.  It’s a real box.  It’s about 2 feet long, 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep.  I’m not going to tell you what it’s worth, but I’m calling it the “Celebrity box.”  It may not even be a good box.  The contents could be worth nothing or $15 million US dollars, or anything in between.  It could have diamonds or air.  You would have to pay for shipping to find out what’s inside.

If it sounds crazy, stupid or foolish to bid anything for it, then you’re right!  Your brain must be working.  You should NOT bid real money for anything of completely uncertain value, even on the off-chance that it could contain something of value.

Now what if you see other people bidding $10 million to $20 million on the box?  Does that make bidding on the box a more reasonable option?  What if I told you that I invented a new currency called BSGcoin that was worth the same as the US dollar, but could only be for bidding on this box.  What if I gave you $50 million of BSGcoin for bidding?  You might consider bidding on it because you’re using other peoples money and there’s no apparent consequences if you discovered that the box was empty.   But does that make the choice to bid on it to be a good business decision.  Of course, not.

Yet this is exactly what many students do when they play the BSG game for the first time.  They bid on celebrities without having the slightest clue about what a celebrity may be worth to them.  Don’t be them.  Don’t do this.  Don’t bid on things unless you have a good way to know what they’re worth.

August Invitational-Celebrities get rich, teams lose

In the world of the BSG simulation, being a celebrity must be a much better career choice than being the executives of a shoe manufacturer.  In many games of this Invitational, the celebrities are making a lot more money than the companies that contract with them.

For example, there’s one team playing in the Invitational that’s contracted to pay about $170 million to celebrities each year, while their own net profit is less than $2 million.  They have 9 celebrities at the moment, paying up to $26 million each, with an average of $19 million.  This team is completely wasting millions of dollars with no benefit at all to themselves.

Celebrities don’t have some magic power to make your company profitable, which apparently some BSG players don’t realize.  Celebrities are merely just another form of advertising, except unlike regular advertising, companies are allowed to bid much more than they’re worth in increased sales vs. their cost.

Perhaps these players haven’t noticed that the Sales projection screen lets values be entered for celebrities to see how they affect sales and profitability, just like advertising, rebates, and the other factors that affect consumer demand.  The maximum celebrity value for each region is 500, but like all of the demand factors, they have diminishing returns.  In other words, the first 100 of celebrity value has a much higher affect on demand than the next 100 added to it.  Going from a value of 400 to 500 has a much smaller increase in demand than from 0 to 100.   Celebrity values above 500 result in no increase to demand at all.

Therefore, having 9 celebrities is wasting a large percentage of the money spent on them, since the celebrity values per region will hit the maximum with many fewer than that number.   Due to diminishing returns, even the celebrities that contribute to the 500 maximum value are worth much less, the more that are contracted.

I’ve observed hundreds of games played in the Invitational.  Here are some of my observations.

Many teams that end up winning often have no celebrities at all by the end of the game, and often have few celebrities at all after year 15.  That’s because it only takes one team to go crazy on the bidding to make all celebrities to be over priced.

Most teams that overbid for celebrities will have no chance of winning the game.  They usually end up at the bottom of the rankings.   That’s where they should be ranked.  They’re throwing away their company’s money.

Any team can win bids for celebrities.  It take no skill whatsoever to bid more than other teams.   It’s much harder to bid values that you know will be profitable if you do win the bid.  You lose no money when you lose a bid that would be unprofitable. In fact, you save your company money when you don’t win unprofitable bids.

If you don’t know how to calculate the value of a celebrity: DON’T BID AT ALL.  Overbidding for celebrities is one of the most common ways that teams lose the game.  Overbidding only make the celebrities rich while your own company heads towards bankruptcy.  In the example above, the team has paid their celebrities more in one year than they’ve made in profits for 5 years.  That’s beyond foolish.  It’s irresponsible mismanagement.

The point of celebrities is to bid an amount that will be PROFITABLE.  It’s better not to have any celebrities at all than to have ones that are unprofitable.  If you can’t accurately estimate the profitability of a celebrity, then how can you possibly bid any value that you know will be profitable if you win the bid?  You can’t.    That’s why the sales screen let’s you enter celebrity values to estimate their profitability.

May 2015 Invitational Finished

Congratulations to all of the new Grand Champions for coming out on top of the rankings in the Invitational.

Lots of teams also played well and yet still came up a bit short in the scoring despite their efforts.  If you ended up with a profitable and well-managed company, then that’s an achievement too.

Many teams did poorly too.  Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes in the game to possibly help them in the business world at some point in the future.

The May 2015 BSG Invitational has begun

If you’re competing in this Invitational, are you ready?  Are you sure?  Just because you won 1st place in your class game, that’s not necessarily sufficient preparation to do well in the Invitational.  Every single competition I observe many teams making huge, fundamental errors.  The only explanation for this that I can imagine is that some of these teams must have had very poor competition in their class games.  You don’t necessarily need much skill to win when the competition isn’t very good.

While there’s many poor teams in each invitational, there are also many excellent teams.  Which kind of team will you prove to be?  Much will depend on your dedication to put the time and effort into analysis and strategic moves starting in Year 11.  A few key mistakes can easily put you out of competition for the rest of the game.  Earning 1st place position in the early years is also not a very good predictor of success in the end.  Often the 1st place teams in Y11 have better earnings because they didn’t invest in capital improvements that make a huge difference in the final standings.

Good teams will have good results throughout the game, but not necessarily be in 1st place for the first 3-5 rounds.  It often takes time for a good game strategy to accelerate growth and earnings.

Important strategic moves are plant upgrades and plant expansion over a period of years using cost effective financing.  Interest rates can have a major impact on how quickly you can do these investments without the interest costs soaring.

Currency exchange rates have had a major impact on game play in the last few months.  There has been very large moves in these rates recently, and the game amplifies these moves by 5 times the actual differences.  A strong US dollar can kill the profitability in the Europe, Asia, and Latin America regions.  A weak dollar can likewise have the opposite effect, making these regions highly profitable.

With high interest rates and poor exchange rates, a more conservative growth strategy is more appropriate to this kind of bear market conditions.  Low interest rates and good exchange rates signal a bull market that’s ripe for expansion.  A mix of these indicators calls for a more balance growth strategy.   There is no single right strategy for every Invitational.  The teams that respond more effectively to market conditions and competition will have a major edge over other teams.  You can follow the market currency rates to know where they’re headed in advance of other teams that aren’t watching them.

Market conditions include the cost of materials.  There is no way to predict where these costs will head in Y12, since you don’t see the market prices until after they occur.  If all the teams shift to standard materials, then those prices will skyrocket.  A shift to superior material will have those prices escalate.  Choosing a balance of these materials (on a dollar cost basis) will minimize the risks of choosing the materials that increase the most.   You can choose to focus on one kind of material or another after you see what the industry as a whole is doing, based on the choices made by individual teams.

Good luck, but hopefully you won’t need to rely on luck when you use analysis as the basis for your strategic planning and decisions.

BSG optimization

When new students start the Business Strategy Game, they often feel overwhelmed by the amount of decisions that are possible on all of the screens.  A very common mistake is for students to treat the game like a typical weekly homework assignment by spending only a few hours trying to learn the game.  This game is far too complex to be able to learn it well enough in a short amount of time.

Students also learn at different speeds and have trouble learning different aspects of the game.  Don’t underestimate the time that it could take to learn how it works.   You will not do well if you wait until the last minute to make the necessary decisions.  Players and teams who learn the game better will increase their chance of success tremendously.

In fact, one of the best ways to fall to the bottom of the rankings is to make no decisions at all, or possibly only focus on one limited aspect of the game such as celebrity bidding.

For best results, students need to learn the meaning and use of every value on every screen.  The values all matter to varying degrees.

Let’s say, for example, that a team decides to produce 100 models of shoes of 6 S/Q quality  in the Asia-Pacific factory.  It’s not too hard to get that result by simply increasing the amount of superior materials until the screen show 6 S/Q as the result.   However, it’s a MAJOR MISTAKE to think that you’re done with that screen because you achieved the production target you set.   That’s because there are literally millions of combinations of ways to achieve that result, each of which affects the cost of production and therefore the profitability.   Of all of those possibilities, there is only a very small number of combinations that are optimal, meaning that they produce the same goal for the least cost, the maximum amount of productivity, and the most benefit in the future for material savings through investment in technology improvements.

Learning how to optimize the production factors is fundamental to achieving the most profitability.  This is one key aspect of the BSG that takes hours for me to personally explain to students for them to understand how important optimization must be done well to succeed.   Production isn’t the only part of the game that requires optimization.  Distribution and marketing also require precise optimization.

BSG Invitational is in progress

The Invitational tournament has started and is currently mid-way through the game with year 15 results completed.

While some of the industries are rather competitive, there has been some, how shall I put it, “interesting” results in a few of them.   In one industry, every team was losing money except one, and that team was in first place with only 40 cents per share.   In other words, the industry as a whole had a negative EPS and ROE.

Many common mistakes abound such as overbidding on celebrities and over-expanding with poor credit.  It’s rather sad when the banks and celebrities are making more income from the shoe companies than they are earning for themselves.   Have these students learned nothing from their classes in economics, accounting, and finance?

Overbidding for celebrities is the most frequent cause for a team to immediately drop to last place in the following year.   Celebrities aren’t actually worth very much to any team in the first half of the game, where everyone has similar capacity with relatively low demand and production capacity.   Celebrity bids should be based on their actual marketing value to the company over the term of the contract, not based on outbidding other teams.

Students seem to overestimate the value of celebrities for some reason.  There have been many Grand Champions who have won the game without “winning” a single celebrity, such as when other teams are overbidding for the whole game.  Paying more than a celebrity is worth doesn’t help a team win in any way whatsoever.    If you don’t know how to figure what a celebrity is worth to your company, then DON’T BID.

So many games, so many mistakes

Lots of games are in play at the moment.

It’s funny how so many teams make the same mistakes as others have been making over the last decade.  Here are some of the biggest mistakes that teams make.

#1 Overbidding on Celebrities.

This is what happens when you give people free money with no obvious consequences in an auction.  Since there’s no restriction placed on what teams can bid, all it takes is one team to bid highly and many other teams will start to follow in the year after, and that’s without any bidding war!!!   Two or more teams bidding against each other will often cause one of them to bid the max.   What they don’t see, at least not right away, are the consequences for overbidding.  Congratulations!  You just won a celebrity AND LAST PLACE WITH HUGE LOSSES!  Pat yourself on the back.  You just proved to everyone watching that you’re an idiot and a fool.

#2 Not Doing Anything

Lots of students are lazy.  They don’t plan to do any work if they don’t have to, particularly at the start of a semester.  This is soon reflected in many BSG games.   Usually there’s at least one team that entirely missed the deadline for decisions, saves decisions with no changes, or basically changes one or two insignificant values without really trying anything.   They think they are being “conservative.”  No, that’s just being lazy.   Why is it not conservative?  Because the company that they have been given to run has made several important mistakes in the past that could be corrected in the first year you make decisions, so when you fail to do so, it’s because you have no clue about the state of your own company and haven’t taken the time to understand it at all.   It’s easy to tell which teams these are.  They are the ones in Year 11 that still have a dividend around $10,000 ($10M) and long-term debt of $67,100 ($67.1M).  They probably don’t even know that they have inherited loans that should be refinanced, and they don’t know what dividends are, nor why they shouldn’t be paying out a lot of dividends when they should be reinvesting that cash in their own growth.   Small-cap growth companies don’t pay dividends and aren’t expected to pay them.  A good way to tell whether a company is managed by fools is when they pay out dividends with no good reason to do so.

#3  Doing All the Wrong Things

If you start this game by making a lot of decisions based on your preconceived notions on what’s good or bad for business, you’re gonna have a very bad time in this game.   This happens when students declare that they are going to be the “low price leader”, the “best quality producer”, the “best value seller”, or any other equally ridiculous declaration when they HAVEN”T EVEN BOTHERED TO LEARN HOW THE GAME ACTUALLY WORKS.  Nobody cares about your opinion besides you.  You probably have an overestimated opinion of yourself.   Anyone who first learns how the game works before declaring how they intend to play will have a much greater chance to destroy you in competition during the first year and every year thereafter.   FIRST, LEARN THE GAME.  Then your opinions have a better chance of being relevant, accurate, and useful.  Until then, you’re just another student with a wild-assed guess who thinks his/her opinion matters merely because they think so and said something.  No, you’re probably wrong, particularly when you have no valid reason to know whether your opinion is good or bad.

#4  Doing Some of the Right Things at the Wrong Times (usually the worst times).

There are millions of combinations of decisions that could be very good at one point in the game in the right situation, but these exact same decisions can be a disaster when done at the wrong time or in the wrong situation.  For example, customers do like to have many models of shoe to choose from in order to get ones that they like and that fit them.   If a company increases the number of models produced and sold to 500, then consumer demand will increase substantially, revenues will increase dramatically, and market share will increase dramatically.  That all sounds great, right?     What you’re missing is that you will lose a lot of money on every shoe you try to sell if you try to make 500 models in the first year.   Anybody can sell $20 bills for $10, until they run out of money doing it.   That’s a great deal for the buyers.  It’s a terrible deal for the seller, and it’s a recipe for guaranteed bankruptcy the more you sell and the longer you do it.   At a different time in the game, after you have invested in upgrades and expansion, you may very well be able to produce 500 models of shoes very profitably.   So making and selling lots of models can be a good thing at the right time, or a disaster at the wrong time.

#5 Doing Some of the Right Things While Doing Too Many of the Wrong Things.

This is probably the most common mistake that teams make.  They make a lot of different changes all at the same time without really knowing what they’re doing with any of them.  Basically, this is the WAG method – the wild-assed guess method of making changes just to “see what happens”.    This is basically about as effective as letting a monkey pound on a typewriter and hoping that something will come out that can be turned into a best selling novel with some editing.   The problem is that the results will usually be bad, but you made so many changes that you are equally clueless after the results as you were before you submitted the decisions.

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Best Strategy to Win BSG

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

After nearly two years of helping students succeed in their Business Strategy Game, I have concluded that there is a specific strategy that can be used from the start and you will have a much higher chance of winning the simulation. Keep in mind, that this does depend on your competition and no two games are alike. That being said, let's get started!

High Model, High S/Q

I’ll get right to the point. Nearly all of my clients that do this strategy from the start do very well. The only time this strategy doesn‘t work is when there are a lot of copycat teams that simply follow the leader. They don’t understand that they would be better off trying to differentiate from the leading company instead of trying to compete directly with them. Now the question is… “How do I actually do well in the High Model, High S/Q business strategy?”

Invest in long-term initiatives

Starting your game off strong with decisions like maxing our Best Practices Training and Total Quality Management can help your team take a lead in later years. Yes, you will technically be missing out on some EPS and profits during the beginning years, but you will be ecstatic when you can drop them back down to zero and watch your EPS skyrocket in years 15, 16, or 17. Another important long-term investment is opening space in Latin America and possibly Europe-Africa. Latin America facility is essential to doing well. First, it reduces tariffs by $10 in LA AND you get super cheap labor costs. Be sure to build at least 3,000 to gain economies of scale!

Get celebrities AND be sure to advertise

Celebrity and wholesale advertising is a combination that can help you gain massive strides in points against your competition. You need to make sure you have enough supply though or you will not realize the true potential of having the increased demand. Be careful while bidding on celebrities to not spend too much. For example, don’t be spending $15,000 in year 12 or if your company isn‘t making enough money to afford them. Now you can start to advertise (although you don’t NEED celebs to start advertising). Put a decent surplus in a certain area like Asia-Pacific and then start to increase advertising. Does EPS rise? Now, you can make other decisions in that area and then move the shoes to another area to do the same thing.

Don‘t be scared to raise prices

I will keep this one short. While you have a surplus of shoes in an area, try increasing the price and see what happens to EPS. Does it go up or down? The game pretty much tells you what price is best based on your competitive assumptions.

No Private Label = Lost Profits

Private Label is a great place to make extra money WHILE taking money from your competition by outbidding them. Many companies that I help tutor can make an extra $1-$3 EPS per year minimum by selling full market cap in each area. Make sure you have enough production capacity or you will have to decide between selling more or less in wholesale/internet marketing.

Final Thoughts

I have experimented with two forms in the same industry and found that the one that followed this strategy outperformed the one that choose to do High Model | Low S/Q strategy. If you have the opportunity to start your game off with these tips you will most likely do well if you can make effective decisions on all the other pages. If you need more assistance, I have many resources available, including Zoom tutoring .

Bonus: Do option B in equipment improvement options if you are doing this strategy.

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BSG Online How-To's: How to Win BSG Game & More

Unique BSG Online Hacks and Cheats To  Amplify Your Score

Unique BSG Online Hacks and Cheats To Amplify Your Score

Most Commonly Asked Q&As For The Business Strategy Game

Most Commonly Asked Q&As For The Business Strategy Game

Best Strategy to Win BSG

How to successfully start your Business Strategy Game

Dominican Scholar

Home > Conferences, Symposiums, and Events > Scholarly and Creative Works Conference > SCW2020 > CONFERENCE-PRESENTATIONS > 9

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Business Strategy Game: Implementing and Executing Broad Differentiation

Presenter Information

Adrianus Vermeulen , Dominican University of California Follow Caitlin O'Gorman , Dominican University of California Follow Tiffany Allen , Dominican University of California Follow Lazar Djurovic , Dominican University of California Follow

Major Field of Study

Business Administration

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Faculty Mentor(s)

Jacob Massoud, PhD

Presentation Format

Oral Presentation


During the course of this semester, our group is participating in the Business Strategy Simulation game, an online exercise that allows students to practice strategic decision-making and compete with other student groups in the footwear industry. The objective is to, then, cultivate our knowledge of key business management strategies and funnel them towards developing a business. The simulation enables us students to put our education in business administration to use with direct application in the business world. We are implementing a Broad Differentiation strategy with a focus on differentiating our company from rivals by offering a wide range of products with high-end materials and styling. At Dash Footwear Inc., we want to appeal to a wide range of consumers that appreciate high quality craftmanship at more affordable prices than our competitors.

This presentation was accepted for the Scholarly and Creative Works Conference at Dominican University of California. The Conference was canceled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

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