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aiou assignment marks calculation

Walikum salam bro

Inka gpa kcy calculate krun

assignment k total marks hoty kitny hain 200 na

Half credit 200 or full credit book 400

M.A islamiat ky total marks kitny hen 1200 hen ya is sey zeada hen?

Aoa B.A general group k total 2 years k marks kitny hain???

total marks subject pay depend karta hai app kitnay subject rakhtay hai

Mere assignment marks kese calculate hon gy . 1st assignment.83 2nd assignment.81 Presentation .80.. Ab total net marks kese calculate hon gy

aiou assignment marks calculation

Assignment writing is not a difficult task for the students whose mother tongue is English but they have to face some problems in the solution of Math assignments. They are forced to contact the writers of buy dissertation online

One subject k kitne marks hoty hain? Assignment +Exm 48+8=conflated 56 Can I add all conflated marks or how? Plz I have 12 conflated Mark. How I get tolal marks For example. 200/134 789/ 1200 Plz reply.. Or 789/1100

How we can add all conf marks as a total.? I mean overall total marks.. If we add all conf marks =970/? Can you explain Plz..

what are you trying to say ? read the post . 1- Assignment marks 337 out of 400 multiply by 30 ...... 337 x 30 = 10110 and then divide by total assignment marks 10110/400 = 25.275 25.275 is 30% marks of assignment. now calculate exam marks 2- Exam marks 60 multiply by 70 60 x 70 = 4200 and then divided by Total Exam Marks 100 4200/100 =42 42 is 70% of Exam Marks 3- now add them 25.275 + 42 = 67.275 67.275 is Conf.Marks

ap sher shah colony lahore se ho?

Assignment submit nh ho pya mery ,tu Kia Mera semester clear nh ho ga??

nahi, agar assignment mai fail to paper mai b fail tasawar ho ga beshak app 100 mai say 100 number lay lay. assignment lazmi hai.

Mera assignment submit nh ho pya kia tu Kia Mera semester clear ho jya ga????

Asalam o alaikum sir i have a issue m n B.A clear ki hai aur fees b jama ki hai but us m aik paper ka masla ta wo b clear kardia but abi tk degree ya certificate nh aia hai to abi asa koi process hai js se online apni dmc ko daika jai aur marks ka pta lagaya jai k kitnai percent hai full course

g app aiou ki website pay jaye or result k section mai ja k sub say last mai option ho ga "Provisional Certificate" ka us pay apna web based certificate dhaikh saktay hai agar woh nhi show ho rha to "complete history "waly option pay click kar k apna complete result all semeste dhaikh lay.

how many marks are required to pass a subject??

Aik semester ky assignment ky Ar aik paper ky kitny Mark's hon tou pass tswr ho ga

Agar koi paper may fail or assignment may pass ha toh Kya who pass ho ga

Nhi agar assignment mai pass hai to phir next semester mai wo Paper dubara day ga , assignment nhi likhay ga. pass honay k liya assignment or paper donu mai pass hona lazmi hai.

Agr apki ak assignment reject hojaye or dusri accept ak hi subject ki tu Kiya ap pass hungy

Hlo Sir I'm New student of Intermediate program of please can you tell me please that how much is total marks in intermediate final Exam's of

Yni Mery Kehny kaa mtlb hai ky Intermediate program of Aiou general group level Examination KY totally kitney Mark's Hoty Hain just? k total kitny marks hen

agr quiz miss ho jy tu then calculation kesy hogi?

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AIOU Result

How to Calculate AIOU Assignments & Exams / Conflated Marks

What is assignment marks calculation.

In the Allama Iqbal Open University assignment marks have a very important role therefore that it was compulsory for all of the candidates must be pass the assignments. It has 30 numbers are passing marks in their AIOU written or typed assignments in each subject code of any program there are the following:

For Example:

If you choose two subject codes then you can send 2 assignments to her tutor before the ending date is given by the open university of Allama Iqbal.

AIOU Exams and Assignment Calculation Formula

Check Two Assignments Marks Calculation Procedure

Aiou assignment marks calculation formula, how many examination numbers are included in the final result.

First of all, you know how many exam marks are combined for the results. Here we described in the detail the new and old students of the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. There are a total of 100 marks in the examination but the education institute is only 70% are included in the final results.

AIOU Examination Marks Calculation Formula

What are aiou conflated marks.

Don’t worry students you remember that when you get the AIOU Assignment Marks after the calculation similarly you can get marks in your examinations now both are summed for the final result is called conflated marks in AIOU. So that I hope that you can understand the whole method of the AIOU Result Conflated Marks Calculation procedure.

Even then I’ve explained to you with examples for the betterment of the fresh students who are remembering the AIOU Result Marks Calculation Formula 2023 for the autumn and spring semester of Allama Iqbal University.

Example No. 02:

For Four Assignments

Check Posts:   Workshop   Attendance ,  Tutors ,  BA Result ,  Admission Fee ,  Degree Tracking,

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AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation Method 2023 Check Online

Today I’m going to reveal how many AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation Method Allama Iqbal Open University Assignment has 2023 marks. They are added to the end report. Furthermore to that, many students want to know whether they will not be able to complete the exam even if they do pass. It is possible that it won’t be completed, so we had a discussion about the issue in depth because Allama Iqbal University has recently announced the assignment numbers of BA and B.Com for the semester of spring 2023 on their website. Students want to know what marks they earned on their assignments and how they calculate the marks. Therefore, we went deep into the subject.

AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation Method

AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation Method 2023 Count Formula  

There is a small variation in the calculation for these two. Let me explain the method of calculating half-books first. As an example, suppose you have half a book and the assignment number is one, and you scored 50 points in 2. The numbers for each assignment were subtracted. 100 marks are what you received for both assignments. In order to be successful in the exam after you have divided one hundred marks. Divide by two hundred and then multiply by thirty. The answer you be given is the number that you were given in the test. Additionally, there are four assignments within the whole book. There are 50 marks for the fourth assignment with an overall score of two marks.

For Example:

Assignment 1 = 50

Assignment 2 = 50

Assignment 3 = 50

Assignment 4 = 50

200 / 400 x 30 = 15

Out of 4100, You will then divide the two by four and then multiply the equation by thirty. If you are able to answer the question then you will receive the marks you earned for the assignment in the book, which will be added to the final outcome. If you incorporate calculations, your actual numbers will be formed. This is why I’ve told you how to calculate your Allama Iqbal Assignment number for Open University. What formula will you use for what you have done in the book, and what formula you’ll apply to part of the book so you will be able to determine the assignment numbers? What are the numbers being used as the final results? Additionally, in the case that a student’s journal doesn’t have an assigned number or the data isn’t displayed there, it’s evident that the tutor committed a mistake when entering the correct number.

What is Assignment Marks Calculation?

The Allama Iqbal Open University assignment marks play a crucial significance, and it is required for all applicants to succeed in their assignments. The 30 numbers are the passing marks for the AIOU’s written and typed assignments in every subject code of any program. are these the following: Matriculation

How Many Examination Numbers are Included in the Final Result?

In the beginning, you are aware of how exam marks are incorporated into the final results. We have discussed in specifics the old and the new students of the Allama Iqbal Open university in Islamabad.

Allama Iqbal Open University There are 100 marks for the exam however the educational institute is only 70% taken into the end result.

What is AIOU Conflated Marks?

Students, don’t be concerned. Remember that when you receive your AIOU marks after the calculation you’ll also receive marks for your exams and both are added up for the final result, which is known as Conflated Marks in AIOU. In this way, I hope you understand the complete process of the AIOU Results Conflated Marks Calculation process.

What are AIOU Assignments Marks?

Allama Iqbal Open University has established a well-organized procedure for students. AIOU Assignment Marks what is this? It is a straightforward procedure to complete the autumn and spring semester exams. The examinations are given each year after a period of six months through the management at AIOU, the University of Allama Iqbal. Anyone is able to take AIOU Admission Online or physically submit the application form by submitting a bank-deposited challan fee. Following that, you will be able to get the textbooks and details of exercises for the exam preparation. in the next six months.

How Much AIOU Assignment Exercises?

The total number of four exercises for students. It was well written. Each exercise comes with one month’s duration to write the entire exercise and then deliver it to the Tutor’s Address via mail or courier, or even by hand. It is dependent on the student and what method you choose to make improvements.

How Much Time Duration of Submission for AIOU Assignments?

It is common to have a one-month period for each submission of an exercise for an AIOU Tutor of any program. It is possible to understand that if the first assignment is 2023, then the second one is 2023 and 2023, and the final fourth is due on October 2023. The time period is identical for all semesters and programs for each degree course and diploma.

What is the Purpose of AIOU Assignments?

This is the sole why all students are gaining a lot of information about their books on the course and comprehend the complete question asked in their exams because when Allama Iqbal University is taking the examinations, the students aren’t hesitant or have any difficulties in solving the paper.

Also, Click here

How can Check AIOU Assignment Marks Grading?

The formula is introduced to calculate the percentage of an assignment and it is easy to understand the grade you will receive in the assignment given by the instructors and subject specialists in this course. Thus, the center of education is divided into grades A+ B C, D, A, and F. You can follow the specifics the following:

In the previous exam, the below 40%, which is considered to be a Fail, in accordance with the Allama Iqbal Open University of Islamabad is provided a formula for calculating marks in AIOU assignments that is students who are not difficult to understand.

Purpose of Assignments of AIOU

The goal of these tasks is to make the brain of the reader aware of the meaning of a particular area. Once the students begin to seek out solutions to their questions, their ability to learn more questions will increase over time. How do you check the marks of assignments? Method to verify assignments marks/scores. How can we examine the marks assigned by the instructor? It can help you establish a solid foundation in your education. It will increase the exposure to the students.

How do I check AIOU Assignment Marks?

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AIOU Daily

AIOU Assignment Marks 2023 – Check Spring/Autumn Assignment Result Online

AIOU Assignment Passing Marks

Table of Contents

AIOU Assignment Marks

Allama Iqbal Open University announces the Assignment Marks for Asg 1 and Asg 2 after a few weeks of assignment submission. In this guide, I have provided the Assignment Marks announcement dates along with the complete procedure for checking the assignment marks. You can check the assignment marks for the spring and autumn semesters as well. This guide can help you check the AIOU assignment marks for Matriculation, Intermediate, Graduate, and Postgraduate levels.

AIOU Assignment Marks Spring Semester

Students of Allama Iqbal Open University can check the marks of their submitted assignments for their spring semester of 2023 by clicking here . Using this link, you will reach the assignment page. Follow the procedure given below to get your AIOU Assignment Marks.

AIOU Assignment Marks Autumn

Allama Iqbal Open University has also announced the Assignments Marks for the Autumn semester of 2023. Access the AIOU assignment page by clicking here . Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide for checking assignment marks.

Check AIOU Assignment Marks All Programs

AIOU has now upgraded its online system and Now You can check your marks here by following these steps.

AIOU Assignment Result Page

AIOU Assignment Marks for all programs

AIOU Assignment Marks by roll number

AIOU Assignment Passing Marks

Every student must complete their assignment but also try to get passing marks or more than passing marks in their assignments. AIOU assignment passing marks are 40% . If any student gets less than 40% then he/she will not become eligible to be cleared in their examinations.

Criteria for passing marks depend on the program You have selected:

AIOU Assignment Marks Weightage

AIOU awards grades for each assignment. The grades are based on the following criteria:

AIOU Assignment Marks Calculation

Except that, there is a way of calculating your marks below is the procedure:

AIOU uses this method to calculate assignment and exam marks To make final combined marks, here is an Example :

If you are a student of Arabic then: 

Total AIOU Assignment Marks: 337 out of 400 Exam Marks: 60 out of 100

So you got 67 Conflated Marks, here it is:

University adds 30% marks from assignments and 70% Marks from Exam marks.

Assignment Marks Calculation Formula : 

1- Assignment marks multiply by 30 and then divided by Total assignment Marks

337 x 30 = 10110 now divide by 400 = 25.275 Assignment marks 30%

2- Exam marks multiply by 70 and then divided by Total Exam Marks

60 x 70 = 4200 divide by 100 = 42 Exam Marks 70%

3- now add them 25.275 + 42 = 67.275 Conflated Marks

For further queries regarding AIOU Assignment Marks, Assignment Results, or Procedure for checking your assignment marks, you can comment down your question below. I will try my best to answer your queries. You can also click here to contact Allama Iqbal Open University . I hope this guide of AIOU Daily helped you a lot. Make sure to click the golden bell icon 🔔 on the corner of your screen to get notified of the latest guides , solved assignments , and helpful information uploaded on AIOU Daily Blog.

How to check AIOU Assignment Marks?

Check the assignment marks by accessing the AIOU Assignment Marks Page using this button. Select Semester > Select program > Enter Roll Number > Click Submit.

What are the passing marks in AIOU assignments?

The following are the criteria for AIOU Assignment Passing Marks given by AIOU: 40% and above for matric to master. 50% and above for PhD and MPhil.

Is it necessary to Submit your Assignment?

Yes, it is necessary for all the students of AIOU to pass their assignments otherwise you will not be able to sit in exams, and hence the degree will not be awarded.

What is the time duration to complete AIOU assignments?

AIOU grants more than 1 month to all the students to complete and submit their assignment of Allama Iqbal Open University.


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AIOU assignment sheets should be correctly pinned neatly and assigment ought to be made separate for each class in addition if you have not submitted your aiou assignments in the eventt you get declared fail aiou assignment marks are extremely important becuase in the event that you fail in any ecxcercise you are going to be considered failed as a whole subject and won,t be eligible to take a seat in final examination of that subject.

University alot another instructor for each circumstance this university has a special method of offering education to their students it provides education of international standard at the doorstep of the student within an affordable cost you may get in touch with your tutor to understand about marks then you should locate a teacher by topic and contact you while you desire to find out more you can get in touch with the allam iqbal open university by going through offical website inside the systen you should take assistance from these types of material in order an overview to your subbnission.

There are three boxes for your guys how to calculate aiou marks first is assignment marks ,exam marks,conflated marks,assignment marks are marks given by tutor exam marks are marks of examination and conflated marks are total marks there 2or 4 assigments depending on course.

There are total 200 assignment marks  for example one student got 160marks out of 200 firstly we take average of the marks  the weightage of assigment marks is usally thirty percent becuase aiou is distant learning education system so they merge these marks in conflct marks first we calculate assignment marks by multiplying 160 with 30 and we get 4800 so as we no total marks are 200 for assignments we divide it on 200 so he got 24 and exam marks we suppose he got is 51 than we calculate exam marks percentage by 70 which is weightage of exam marks   so we get 3570 and then divide it by 100 which are total marks of exam portion we get 35.7 and then add 24 into assignment marks so he got 60 marks out of 100 which are real or conflicted marks

So as you have seen assignment marks composed of 30% of final result so it can make orbreak your result so hope so this will guide you about assignment marks importance and weightage and  how to calculate result ,

aiou assignment marks calculation

Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .

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    Every student must complete their assignment but also try to get passing marks or more than passing marks in their assignments. AIOU assignment passing marks


    There are three boxes for your guys how to calculate aiou marks first is assignment marks ,exam marks,conflated marks,assignment marks are marks given by tutor